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  1. We've got some folks in Orlando that play but I get that may be a bit far
  2. For the record I'd be down to see another rebel Medium ship.
  3. They've been on the pioneering fore-front before - working with Lucasfilm to create the Raider for X-Wing to fill the role of an Imperial Corvette that also looked like a "Triangle". They've designed the Starhawk when it was unknown to the world (Appearance-wise). Suppose they had another shot at making a completely new ship from scratch for Armada - what would you wanna see? (Physical design, or mechanical concepts either or both are fine) BTW- And yes I know there's PLENTY of stuff from legends and canon both that aren't in game yet - just play along - perhaps there's a tie-in to a new story about a brand new ship design or something.
  4. 1-shotted a full health MC-75 one time from a fully loaded Cymoon! That was fun!
  5. Hey FFG if you're reading this - I'm down to hold a huge blowout bonanza if you wanted to team up and reveal Cone Wars to the world in style!
  6. I've been telling everyone I can, NOT to run squadrons. It's all part of my plan to completely evaporate the squadron meta - and then show up to some tournament of significance with B-Wing bombers and take them all by surprise. Claim the championship of the galaxy, and ensure that ship shaped like nunchucks makes it unto the game.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I'll probably be working on an update to this system soon, as I've just updated my Legion AI also, and included a really nice little "Elastic Clause" option - I'll summarize. 3 Times per game - you get to Veto the AI and do what you think makes sense. This should be when the AI does something that is generally just a VERY bad choice that no reasonable opponent would do. I limit it to 3 times, but you are certainly welcome to adjust that number - but the idea here is that if you do it too much... well then you're essentially just playing a normal game against yourself where you have to think about every decision - and hey that's fine and good... but this AI system is supposed to represent a very specific type of opponent - a random one, who makes mistakes.
  8. http://www.crabbok.com/custom-content/legion-ai-system/
  9. Hello there! I have an update to my Solo AI system, version 1.1 - here's a video where I talk about the changes and refinements to the system. Thanks to everyone who's been giving me feedback!
  10. This is the one thread that Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun hasn't started. Just saying - we need more diversity in here!
  11. I've been asked about the missing Starhawks dozens of times from various folks - and I have no good information. However, I did ask some contacts at FFG and they've asked me to redirect people to info_minis@fantasyflightgames.com - possibly might be some better info there, though it may depend where you are located.
  12. Salvo is indeed amazing. Love love love it!
  13. I like the idea of a revolving format - just wish it wasn't so popular. So many events are in that format that it makes it hard on me to settle into a build that I'd like to stick with... for longer than just a few months.
  14. I love Romodi. The fact that he's only 20 is great. And he also asks me to consider different objectives than I'd normally go for - opting for those that add more obstacles, or let me reposition them! He's certainly no Ackbar though - but I still very much like him.
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