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  1. @clanofwolvesMmh... first of all with nearly 40 years of age i am not a kid any more ;-) @__underscore__ This is truly the first time. When the Guns for hire were released there was the Wave 12 announcement some weeks before. When wave 11 was released, there was the guns for hire announcement some weeks before. When the c-roc was released there was wave 11 before... and so on. This time we have no upcoming news after the last release and i hat that ;-) I dont say that the next release should be in one or two month but i just want to know whats next. @ScummyRebel I get your point that you have not played some of your ships yet or even do not own them right now. But this post was written from my point of view. And from the last wave i bought 2 bomber, 3 silencer, 4 gunboats, 4 kimogilas and 2 shuttles. I have them already painted and played them some times. I dont play any tournaments, we just play epic games from 250 to 400 or more points nearley every weekend, so i dont need month after a release to have played my new ships. So from my point of view they could release a new wave every third month and i would have enough time to buy, paint and play the ships. And because i really like this game and there a tons of cool ships from EU or canon they didn't release yet i would have no issues with more releases than right now. And i want that god d... sexy Clawcraft some time in the future ;-)
  2. Isn't this the first time since a few years that we have now upcoming product (box or wave) announced after release of the last product? What the **** FFG give us some news whats next. I really hate to not know what to "can't wait for" next. Wave 14? Scum Epic? Aces Pack? A box with wookie hair to glue a mustache? My hopes for single ships in the next releases would be: Rebels (incl. Resistance): 1) Naboo Fighter 2) Eta-2-Actis 3) Delta-7 Aethersprite 4) YT-2000 Imps (incl. First Order): 1) V-Wing 2) Sith Infiltrator 3) Chiss Clawcraft 4) TIE Hunter Scum: 1) Skipray Blastboat 2) Mine Guild Tie 3) Ark Angel 4) Gauntlet Fighter My hopes for Aces Box: Three rebel ships need a fix actually so something with XYE-Wings. For example Heroes of Scarif with blue Y-Wing and black/white resistance X-Wing. Scum Epic: "The Wilde Karrde to show up has" cause Yoda said so! So pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase FFG give us some news!!!!
  3. 300 Bucks 2 Bomber 3 Silencer 4 Gunboats 4 Kimogila 2 Ugly Shuttles
  4. Sorry i wrote the wrong name first, but my X-Wing pal always calld this ship sullust fighter, dont know why ;-) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cutlass-9_patrol_fighter?file=Spiraldraw3.jpg
  5. I am interessted in what you think will serious be the next ships. So please don't write any ships you wish for but are really absolutely from outer rim like some yuuzhan vong stuff or such things. I really want to know what most people think will come next. And after that what ships you wish in the game but don't think are coming so soon. My most likely candidates are: - Naboo Fighter (canon (Epi I-III) and in the new battlefront game) - V-Wing (new battlefront game) - Gauntlet Fighter (because he's in Armada now) - Mine Guild Tie (because of rebels) - Eta-2-Actis (canon (Ep I-III)) - Tie Scimitar (canon (Ep I) and new battlefront game) and Maul as pilot ;-) Wishlist: - Delta 7 Aethersprite (canon (Ep I-III) and because its **** sexy) - Skipray Blastboat - Slave II - Chiss Clawcraft (most beautiful Tie ever built) - Tie Hunter (**** sexy too ;-) - Tie Droid - Cutlass 9 Patrol Fighter (Badass-looking as ****) - YT-2000 - Ark Angel - whatever Aurra Sing flies because i want her in the game ;-) - Cade Bane with his ship
  6. Are there any chances for the future that the following seven missing Ed.1 Lieutenants will be brought back for second Edition like the 3 Farrows ? Dar Hilzernod Gata the White Death Kar-Amag-Atoth Kratz the Plague Krieg the Relentles Thaadd the Destroyer Slaggorrath The Minis are really awesome so you wouldn't have to change it. The 3 Farrows are the same Minis as in First Edition, so it would'nt be so difficulty to bring these other 7 great Lieutenants back into the game.
  7. Hi there Does anyone of you know where to get the Werewolf Card and the Grim Reaper Card for Strange Eons? I wanted to create two more evil NPCs (Vampire and Demon) and i wanted to use the cards from Werewolf and the Reaper but in Strange Eons there are only the Cards for Characters and Alternate Endings... Could someone help me with this ? Greetings Urmel
  8. Hey there thanks for your answers. To Charmys post: Me and my Players dont Play Descent all the time, most of the time we play pen and paper roleplaying games so i see my role as overlord more like my role as master in the pen and paper games. I dont try to "win" the game, i just make a fantastic story and quests for the players and try to make a good game night where the quests (in the best case) are decided in the last view moments who wins. So for us its quiet cool with our 3 life per hero rules. We have some more rules for our epic campaigns. After the quest, when the Heros come back to town there are not just the Options to spend there experience and go to the market. We have also a alchemist (buy different potions, we use the D1E markers), a mystic (sells trinkets (we use D1E Training markers) that give one time benefits in the next quests, a priest (buy new life Points, gives holy blessings (also old d1e markers for Special benefits) and we have the Pet Master where the Players can buy pets. Therefore we use all the old pet markers from D1E. As example the shadow Soul marker is a pet that the Player can move and Switch positions with the marker one time per quest. to Zaltyre and OneOgre: Sorry i didnt do my campaigns with Quest Vault, i even dont know what this is. Like in my pen and paper sessions i drawed (mmh wright word?) the maps and graphics myself on papyrus (medival paper rolls) with pencils and wrote down the rules and storys on them two. The things the Heros get told from NPCs is writen on old letter paper and handed out to the Players the time they get to know it. So sorry i think i cant put that stuff into quest vault, because i am some kind of old fashioned ;-) I have to say in summer we play outdoor in the garden. We have a small ... ähm... (dont know the word for a small small river) there and some trees. We make a fire and have some gaming tables there and a cd-player for the role playing Music etc. So you see i am a really role playing game romantic ;-)
  9. Hey there and greetings from the far Germany (so sorry if my english is not the best) First of all i've got to say i love the H&M Collections, even if i have everything from D1E. We just use both of the minis, it's pretty cool to put different razorwings etc on the board and not just the same looking ones. So i dont get it why some people who have the old stuff are unhappy about the HMC. In our campaigns the hero players choose there heroes in the beginning by the picture. So i use the old heroes AND the new ones. For example in our last campaign we had the old version of Shiver and the new version of Laurel. We played the three original campaigns (Base Game, LoR and SoN) each 3 times and till now i wrote 5 campaigns (with maps, story etc) and we played them all. So we nearly had all chars and classes in the game and still hope that there will be much more new stuff. But what we all hope very much is that FFG brings us ALL of the old monsters and heroes from D1E. But i am really not sure if they bring monsters like ferrox, kobolds (do they have this name in english?) ore all the other small minis like skelly archers etc. I really fear that there are not all monsters and heroes in new versions. And the thing about the heroes what makes me a bit angry is that we have many many human ones but some of the really cool ones like Varikas the Dead, Karnon (the Yeti), Okulak and Rakash, Steelhorns etc are missing. And what we all could not have enough (would be interessting what you in US think about it) are leutnants. Our wishes would be that FFG brings us Leutnant packs with the D1E leutnants. There are so much really cool ones and i want to bring them back in the 2E Game but with new models and not metal ones but fitting to the others in grey resin, new cards etc. FFG gave us the upgrade kit (what was cool), they give us now (hopefully all) heroes and monsters from 1E in HMC (what is even better than the Upgrade Kit) so WHY FFG you dont give us the old leutnants to bring them back into play. With the leutnant cards you could perfectly bring them into the campaigns... The next we wish for would be one single NPCC (Non Player Character Collection) with figures for familiars, guards etc to kick out the paper markers of the game. For important persons like the one you have to rescue etc we use hero figures that are not in play. But all the familiars should have own figures and just 4 figures for guards and 4 for pawns etc would be cool. So they would fit better into the game and wouldnt have to use warhammer minis or minis from other games that dont fit to the others. And last i wanted to say i dont get it why so much people argue about the knock down instead of kill rules. In our self-made campaigns every hero gets full life and 3 of the D1E skull markers. Every time he is knocked down he looses one of them. When he gets back up he has full life (if he wouldnt have full life after getting up the 3 markers would be away to soon) but no stamina. Between the missions when the heroes come back to town they can spend 100 Gold to regenerate one of them. If a hero is knocked down and has no life marker left he is dead and the player has to choose a new one with and has to start without any skills (but can use the weapons etc from the killed one if he wants to). In our campaigns the players get the XP in common and can spend it like they want to. For example all 4XP just for one player instead of 1 for every one of the 4. So the killed players could be skilled up after 2 games again. I didnt want to write so much but i was in the mood to... So i would be happy to read what some of you think about my 2 Cents. Greetings again. CU again USA for the next Wrestlemania or Super Bowl trip ;-) Urmel
  10. First of all, sorry for my english but i am writing from Munich, Germany. I am really happy about the Hero and Monster Collections, although i have everything from Descent 1 and 2. But more H&M is always cool, even if i have them twice then. But there a question came up my mind and i hope someone could give me an answer to that. The H&M Collections always have 4 heroes (one of every class) and 3 monster groups. But when all monsters from descent 1 are done in H&M Collections, there are a lot of the old heroes left. What about them? And if you count the old heroes, they do not have equal class numbers. There are much more Warriors and Scouts than Mages and Healers. So i hope that FFG will bring up them too. Perhaps with completely new monsters than in the H&M Collection ? Greetings to all Descent Players in the US from Germany Urmel
  11. LOL Exact the same thing as jediknightamoeba wrote. I have everything stored in the boxes of base game and dragon with the plastic instert inside the base game box ^^
  12. First of all sorry for possibly bad english but i am writing from Bavaria, Germany. i really dont get it.... why did ffg make that ? it only interesting for people who dont have D1 stuff. I got everything from d1 so i probably wont buy it. If they make re-design of old monsters and heroes, it would cost the same to make boxes with 3 new monsters and 4 new heroes, and that would by interesting for alle D2 players, no matter if you have D1 or not you would buy the monster/hero sets. But in this case not all of the D1 owners will buy this stuff. And i read of many people that bought upgrade kit or D1 stuff on ebay, and all of them are mad as hell now. So FFG why did you make old stuff instead of making new stuff for the same costs ?
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