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  1. Seems like Thane is a perfect wingman for Biggs...maybe give Thane R7T1 or R2F2 or Jyn erso crew when its released
  2. Interesting. a buddy of mine told me about this exact list. waiting to see it in action. let us know how it goes!
  3. If youre going for an initiative bid then you dont really need deadye. go for VI instead. also id tinker around with the dengar build a bit if youre going with PTL Dengar: title+k4+EU+PTL+unhinged=with PTL you really want to reposition thus the EU. since you have PTL you really want to be able to clear stress easily so go wit unhinged which goes well with K4. so if you ptl you could possibly get three actions a round Tel: VI+proton+unhinged+fett+EM+hull= here you get Tel's shinanegans. or drop hull (which i dont know why you would ) and go with guidance chips to give both glitter stim total: 98 points for your initiative bid
  4. I see but Kanaan does say A focus token. It's not like you can spend four in one attack. Still looks like a fun gimmicky list! Let us know how it goes
  5. pretty sure cant have two recon specs...just like cant have two tacticians
  6. He originally said 36. With the spoiler today he posted 35. Check with him just to be sure
  7. flown it before. super fun but vader dies surprisingly easily
  8. I think you're right about missile slot. Aaron said 35 point Maarek
  9. im running at least one ship from each faction
  10. Doesnt qualify... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ItLyi22mXVY3ozM0NSUkZ6VkU/view page 7
  11. For those of you going to Stele this year, you know about the new event on Sunday. What are some of your lists?
  12. As someone who was actually there and was affected by the IDs I'll weigh in.... I was 3-2 going into round 6. one of my losses was a modified loss. my 3 wins were 100-0. So my MOV was pretty good though my record didnt reflect it as much. I support the ID rule...for players entering round 6 undefeated. if youre 4-1 entering round 6 i dont think you should be rewarded on the same level as someone who was undefeated. it is quite possible that a 4-1 player loses in round 6 and a 3-2 player wins and leapfrogs the 4-1 player by MOV. having said that I dont blame the players for what they did. I would have done the same given the construct of the rules at the time. however,if youre not undefeated you should play out your last match before the cut. my two cents...on a side note im local to the NoVa area and play against these guys a lot. they are very good guys, good players, and fun to play against. anyone who slams them and has never met them or played in this tournament for that matter shouldnt really weigh in against the players. against the rule sure but not against the players. I am a little disappointed with duncan choice to incite people on FB but ill chalk that one up to youth. hes a good guy from a good family
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