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  1. Crabbok

    8 ship max, right?

    I suspect they'll eventually allow 10 ship lists. I mean, it's not like they don't want everyone buying even more expansions.
  2. Crabbok

    Three Word Story

    on Porg Island,
  3. Crabbok

    V-19 Misprint

    So it turns out the V-19 Dial had a misprint and they managed to catch it at the last minute and include some replacement dials in the Republic starters. Noticed it in my unboxing video. Rest of the videos are being worked on now. Some are up already. Should have all of them up by tomorrow.
  4. Crabbok


    Vulture Droids are only 20 points. But alas, pretty sure you won't be allowed 10 of them in a build unless they change the rules, which have a hard cap of 8 ships per build.
  5. Crabbok

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Then have your guardians stand literally around him. No room to melee!
  6. Crabbok

    Three Word Story

    Years later... someone
  7. Crabbok

    SSD article up!

    But what when someone brings TWO of them!
  8. Crabbok

    SSD article up!

    Nothing new sadly - but high res images of some more cards - though the fleet command image looks weird. This PROBABLY means its getting close. It's like they are saying "Maybe in April" without straight up saying it.
  9. Crabbok

    C&C Red Alert 2 (Convo+mods)

    One thing that was really cool about those games was that at least in Tiberian Sun, (maybe more) the units were all contained within a text file. So you could just add more units by simply typing a few lines of text. Didn't need a fancy program or hack - just notepad. I remember making a train that show a rail gun just goofing around. It was beautiful!
  10. Also I'd think if I have only 1 ship left I could fly towards an asteroid, such that the buzz droid cannot be placed on my front, leaving me free to ditch them NEXT turn.
  11. Crabbok

    C&C Red Alert 2 (Convo+mods)

    Yuri's Revenge was one of the greatest PC games of all time!
  12. Crabbok

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    I think the buzz droids are going to be incredibly fun!
  13. Crabbok

    So Adepticon is getting some announcements... But which ones!?

    The Facebook announcement has X-Wing artwork... but they had also said X-Wing, Legion, and Armada in the initial announcement. My guess is something for each game.
  14. Crabbok

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    I'm going and I"m super excited to get one! Will absolutely do a detailed unboxing as early as possible - and probably a giveaway if I'm able to get an extra one... But I've also gotta admit that I'd be crazy jealous if I wasn't able to go and thus couldn't get one.