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  1. Yeah maybe so. I'll just try and get some more high rez pics soon
  2. I posted some high rez images in the Armada Discord a few weeks ago. If you find them, just gotta hit "Open Original" and it'll pull the high rez version then you can crop them.
  3. I am super hyped about Disney + - Especially with Episodes 1-6 being available on demand. I swear - EVERY version I've physically bought the discs get scratched. I haven't been able to sit down and WATCH the films in years because it's always frustrating when the discs start skipping.
  4. I don't know how many we'll be allowed to get. I won't take more than 1, if that means someone else can't get one - but if by the end of the con, there are extras available, I'll grab as much as I can fit in my luggage.
  5. This is a fantastic idea and honestly one that I didn't anticipate. Great ruling!
  6. yeah they fit a wee bit snug, but they are virtually perfect.
  7. I actually fit my SSD ships cards perfectly into my existing pages. They are the pages that have only 4 sleeves per page.
  8. Nice looking system! I'll be honest I hadn't seen this before. It certainly appears more intuitive and less up to chance than mine - which may even make it more ideal for evenly matched fleets!
  9. I think if you're going to start adding more "smart" decisions you may want to reduce the point advantage you give the empire. My fear is that at a certain point, you're basically just playing against yourself. This project was meant to be a whole new type of opponent that would surprise you. sometimes in bad ways, other times nasty ways.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the limitation of a single defense token is absolutely a weakness, and I realize that it will sometimes be the BIGGEST weakness of the AI - but I think the simplicity gained from that rule-set is worth it, and that's one of the biggest reasons to run higher point lists for the AI. (If they have 200 extra points, the fact that they might not brace doesn't seem all that bad! ) And yes, I believe you used the dials correctly. I don't actually SET dials at all and just reference the card for them - but I wanted to include in the rules that technically you set the dial - just in case a dial-affecting situation comes up. And no, I haven't done a second token yet. The way I see it, if you want to try that you can do it 2 ways. 1) The lower left section of every token is left blank. This is for future proofing at the moment - allows me to easily add something if need be - a new mechanic, or whatever. For now, you could add an Asterisk to half of the cards, and when you draw an asterisk the AI uses a second token (If they can), and you'd draw more cards until you get another one that works. or 2) simply decide which defense tokens you want the AI to use. But at that point, it's less an AI game and more a game of You vs Yourself. If you are comfortable making choices that counter your own attacks, then go for it!
  11. Great questions! 1) Yes, if reducing to speed 0 is the only way to either A) avoid leaving the board, or B) ramming a friendly, they would do that, but then again, only if they had a NAV command, or token, capable of doing it. 2) Good suggestion. I've been playing it as the center mass of a ship, but I'll try focusing on the forward dot next time when applicable. (Often you are far away from your target so center mass and forward dot are virtually the same). Thanks!
  12. It is meant to be a dumb opponent more-or-less, and isn't EVER meant to replace a human opponent. It counters this weakness two ways. First, in that you'll give the AI more points than the Human, (for example, 450 vs 400 or even more) and Second, there are bonuses that will happen on the cards. Additiona repairs, rerolls, and other things that will make this a different experience than a standard game.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm proud to unveil the Solo Mode for Armada that I've been working on. It's a series of cards that create a deck which will drive the AI of an opponent, so you can play solo. All you need is a printer and some scissors, print it out, cut out the cards, and pair them up with some sleeved cards to create a deck... and you're ready to play! I recommend giving the AI player a handicap, perhaps an extra 50 points to make up for the fact that some of their choices will not always be smart for the AI. The PDF and rules are available on my website here: http://www.crabbok.com/custom-content/armada-ai/ Along with other custom content I've created, such as the Nunchuck expansion, and Deep Space Nine. Here's my video explaining it as well. I'd love to hear what you think! Hopefully it'll help those of you who have that itch to play but sometimes have trouble finding an opponent. It uses a deck of cards which help you handle virtually any situation that might arise during gameplay! It can likely also be used to facilitate a cooperative game, where you and a friend team up against an opponent. Only issue I'd have right now is if the AI had more than 12 ships to control - in which case you'd have to come up with some other way to randomize activation.
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