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  1. Page 5 of the FAQ. Mentions the tokens, not the dials though to be honest I've no real issue with the dials, just the tokens which that covers. Although i could have swore i did read about the dials somewhere. One minor bugbear of mine is the fact that loads of people dont seem to ever use critical hit tokens and because of that, missed important rules so many times. I do use them which actually works against me. It just seems odd that people wouldnt think of not using say a focus token but i can count in one hand the amount of people who use critical tokens.
  2. I know some people prefer this but the tournament rules specifically tell you not to place tokens and dials on the ship cards and i'd say with good reason. Its a lot more difficult to quickly understand what each ship is doing and it also makes a lot easier for mistakes to be made be that on purpose or by mistake.
  3. Jock

    Tantive Questions

    I see, thanks for clearing that up!
  4. Jock

    Tantive Questions

    Some questions regarding the Tantive and one of the missions. - Firstly does it start the game with any energy or start from 0 and start accumulating? - In the second mission where its refueling, does it gain any energy while still or does it only start once it undocks? Also while docked it can basically do anything other than something that costs energy? (though depends on previous answer) Thanks!
  5. Yeah was a good day! Looking forward to the next one.
  6. If its a friendly game just remove the shuttle model until it gets in a position with some room around it again because ultimately the model doesnt really mean anything in game terms, just the base.
  7. Ive only been to a couple of tournaments so far and it amazes me how little some of the TO know about the rules. I mean one store told me that they werent going to play the standard dogfight, they were going to play scenarios from the books with random number of asteroids, some tables with none, others with 10. Thats the official FFG store championship as well. The tournament rules are only a few A4 pages, not a hard slog really to get it right.
  8. Are you guys able to login with no problems? When i hit login the website just freezes.
  9. Jock

    Vassall Questions

    Thanks for the answers. Someone else had actually suggested team covenant as the place to go so ended up posting there as well.
  10. Jock

    Vassall Questions

    Not sure if this is the best place or not for these questions but if not, if you let me know where i should be posting them that would be appreciated. Had my first game of vassal which brought up a few questions. - Navigating the map seems very clunky so not sure if im just missing some shortcuts or something. I've found i can kind of pan to the extents of the map using right click but not outside the map where the templates etc are. Is there no easy way to pan/zoom - If i draw a selection box in the map i cant actually see it though it does exist. Is this a graphical issue on my end? - Cards etc. Am i meant to somehow be putting in the details of the ships or is that just on the ships themselves? - When taking damage/loss of shields i assume you actually lower the settings on the ship itself? - Is it just personal preference whether you use the markers such as focus etc or whether you use the selection where you get the little box next to the ship counter? - I noticed that you can actually change movement dials even while the turn is ongoing. Is this just down to a trust thing that the other guy wont cheat since they dont seem to lock? Wasnt any problem for us, knowing each other but just wondering about playing random people. - In terms of getting games, is it just a case of hanging out in the main lobby and asking around i assume? Thanks for your time.
  11. Took my dual firespray to my first tournament at the weekend and managed 2-1 to get into the top 4 then got taken out by another dual firespray list.
  12. Hi guys, another quick question for you which came up in a vassal game. If someone has a stress token, he puts down another red by mistake so i know the opponent gets to choose a non red movement of their choice, but if that move is green, does the other guy lose his initial stress token? Thanks
  13. Yeah thats great, thanks! I had actually read that before but couldn’t remember quite what the content was or where I found it. Was in the middle of a tournament game and was scouring the faq to no avail.
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