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  1. One of my players is interested in getting a pair of repulsor-boots for his character (a Bounty Hunter/Assassin). I know one of the more recent releases features rocket boots, but I'm not sure that this reflects the repulsor-boots I had in mind. The Bounty Hunter's Code cites repulsorboots of capable of carrying a user up to 250 feet in the air, but I thought this was a little extreme. The old-canon instance of repulsorboots that I always thought was really cool are employed by Jabiim's Nimbus Commandos in the old Dark Horse Clone Wars comics. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nimbus_commando These seem to significantly enhance speed and perhaps jumping capability a bit, but not to the extent of 250 feet. How would you reflect these stats-wise?
  2. My PC's took my main BBEG Inquisitor's lightsaber in their first encounter with her. Agent Glint, Falleen Inquisitor, confronted them with a detachment of Snowtroopers in a temple they were investigating on a planet all but lost to most star charts. Our party is about half Edge, half F&D, it blends very well, making for gritty situations where the Jedi aspirants are forced to make tough choices - especially since they're a bounty hunting crew. Anyway, our Miralan protector, Bihotz Onekoa had found the lightsaber of a dead Jedi who had fled to the temple after Order 66. Soon after this, Glint and her contingent showed up. Glint demanded all of their Force related artifacts in exchange for their lives - the lightsaber, and the holocron that led them there. They tried to lie to her, but being a rather social-based Makashi-type character, she saw right through it. Bihotz and Glint agreed to single combat; Bihotz had a couple ranks of Lightsaber which he used for his ancient sword, but only a rank of parry to protect him. Glint is a proficient Makashi duelist. I had her toy with him, but Bihotz proved to be a bit more than she thought he would be (rolling particularly well),, so Glint decided to stop playing games and incapacitated him with a vicious slash across the chest. For Roleplay purposes, I made a deal with Bihotz's player - we would allow him to remain conscious but put him at both his strain and wound thresholds. The party's Force-healer NPC rushed over to tend to him while everyone else looked on, preparing to spring into action. Glint taunted him, then made a traditional dark-side offer - "Join me and I will teach you how to use that blade properly." Bihotz, being an idealist white-knight type character, staunchly refused. Glint nonchalantly shrugged and clicked on her lightsaber, still in her hand, and the blade sprung directly into the healer's face. At this point we re-initiated combat, Bihotz somehow won initiative over Glint, clicked on his saber and attacked... He got a crit, and the roll was absolutely perfect. Maimed! Just as she killed Cadens, Bihotz struck, and she was too slow to parry, paying for it with her right leg! Bihotz sprung up and rushed away, snatching her saber as she lay there screaming in shock and pain. The party made their escape with two lightsabers. I didn't want more than one player to have a lightsaber this early in our campaign, so I ruled that each time it was used the user would gain one conflict since the Crystal is corrupted. The Sage, a Bith professor named Figrin M'ov, took and did use it a couple of times. II ruled that somebody at Paragon status could purify it with a few in-game days of meditation and a Discipline check. Well, several sessions later Bihotz hit Paragon level and finally had an opportunity to purify it. He did, and the crystal is now consular green. Figrin is using it to construct his lightsaber, using salvaged parts from Glint's hilt and a Kloo horn. His lightsaber hilt is going to be part of a Kloo horn - how awesome is /that/? Sorry to rant, I just really love relating stories from our campaign.
  3. Idk. For my game's economics, fuel and crit repairs works like so: Fuel for 1 Month of Hyperspace Travel: Silhouette squared * 100. So 1600 credits for their freighter. Not too bad, I think. Should I have made this per week? Crit Repair: Silhouette squared * severity of crit * 100 What do you think?
  4. Take note of how unwieldy Rey is with the saber, yet the film shows she clearly knows how to kick ass with a staff. She kinda tries to use it like a staff in her final duel with Kylo. I think she'll build her own lightsaber, and I think it'll be double bladed so she's more comfortable with it. How cool would that be?
  5. I think a good idea might be to give them a few credits to spend on a droid companion that you can run as a GM PC, if you'd like, or as a regular NPC. If they can't do much in the way of piloting or mechanics, pick up an Astromech droid! Do they need a medic? A 2-1B model should do the trick. :-)
  6. I /really/ like this rule. Last campaign our ace was wary of A-Wings because they're so fragile compared to X-Wings, and he didn't see the handling boost as enough to justify it. This "Juke" incidental makes it a lot more worthwhile.
  7. Parthenopaeus


    We had an HRD (Human Replica Droid) in our last campaign. He was also a master of deception. I granted him coercion bonuses when he ripped off his face in front of people for intimidation factor (he did it a couple of times). RAN-T13 aka Ran Tie was an interesting character. Especially because he installed a hidden weapon compartment in him and carried a disrupt or pistol... He could sneak that into any situation. Typically he could lie his way out of anything, though.
  8. To elaborate... Avery Simril, former smuggler turned businessman extraordinaire. Owner of a high-end casino that put even the local Black Sun joint out of business, as well as a classy spaceport, all on Ord Mantell. Simril "imports" shipments of Alderaanian Wine on the side, making lucrative profit. Early in the game the party's rebel corvette Gem of Chandrila became severely damaged and was forced to stop over at Ord Mantell. The captain already had ties to Simril and sought help with him for repairs; Simril would happily oblige, as he typically supports the Alliance in minor ways, but is not able to as he lacked the funds to repair several CR90 engines. Why? He invested so much money into his wine business, then his last few shipments went missing... Queue adventure hook/investigation. Beforehand, though, Lok (our nautolan ex-mercenary) challenged Simril to a vibrosword duel, the stakes being that if Lok son, the ship gets fixed for free, and if Simril won, they'd find his wine. Simril accepted, fancying himself a duelist, and went on to lose (when he shouldn't have!). The Force was with Lok, as he really shouldn't have won this fight, and because of this we decided that Lok would be Force-sensitive from this point forth. The party, out of the goodness of their heart, still decided to help Simril anyway. The party does some snooping around and encounters a certain information broker who they'd already had a nasty brush with (well, at least Akhand did - he's the soldier, not much for talking). RAN-T13, our Human Replica Droid, tried his hand at getting information. With some smooth talking and a handful of credits, he got a little bit of information out of him - and info on a pit fighting competition in which Akhand planned to compete to make some creds on the side, Friday Night Pazaak Special at the old Eclipse Casino. All of the smugglers bearing the shipments had been recorded coming into the spaceport, but the wine was never delivered to Simril, so the party decided to wait for the next scheduled shipment. After some snooping around and waiting, they found the shipment being unloaded in one of the docking bays. Lok, the nautolan ex-mercenary, investigated the crates and found that they were full of the expected wine. However, upon turning around, he found the spaceport crew who had been offloading the crates were pointing blasters at him. The rest of the party had been waiting outside the docking bay in case of trouble, and they came rushing to Lok's aid; the smuggler duo that had brought the wine was killed in the firefight. Jordan Striker, our young ex-smuggler, was nearly killed. Lok and Akhand were unharmed, but Ran fell into a trap... Sprung by none other than the bounty hunter Trex under Black Sun contract, dragging Ran back to his creators. To save Ran, the party concocted a daring plan. They tagged Trex's ship, then noticed that one night it was flying sporadically in the airspace above the Eclipse Casino and nearly crashed; Ran had been attempting to escape and ended up in a brawl with Trex in the cockpit. Ran, being rather flimsy, tried to juke around to toss Trex about like a rag doll, but Trex used his massive Trandoshan claws to grab onto the wall, then KO'd Ran. The party went to Friday Night Pazaak Special, with Lok and Akhand participating in the competition while Jordan snooped around for clues. Eventually, after several fights (one involving a very angry wookie), Lok was incapacitated and Akhand still barely swinging. However, Jordan finally found Ran and pulled him right out from under the nose of a Black Sun Underboss. The party narrowly escaped and commed Simril, who had the city police shut down the entire operation. He found his wine in Black Sun possession and took it back - (he was well liked with the police in this city, and Ord Mantell borders on lawless anyway). Lok ended up having affair with Simril's personal twi'lek assistant, which budded into a relationship that lasted the rest of the campaign. Before they left, Simril gave them a few cases of wine, which would make a few refugees very happy in a later adventure to the Graveyard... But that's another story.
  9. In my last campaign, importing shipments of Alderaanian wine was an NPC ally's favorite business. That lead to some interesting adventures.
  10. The Compleat Strategist in NYC has them available as of yesterday!
  11. I'll cast my vote for Kaosoe! I love the agility-based build.
  12. This is something I would never do. Being honest with the Players makes for a healthier game. If you are going to audition, tell them, don't hide it. True, true... I guess I shouldn't be too terribly worried about the future; I'm just worried about next semester in general, beyond running an Edge campaign, though I really want to make sure I can run a good game then, too. Thanks for the feedback and setting my late-night, sleep-deprived mind straight!
  13. Hmmm. This is just idle brainstorming (from a restless mind at an ungodly hour), of course, as this would be the relatively distant future. I don't think I'd tell them. I think I'd run an "interest meeting/learn to play" and run a one-shot and be looking at who would mesh best with a group. I'm also two for two with adding players based on the party's recommendations (we originally started with four), and I don't regret it. But of course, there's always a couple of good friends who didn't get in who sometimes ask me why they didn't... I'm just concerned that I might pass up someone who we'd all really love to have in our group.
  14. Alright. I'm in the midst of a campaign right now, but the end of our party's semester is nearing, and thus the end of the campaign. Next semester will bring a new campaign, considering there will be significant schedule shifts and the formation of a new party. The issue is, in the environment I have, there are enough people interested in playing in my Edge/Age game that I could run two separate six-man parties. However, I do not have the time or resources to make a commitment to two games. I am in absolute love with the party I have now, all of them excellent players, creative and engaged and cooperative; however, due to scheduling, I know we won't be able to keep the same party. Schedules matter. I'm capping the party at six people. I want the best party possible, criteria being that first, a candidate has the time to stick with the game and the want to stick with the game, a consistent players. Second, that they are a good player - concerned with the overall narrative, active and creative yet knowing when to let the spotlight shine somewhere else, engaged and attached to their character (doesn't have to be thespian-level, though many of my current party are actual thespians!). So... The simple question is: "how do I choose who to be in the party?" I figured I'd run an audition session or two to see who we add to the party in place of those who won't be able to play. Now... I want to execute this well. The simple answer is to play a beginner box of the audition group's choosing and see how they handle it. However, I'd also like to get a glimpse of how they mesh with a party with their own character concepts. I can throw together a character quickly, but for a party new to the system, it would be considerably more time consuming. Note that only one person in my current party ever played a beginner game; the rest jumped straight into the game after a bit of explaining and character creation. I'd like to keep the audition to a single session of four or five hours. I could construct an adventure on the fly as a one-shot to see how they'd interact with it. The question is, though - do I allow them to make their own characters, or simply run pre-gens? If so, how do I keep that under half an hour without hampering their creativity? Also, what's everyone's thoughts on this sort of thing as a whole? - Parthenopaeus, brainstorming at an ungodly hour of the morning when he can't sleep.
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