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  1. I need that Kitsune info. I have a player for whom that will work perfectly.
  2. KveldUlfr

    Plot Hooks

    The GM section in 4th just uses The 36 Dramtic Situations. Enjoy.
  3. She was a warrior in my viking themed fantasy savage worlds game.
  4. I create cards like this for my NPCs and my games. I fuzzed out the character art because it's not mine - just art I grabbed for a game.
  5. KveldUlfr

    Taking Damage

    I read it as the second ( unless you spend the void point to avoid defending)
  6. KveldUlfr


    The puncture and bypassing sternum and ribs is definitely one thing, but it is also used as leverage to force itself through certain blocks even into more sensitive areas. An example might be when you wield a knife with the blade facing the bottom of your hand. One strike is a strike to the center of the throat. There is a common, almost instinctive, block that is overpowered by application of the palm to the pommel of the blade that almost makes a sure strike certain. It is just one example, but it is easier to do with a knife. Using a one handed bolo or sword in this manner is not really applicable. Which is why I can see allowing 2 handed knife, while still having one handed swords. Still, I have no idea what the devs were thinking. But I am happy enough with that decision, none the less.
  7. KveldUlfr


    As someone who practices Filipino knife fighting (I know, I know... not standard Samurai styles), I can say there are several movements and actions that rely on two hands for a knife strike, usually to provide extra leverage or force in certain situations. Most of them reply on a grip on the scales, and a palm wrap on the pommel to provide that extra oomph. Just as there are situations where it is best to use two knives. Heh.
  8. KveldUlfr


    I disagree with part of this... While I, too, understand that these are not rifled and in real life, one is as likely to kill as the other, to make them scarier and more impressive in Rokugan, and to give it that feel of danger and cinema, I would make them incredibly more powerful. Also rare, and make the secrets of powder strict and scary enough to have it's own campaign. But that would be for my own cinematic purposes.
  9. The Infiltrator has some crazy good potential even for Duels.
  10. This is what I saw, and what I hoped, as I already have a player who is remote that I wanted to add in from time to time, and I was planning on making them a Kitsune Spirit who took an interest in the group.
  11. So, there is mention of this in the adventure 'In the Palace of the Emerald Champion.' It has abilities added to that title. I am guessing they were meant to be in this book as well.
  12. KveldUlfr

    Core book Schools

    Anything outside of your school curriculum counts as half towards advancement. Anything on your list counts full. So, a Hida Defender who learns some Shuji that is not in his list (and there are some that are), would get to record half the XP (rounded up) towards advancement.
  13. KveldUlfr

    Core book Schools

    I am at work now, so do not have my book on me, but each school has an individualized path. I can double check later this evening.
  14. KveldUlfr

    Core book Schools

    Correct... School technique, and starting skills are what start someone off as better. In addition, in order to rank up within your school, you have some leeway, but you also have some paths. Schools, Skills, and School Abilities, tend to be a bit broader here. Think less hyper specialization, and more general competency with some higher level competencies and abilities. In previous editions of the game, I saw groups who were very: "Never let the bushi speak." With this system, a Bushi is still competent. He might hold his own against a Courtier for a small amount of time, or even gain the upper hand once in a while. But as a general rule, the Courtier will do better. Same with the reverse.
  15. KveldUlfr

    Core book Schools

    Definitely not a typo. The ranking tends to be pretty specific, but allows a lot of wiggle room for customization. Which is great when you are playing 2 or 3 person games, but want a Bushi who is good at court (being a Yojimbo, or such), or a Courtier who can have a little more skill with a blade being out somewhere Bandits might be, etc.