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  1. Using the Bellator from Mel Miniatures as a stand-in for the SSD.
  2. Crabbok

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Armada Peg Risers would be nice - raise up your ships an inch or so?
  3. I happen to like Tagge with a Needa/TRC Cymoon. It gives the Cymoon 1 of each, so high chance of being used.
  4. Sorry man I though my sarcasm was showing
  5. I just won a tournament with Tagge though I though he was fixed?
  6. Crabbok

    Arquitens Rant

    Wasn't trying to make an exact list - so you can see there's lots of room for a commander of your choice and some upgrades or even a few TIEs to run interference.
  7. Crabbok

    Arquitens Rant

    Who said anything about Vader? Palp is just around the corner and would LOVE to see something like that happen.
  8. Crabbok

    Arquitens Rant

    Neb's don't scare me. I respect them and all... but they 1) - Have to fly straight and POINT at you to hit you, and 2) - Players who like to Nav can easily dodge all of their arcs. Now if you point those nebs sideways and toss Ackbar in there.... well my friend NOW we're talking!
  9. Crabbok

    Arquitens Rant

    That would be broken IMO. Intensify Firepower on that sucker would be insanity on wheels. 1 Cmd Cruiser with IF, 5x Light Cruisers, naked 1 Gozanti, + a few TIEs. Insane firing line with dice mitigation.
  10. Crabbok

    What do you want to have in Clone Wars Armada?

    Lucrehulks, Malevolence, Venators, Jedi officers and Commanders... I'd ALSO like Venators for the Empire, but thinking that the same ship, would be more effective in the hands of the Republic, with Jedi aboard. Have Jedi Officers that give boosts to their ships.
  11. Crabbok

    Arquitens Rant

    Sorry I'm arriving in this thread late, but I will take up the shield and Nunchucks to defend the Arquitens. First off, I've got nothing against the nebulon - it's a fine ship. The Arquitens' primary advantage OVER the Nebulon is in it's side arc's strength. While the Nebulon has a great front arc, it's narrow and dodged MUCH too easily. The neb often finds itself with only a side arc shot on an enemy, and if it's obstructed at all, then no shot at long range whatsoever. I usually prefer the Light Cruiser over the Command Cruiser. Cheaper = more ships in a build. The Arquitens is much much better for this reason. It's more reliable. The Side arc is moderately strong and has a wide arc. And since people will often try to get up close to you, the black die at close range honestly tends to become helpful, at least for me, because I typically DON'T navigate, I typically CF, and having a red and 2 black from my FRONT, in addition to 3 or 4 red from my side, is amazing for such a cheap ship. I actually don't like Slaved Turrets on them very much, because of that exact reason. I fly lots of them in a conga line and people will often try to "Cap the T", and cut me off, the black die is great for punching through a ship that's already been softened up by long range volleys. I generally prefer TRC or Enhanced Armament, depending on my commander. (Vader gets enhanced armament, Tagge gets TRC) The movement isn't great, I'll admit, but their side arcs COUNTER the weakness of poor movement. The Arquitens movement is designed for them to do a circular strafe - trying to keep you at long range, while circling you. It takes some practice to get used to flying this way, but the Arquiten's speed and clicks accommodate this style of flying very well. I like to fly lots of them in groups, such that a ship coming in has to face 4 or 5 volleys from them. Most ships cannot survive this, at least for very long. I hope once they are reprinted more people will have the opportunity to fly them in larger groups. They are fun, and while the risk is high, the payoff for good red dice is huge!
  12. It's partially that, but also partially because if they aren't being done with Armada in mind, I fear they may be in the same boat as the Wiz Kids Attack Wing ships and all be in grossly different scales. I don't want the Defiant being the same size as a romulan Warbird.
  13. Like seriously - I would dump a reasonable amount of money into a fleet of Romulan Warbirds. Would love some properly scaled Star Trek ships with Armada bases. Original Enterprise = Small Defiant = Small Klingon Bird of Prey = Small Oberth = Small Romulan Science Vessel = Small Nebula = Medium Excelsior = Medium K'Tinga = Medium Intrepid = Medium D'Deridex = Large etc.