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  1. Crabbok

    Limited Edition Ships

    A friend offered me a ship that was a custom paint job the other day and I declined because that particular paint job has no meaning for me. It would have to be something amazing for it to really matter. Like... suppose they never released the Chimaera as a separate expansion - but the Chimaera paint job was a Gen Con Exclusive? now THAT would be almost crossing the line in terms of exclusives because that particular paint job would be extra special and also difficult to replicate. But what they've done with x-wing is changed a brown to a bronze... it's not even gonna be that noticeable.
  2. Crabbok


  3. I tweeted to FFG this week about the squadron packs and they said we may see them reprinted this spring, although they weren't 100%. So not too much longer.
  4. Crabbok


    I know.
  5. Crabbok

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Those rotating B-Wings!! OH LAWD!
  6. Crabbok


    Yeah any twitter post I believe. I'll admit I'm not 100% saavy enough to know if hashtags works the same for all social media, so if for example you used it on Instagram or something I don't know if it would matter. I am seeing some folks doing it already though so that's awesome!
  7. Crabbok


    Boring conversation anyway
  8. Crabbok


    So today on the Star Wars Show, they asked the question "What Star Wars arrival are you most excited about in 2019?" Use the hashtag #StarWars2019 and they'll select some to feature on next week's episode. If alot of us all talk about #Armada and the SSD using that hashtag maybe they'll include it? Would be a great nod to our game to a HUGE audience! I tweeted a picture of the Super Star Destroyer with #StarWars2019 and #Armada. How many can we get?
  9. Crabbok


    Wrong forum. Nothing to see here. Everything's fine here. We're all fine here.
  10. Crabbok


    Nope - friendly on your COMMANDER only works for your own ships. Otherwise ackbar would be broken.
  11. Crabbok

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    An Armada Article! And it's not even an SSD Preview! Which means there's even more articles to come! Maxi Big the force indeed!
  12. Great article! I think Nebulons, double arcing, and Ackbar will all 3 come back better. Ackbar Nebs won't ever be a BIG thing but I do suspect at least a handful of people to try them!
  13. Crabbok

    Here is a pic of my new SSD!

    lol that's a pretty close size approximation
  14. Crabbok

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I might be nitpicking here but technically that article was in December's GTM issue. I mean it first hit the internet in Nov, but it was scheduled for December's release. And if we get an Article in Feb then your chart will look pretty normal.
  15. Crabbok

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    We need to stop pretending like FFG hasn't given us any communication. They've tweeted about Armada, announced the largest expansion in history, and taken out a FOUR PAGE add in December's GTM. I mean they could certainly do more... but they could also certainly be doing alot less.