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  1. Can I still buy this?

    I'm just going to trade in my old books at Amazon (just the rulebook and Ascension) and use the trade-in value when I pick up the new book. So as not to judge the rules before I've read and played them, I'm avoiding reading much of the forum. Started reading through topics only to be put off by the constant criticisms. Like previous games, I'll just buy the book when it's released and make up my own mind.
  2. STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    I might just do that.
  3. STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    To scale Borg Cube at a low low cost? (1) Big packing box (2) Black Paint (3) Bit of green paint (4) Lots of floor space
  4. STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    I get where you're coming from. But realistically, to do these in scale would mean either a very tiny Defiant or very huge Borg Cube. Guess that's where you've just got to ignore your eyes and use your imagination.
  5. STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    On the positive side, Star Trek will be able to keep releasing models for some time as opposed to the so far limited X-Wing. You've got all the ships and all the races from Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and all the movies. That's a lotta stuff. I'm looking at collecting Borg, Dominion, Kazon and Romulans. But I must admit, I don't like the preview pictures of the ships. Paint job is....in a word....YIKES! Thanks for the link to Eaglemoss.
  6. STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    STOP!!! Before you buy the starter, I'm sure I saw downloadable rules: http://wizkidsgames.com/startrek/star-trek-attack-wing/
  7. Can we level about canon for a second?

    You see, we're all different but at least we can agree on that one fundamental gamer truth.... Cool Miniatures If you make them cool we'll buy them.
  8. Can we level about canon for a second?

    My Trek side only really likes Wrath of Khan from the original movies. Never got into the series but grew up with Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Of the movies, I like First Contact and Nemesis. But the new movies are the best Star Trek I've seen, though it's irritating that they got into this whole changing the timeline stuff Really didn't like the Enterprise series because it started to feel more like a bad version of Doctor Who. Not a DocWho fan, but yeesh....save the time travelling to the Timelord. I had always heard Star Wars is nine Episodes. Originals were best, just like Christopher Reeve will always be Superman, but I love all six episodes with no one episode being a favourite. Battle for Hoth being my favourite part of all the movies. For me Star Wars is and always will be six movies, with three more to come. That said, this is a just game and I just want to battle in space. I'm not here to collect and play "Star Wars", I'm here to collect and play "X-Wing miniature game". An example of what I mean is that I've always enjoyed the Batman movies, but Christian Bale is the best Batman and now I don't like the ones I grew up with. Now the three Batman movies are "Batman" but Knight Models are doing an Arkham miniature game. Though I prefer some of the "movie" miniatures, I much prefer "Arkham's" Batman, Bane and Joker. So those are the ones I'll get. I've said it before and I'll say it again....this time with style....
  9. The Amazing B-Wing

    Sounds like I would love to visit your game store and fly 3 shuttles if none of you think they are viable craft. Maybe put some money on the outcome. That is a battle report post, or youtube video I'd like to see.
  10. Anyone hear anything about new terrain?

    I want it! I want it! I want it! That would be awesome. Just think about it guys n gals: MISSION ONE You have the gaming mats, some of which make up the Deathstar. So you have to battle your way to the Deathstar. MISSION TWO You fly in close, using the actual Deathstar mat piece with some terrain bits like turrets and towers. MISSION THREE You're inside and you have to blast the generator and then get outta there! MISSION FOUR Tea and biscuits for everyone.
  11. Can we level about canon for a second?

    I've just come from there and I am VERY IMPRESSED. High quality, low price and I love the Corvan T-4 and T-7 H-Wings. AWESOME!
  12. Anyone hear anything about new terrain?

    Just thinking of big asteroids....couldn't there be a island-like piece of terrain representing a very large asteroid. On it there should be a few craters. When something flies close, roll some dice and on a certain roll.....
  13. Can I still buy this?

    I'm a gatecrasher here....DON'T SHOOT....but I'm looking into the FFG RPG's. 3 months from now sounds great to me, even though I've not been part of the Beta. Suffice to say I will be starting an interesting topic once DH2E is released and I've had a good read.
  14. Anyone hear anything about new terrain?

    I like that: "Nebpoola". Was Apollo 13 that made me think of that: When one of them had finished their....target practice....he flushed and said "constellation urine".
  15. Next wave should be...

    Actually, they could make a Star Destroyer gaming mat set. Provide some turrets, a bridge section and a few objectives to destroy and it could be a fun game. Would still need to be a lot of mats joined together to make a decent sized Star Destroyer, IF you could fit the whole outline onto even 6"x4" area.