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  1. Crabbok

    New season of The Clone Wars

    FFG making Clone Wars stuff ALSO helps Disney promote Clone Wars, Season 7, AND their new Streaming Platform. Disney should practically be BEGGING FFG to make Clone Wars factions at this point! OMG DO IT DO IT DO IT!
  2. Crabbok

    New season of The Clone Wars

    I want clone wars factions even more than a Super Star Destroyer. And I was only a MILD prequel era fan... Already made a reaction video and everything - this is crazy exciting! THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME!
  3. Crabbok

    helpful Armada sites (for wiki)

    I also have www.crabbok.com which covers all the games I cover, but it's more of a resource for FAQs, and links to certain videos. I don't blog on it as much.
  4. Don't worry. Even if there's no Gencon Update for Armada... remember that last year they waited a week AFTER GenCon before announcing Thrawn and Wave 7. It might make business sense for them to wait. X-Wing 2.0 is launching, so from a certain point of view, having another announcement for a competing game MIGHT not mesh well with whatever they DO plan to announce. So just in case we don't see an Armada announcement at Gen Con - give it at least one more week before the panic kicks in. And if you are there, find me and hold my hand because we'll need to join forces to stay strong. Maybe summon Captain Planet or something.
  5. Crabbok

    Armada is Strong and Growing!

    Coolstuff Waterford. Check out the facebook group - Orlando Armada, X-Wing, and Imperial Assault. We have another tournament at the end of the month.
  6. Crabbok

    Armada is Strong and Growing!

    I hear you about the veteran players having something to buy. I'm inspired by MOTF's recent batrep and I'm really wanting to do REALLY huge battle now - for kicks. Maybe if 1200 point battle started to become popular some veterans might need to buy more rofl! I'm ready for new stuff too though - but for me, I'm more at peace because I ALSO play other games, so I have new stuff for Legion and soon, X-Wing 2.0 to help keep me relaxed. I'll think about Ozzel - It's just strange because my style of play revolves so much around using concentrate fire, that I haven't ever really wrapped my head around him as a commander in a really serious "How am I gonna make this win" kinda way - but now I figure the time may have finally come! And that's just another thing that makes this game great in my eyes. He's been out for quite awhile. I haven't used him yet. There's STILL new combinations and tactics to discover even after this long.
  7. So today I went to a local tournament for Armada, here in Orlando, FL. We used to struggle to fill tournaments. Even after Wave 7, we'd have a hard time. Many times we'd have 3 or 4... if we had at least 4 we could run a tourney though. And these are small tournaments, not Store Championships. These are usually for store credit. Sometimes it's an OP kit, sometimes it's just for the heck of it and no extra prizes. But a few months ago we stopped struggling to fill tournaments. We'd routinely have 4 or more. Sometimes 6. Then it kept growing. Last month we had 9 twice... today we had 11! 11 people for a non-special Armada tournament! And there's another one at the end of the month! My point is, this game seems to be growing! At least here in Orlando. Part of it may be the fact that I put together a facebook group, part of it may have been simply due to the fact that we have ALOT of tabletop gaming stores here as well.... but whatever the reason, this year I've seen a HUGE increase in Armada participation such that our REGULAR tournaments will pull in more people than X-Wing! We'll see how Store Championships do - not making any promises there... but this game is doing so much better! Another thing that's wild here, (Orlando) is that there's virtually no meta. Like, out of our 11, only 3 were Rebel, the rest were Imperial... but out of all those Imperials NONE were Sloane! Everyone runs different stuff! I ran Tagge today and had a freaking blast! Tagge for cryin out loud! Jeesh maybe I'll try Ozzel next time just to say I've done it! ROFL! Anyhow - if you are sad and bummed out about Armada - come on down to Orlando! We love to fly! And it shows! (Is that some type of copyright thing from an airline?) How many of you have noticed this trend? is it just us here?
  8. Crabbok

    MOTF - Battle of Atollon

    You guys are awesome! Sooo making me want to do an epic battle now!
  9. Crabbok

    Crabbok vs JJs Juggernaut

    Yeah that was our demo room. Closed up and then set up for the game - needed some peace and quiet after a crazy con day.
  10. Crabbok

    Crabbok vs JJs Juggernaut

    They are pretty amazing I won't lie. I want one! Patreon supporters help me get one! Go go go! rofl!
  11. Crabbok

    Armada is Dead should die.

    I just spent 5 days a Dice Tower Con, a convention where people spend pretty much the whole time playing board games. I saw a TON of out of print games being played! Starcraft, Forbidden Stars, Queen's Gambit.... even IF a game eventually becomes unsupported--- it still never dies. Heck people still play Decipher card games! Armada will ALWAYS be a part of my life. Always.
  12. Crabbok

    Sorry, not helping the community

    If you want something exciting to talk about - here goes. Ackbar Nebulons is the new rage. discuss!
  13. Crabbok

    Crabbok vs JJs Juggernaut

    Truth be told - this was all just a ploy to try to get everyone to go squadronless by Gencon! 😎
  14. Interesting with the restriction on Concentrate Fire. Speaking of CF - how bout this? Piett - When attacking from front Hull Zones, Concentrate Fire grants the following dice based on ship size : Small - 1 Dice Medium - 2 Dice Large - 3 Dice