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  1. Crabbok

    Where in the world is Jar Jar Binks?

    Jar Jar should be announced April 1st, 2019. And should be real. And should be hilarious.
  2. Crabbok

    Clone Wars!

    So excited to see the mini-starter squadron packs! Be right back - need to go apply for a loan so I can afford to get everything at launch.
  3. Crabbok

    Fearless Dengar

    Sorry for the bump - but I had this come up today and it has me genuinely puzzled as to why this was ruled this way. First off- the Rules Reference Guide on Page 4 talks about Turrets and Firing Arcs. There are 4 Standard Arcs which use the printed firing arc symbol. Forward, Rear, Left, and Right. Clearly Fearless is talking about the Forward firing arc. But it also requires that the attack be a primary. Well Dengar's Turret IS is primary weapon. That much is clear. But for turrets, it spells out that turrets are a "Turret Firing Arc" - however... where they are pointing, ALSO counts as the standard firing arc for the direction(s) it's pointing. SO if Dengar's turret is pointing forward - it's a Turret Firing Arc, it's also a Forward Firing Arc... And a Rear Firing Arc... and also his Primary weapon. And Fearless requires two things - Primary Weapon, and Forward Arc... right? I don't know if there's a chance to have FFG take another look at a ruling like this and reverse it or not. It seems like perhaps they designed 2.0 to use that Forward arc symbol to represent two completely different things... 1) The front arc that is printed on all ship bases, and objects that fall within it up to range 3. and 2) a type of weapon equipped to a ship that is a "Fixed Front" type of weapon, it only shoots in one direction : Forward. Considering that exact same symbol is used on both Dengar's card AND on the Punishing one Title, I think it's very easy for people to assume a card like Fearless should work quite easily with Dengar. Am I just insane?
  4. Crabbok

    I'm contemplating having an affair...

    So this thread changed from a Battlestar Galactica thread into a thread all about justifying and explaining a joke. I'm still interested in seeing how it resolves.... as long as we all agree that we can resume talks about BSG once it is finally available over here. (I believe Ares is sending me a review copy so hopefully I'll be able to contribute a bit more to the discussion eventually). So for now - lets discuss the joke some more! I was a bit perplexed. Which was worse? Attack Wing? or that particular starter set? Or BSG? Which did you THINK was worse? Which turned out to be the less bad and which was the more bad?
  5. Crabbok

    What IP would you like adapted to an Armada style game?

    Star Trek - all day long Star Trek for days! But I'd also be ok if they did the Terrinoth world, and made it ships, and even added some other goodies like flying Dragons!
  6. Crabbok

    Rank the Disney-era Star Wars Films

    TLJ>RO>TFO>Solo TLJ becomes more and more masterful every time I watch it. This is a movie that I'll re-watch in 10 years and STILL be blown away by it. Rogue One gets it's ranking because of the last 20 minutes. Best space battle of all time and that counts for alot. ALOT! TFO will always have a magical place because it was the beginning of Star Wars coming back to us. This was magic, tangible excitement! Plus it had little things that made it really shine, like the Stormtroopers walking the other way while Kylo Ren was going nuts... And Harrison Ford completely owned that movie. Solo, while being a well-made film, didn't hit any of my "Must have" criteria. It wasn't a December movie, so didn't make me feel all Christmas-minded when seeing it... it didn't have an epic space battle (minor space battle and was forgettable), and our heroes were never in danger, as you know they all end up ok because you've seen future films. These things kinda put it in last place. And I like it still... it just never was gonna rank that high when it's a backstory and I can never really feel on the edge of my seat.
  7. Crabbok

    I'm contemplating having an affair...

    Have a Menage-a-SciFi and combine the games together for the ULTIMATE trench run?
  8. Crabbok

    SSD Giveaway

    Kicking off a Holiday Giveaway!
  9. Crabbok

    Lovin that T-85!

    Just picked up Mel's new T-85. It's kinda big! What do you think?
  10. Armada isn't dead. It's just lower priority right now. Which sucks for us, especially since Armada is FFG's best game. I doubt it'll be lower priority forever though - as it seems like this is more of a temporary thing. A slow period. I think 2020 might be a really good year for Armada. Episode 9 will have been out for a few weeks, there will be tons of new content and canon ships to pick and choose from - and we may see a major push for new content. In the mean time - hey I made a Nunchuck Expansion with new titles for all the ships! ha ha - No seriously there is enough content out there to keep the game going - and if you play OTHER games there's also a ton to distract you for the immediate future.
  11. Crabbok

    So...boosted comms. What IS that art of?

    I believe it's the antenna assembly from the U.S.S. Flag
  12. TODAY is the day of Glory! TODAY we will either A) Get some news! or B) Not.
  13. I wouldn’t worry about that. From my experience it’s easier to tell based on the content of their remarks. If someone presents a reasonable argument, or well written opinion then feel free to judge them on the merits of their argument. But when someone has nothing more than 1-liners and extremely hate filled nonsense you should rest easier to dismiss them outright without wasting any thoughts.
  14. Crabbok

    Which is the strongest faction in 2.0?

    I have to choose Rebels, because they have B-Wings. However, I'm willing to consider the Resistance at some future date, because they are LIKELY gonna get a modernized B-Wing equivalent.