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  1. Have you tried playing solo with FFGs other LCGs? How do they work out solo?
  2. I was surprised to see that FFG card games can be played solo, and that there was even quest logs. Can anyone tell me how much fun solo is? I have no one to play with. ;(
  3. Was wondering if FFGs will be releasing anything for the PC or mobile market soon?
  4. Is there a full retailer list some where on the site that someone would b kind enough to point me to? Thanks
  5. I am an old fart in Williamsburg Va and clueless on how to get started.
  6. I am in Williamsburg VA but am clueless as how to start. Plus I am an old fart gamer, so you young guys probably dont want to play with a guy thats almost undead.
  7. Hi, I am an avid PC Gamer and former Board Game and Table Top Gamer. Have not played any table top games since the 1990s. I have always been impressed by all the table top and board game options for the Warhammer ,WH 40KUniverse, especially since there is a large void in the pc arena with Warhammer/WH40K. I dont have anyone to play face to face with, and forum members were kind enough to post some online aids regarding WH RPG. But, I have no idea where and how to start for any type of Fantasy Flight Game, other than to actually by a FFG. But then what? I guess my confusion starts with a bunch of questions like...does every body sit at home with a GFF game and then utilize the online tool and then make adjustments to their game board? In other words, everyone has a game board at home that they update to what is happening online? So sorry I am so dumb about all this.
  8. WOW! I had no idea these games were being played like that! But are these for fantasy Flight Games? I am on the East Coast USA.
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