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  1. I see that there is a lot of fiction on the website...and it can be easily obtained and read... However, I really liked having the opportunity to download and read the fiction on my Kindle. This is my plea to FFG! Please take the moments to put the fiction into these organized capsules. We DO appreciate the effort on your end.
  2. I think the initial point is missed here... Even if Vader needs a fix WHOLESALE in the game...you can't implement that fix in a model only a fraction of the community will be able to obtain. Fix away...but a limited edition model IS NOT the place to do that...
  3. FFG is large and I am sure that X-Wing and Legion are huge time sinks right now. Read the comment about FFG perhaps being afraid to add items and breaking the system...which is effectively why we are getting X-Wing 2.0 - huge re-balancing. Not an issue. Armada has always been slower with releases, the trade off is that they have been balanced. I have no issue with slow so long as the game remains as good as what I have experienced so far. Which isn't much, but has me excited enough to buy more of what is out there. Give me quality over quantity every time....releases will come to the patient!
  4. I bought as set after looking at the price way back at release. I should have been playing this game a LONG time ago. My only hope is that FFG continues to support the game line, I think it was a fantastic game and am looking forward to start catching up with the releases. IE - Please don't cancel this anytime soon FFG! That being said releases are slow, which is fine, just keep it alive. The release schedule for Xwing is what initially scared me with Armada...at $50 a ship a fast release schedule would have killed me. ? That being said catching up now might do the same!
  5. I'll have to snap some up then. I have some of the items, will have to look at the budget and start picking away at the rest as I can.
  6. I saw the question above...but I second the question... There is going to be no new material, but will FFG continue to print the game? For how long? I have the base set and most of Hoth force packs. Looking at picking up some more of the sets, but wondering how quickly I should look at doing that! Thanks!
  7. Seeing as FFG has already picked up Winter Tales for North American Distribution, are there any plans to have Carnival Zombie picked up as well? Or would it be best to order a Able Pavo edition? Thanks for the insight! :-)
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