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  1. Crabbok

    Show me what you got, FFG

    I don't have any inside info - It's just that today was yet another Friday and nothing.
  2. Crabbok

    Show me what you got, FFG

    They are going to make us wait until GenCon. They really are. deep sadness...... deep dark tentacles of despair.
  3. Crabbok

    Anyone else seen Solo yet? *Spoilers*

    Just saw it. I made a spoiler channel in my discord if you want to talk about it there - Overall - as much as I'm a disney fanboy - I wasn't that impressed.
  4. Crabbok

    Any bets.

    At least that would be news. I would happily play Armada 2.0 if it ever happens, as long as they keep the feel of the game mostly in tact. I love Armada more than any other game - the setup, the movement, the fleet positioning.... it's very exciting to me. Nothing else captures that feel.
  5. Crabbok

    Mel's miniatures 5% off sale

    Yeah but it's alot of them. Pennies are useful too, because with 25 of them you can challenge me to a round of Street Fighter 2 Champion's Edition!
  6. Crabbok

    Mel's miniatures 5% off sale

    I'm so afraid to get a Super Star Destroyer.... for fear that FFG will announce one literally the day after I get mine from Mel. I just wish they'd come right out and say weather or not they have plans to make one. Seriously. Even if that answer is "no". Then at least I could rest easy and make a huge purchase.
  7. Crabbok

    What does armada need?

    Armada needs: (in my humble opinion) 1) A Cheaper Buy-In : The Core Set only has 3 units, and is more expensive than the Legion Core Set, with 8 units. Additionally two Legion Core sets contains enough stuff for you to play a full 800 point game, (800 points is the standard). An essentials pack would allow new players to get started and only buy the ships they want. Cost is pretty much the #1 barrier to entry with Armada, and it boils down to that crazy expensive Starter, and the lack of true value within it. 2) A Redesign of Expansions: No longer should you be forced to buy across the aisle. Wave 7 got closer to this, but STILL has some amazing cards only located on a single side. Imperials who want Heavy Ion Emplacements still have to pick up an MC-75. I don't like that aspect. Wave 7 got a bit better here, but it's not there yet. Any cards that are multi faction should be included in all ships in the wave. 3) More Factions: Following the last two - this is more of a wishlist than a need - but will help to balance things in case the new ships of the sequel trilogy end up being too powerful to combine with commanders from the Galactic Civil War - Rebels' Ackbar for example, might be MUCH too strong with the Raddus... (And so might Raddus himself to be honest). Also this game feels like it was made for the CLone Wars - so Clone Wars factions would be ideal. Armada doesn't have the ship depth of X-Wing either, so it's not like you'll need to come up with 15-20 ships per new faction either. 5 or 6 will be fine for starting out. 4) Huge ships: We've waited long enough. It's time to bust out a HUGE ship for each faction! The Executor, the Raddus, the Mandator 4, and who knows what else - but yeah that would be awesome. Won't be too expensive if you're able to stick with a single faction also.
  8. Crabbok

    Least used ship in Armada?

    Interdictors are good right now and shame on anyone who thinks Arquitens are anywhere close to least used. I use enough of them to at least raise them into the top 4. I'd say possibly Nebulons, Peltas, or Quasars at the moment.
  9. Oh it's fun - and deadly. It's not unbeatable, but if you do beat it you probably aren't getting more than 6 points. (I hope!)
  10. Venator for Imperials - all the way. Easy choice there. Second choice would be the Wolf, (The Legends Dreadnought's from the Kitana Fleet), as seen in the Rebels Finale. Make it dual faction ship, available to both classes. Third would be a black lion, that when combines with the green, red, blue, and yellow lions, forms Voltron - Defender of the Universe!
  11. Crabbok

    Stop the sadness ;)

    My secret is out. I must feed. Seriously though everyone - Do you remember when Armada was VERY stale after wave 2? We had a year of no news, which was bad, but what made it worse was that we only had 9 ships in the game, 5 for the rebels, and only 4 for the empire. (Raiders were crap at the time and Vics were just "meh", so Imperials builds were commonly ISD+Demolisher based, or Rhymerballs with some Vics as carriers. ) It was a dark time for sure. But then - we got more ships.. and more waves.... and now we've got some real diversity in the game. We don't really "Need" 2-3 new waves a year. One wave a year would probably keep the game healthy, but naturally we WANT more because alot of us simply want the news, the articles, the excitement of talking about what's coming next! Doesn't always have to be a new full wave either! A 2-ship wave would be fine, but so would a smaller release like Corellian Conflict - perhaps with some new ship cards and upgrades this time - maybe some new titles even? My point is, we are in a bit of a lull with no news yet, but we DO have Gencon coming up soon, and COULD even get more news before then. And in the mean time we have a MUCH better game to play to hold us over - there are still combinations that haven't been fully realized yet (I"m looking at you Ackbar Nebulons) and on top of that we KNOW they have some type of announcement for Armada in their queue so there's no reason to be sad. Just impatient perhaps, but not sad. Now feed me your good vibes!
  12. Crabbok

    Power Creep.... real or just imagined

    I don't see it at all TBH.
  13. He's an Imperial in pretty much every other Star Wars game though... just saying.
  14. Thanks for the feedback!