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  1. Does anyone have it yet? Any details on what's in it?
  2. This is brilliant. You could also add Proven Expertise or Maker's Mark from Fully Operational, Pg. 95.
  3. This is a small thing, but does anyone know where the adversary entry for Raquor'daan Beastmaster is? The notes for version 2.3 say it was added, but I can't seem to find it in the adversaries folder to import.
  4. I know it's not an "era" sourcebook, but I'd love to see something for the core worlds/Imperial strongholds in the same manner as Suns of Fortune and Lords of Nal Hutta (or the exact opposite of Strongholds of Resistance). You could call it something like "Heart of the Empire' and include planets/systems where Imperial control is at its peak, not just Coruscant, but also places like Balmorra and Fondor. Throw in some named NPC's for certain worlds and regions, a couple of modular encounters, perhaps even a description or specialization for players who want to be affiliated with the Empire, and you'd have a book I'd buy so hard it would damage the game store's cash register.
  5. Is Cracked Jedha Crystal the only lightsaber crystal in the book? I thought each book had two options listed, and I've been anxiously hoping for stats on the Corusca Gem since
  6. Not sure if I'm simply unable to find it, but it appears that the Raquor'daan Beastmaster (Lords of Nal Hutta, pg.77) isn't included in the Adversaries import. As always, thank you Ogg for an absolutely essential game tool.
  7. I haven't been able to locate this book yet, my FLGS didn't have it last time I went by. The announcement said the book included "a detailed catalog of military decorations for your fearless, dedicated Rebels to aspire to earn." Would anyone be able to provide any examples of what kinds of decorations or how many there are?
  8. You have to run the executable that you get with the web install. It'll check for updates, then run the launcher. If you run the launcher directly, it won't check for updates. Does that mean since I originally used the Dropbox web install, I have to wait until that link is functional again?
  9. My pre-ordered copy probably won't get here 'til the end of the week, so... What are the specific mechanics of the Signature abilities? Also, any cool ships?
  10. Well, it's a trivial thing, but it seems there's no single dose listing for the drug Neutron Pixie. I only see the 100 dose option listed.
  11. Was looking over some things in the tool, just noticed that the Fusion Cutter in AoR is listed as Vicious 3, and the character tool lists it as Vicious 1. Obviously this isn't a big deal because the character tool is so amazing overall, but y'know.
  12. A question about the character tool. One of my players recently specced into Outlaw Tech, and wanted to use a rank in Tinkerer to add a hard point to his ship. I know there is some confusion on these forums as to whether that is acceptable within the rules. Do you have any plans to add vehicles in to the list of items that can be upgraded by the Tinkerer talent?
  13. Hey Ogg, I just noticed that that the Syliure-25 Hyperdrive Sled (Pg. 255 of the CRB) isn't included in your amazing, life-altering character generator. This makes sense, considering that I first noticed that there was a small entry for the Syliure-25 Hyperdrive Sled on page 255 only seconds before. Anyway, would this be something you'd be able to add? I suppose it would count as a vehicle upgrade...
  14. So far, my only complaint is in the difference between the Niman (Willpower) and Makashi (Presence) lightsaber forms. I feel like they should be switched. Makashi is the more intimidating style, so shouldn't it use the same characteristic as Coercion and Vigilance? And on the other side, wouldn't a Consular be more likely to use a form that fits the skills of Charm, Cool, and Negotiation?
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