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  1. X - Legolas Y - Eowyn Z - Elrohir AA - Aragorn (Le) AB - Elrond AC - Boromir (T) - that's a tough one to pick out of the two. AD - Beregond AE - Bifur AF - Pippin (Lo) AG - Gandalf AH - Haldir of Lorien AI - Beorn AJ - Glorfindel (S) AK - Gimli AL - Aragorn (Lo) AM - Dain Ironfoot
  2. A. Nori B. Bard the Bowman C. Eowyn D. Thorin Oakenshield E. Frodo Baggins F. Ori G. Boromir H. Eleanor I. Prince Imrahil J. Denethor K. Bifur L. Idraen M. Dunhere N. Gandalf O. Beravor P. Galadriel Q. Elladan R. Mablung S. Celeborn T. Gimli U. Hama V. Dain Ironfoot W. Eomer
  3. Similarly, I don't understand the fanboyism around Galadriel's cards in CS (not RD), Nenya especially. To use it, she has to exhaust which necessitates Unexpected Courage or some such on her. Nenya should've been 0 resources or given her the other two resource icons as well. Additionally, though she maybe protected from quest encounters by be able to contribute to questing without actually participating, a situation like that is too... situational to be a useful consideration. 4 will is great, but not incredible in the aggregate. Meanwhile, on the topic of HEROES who have 2 for any of the three stats, can people please stop saying 2 is "solid"? It's decidedly average at best.
  4. I'd like to see player attachments, similar to MTG's global enchantments. Some ideas off the top of my head; Cost: X Attach to player's forehead. Response: At the end of the round, if the player has a ready hero... Spirit ideas; ... place 2 progress tokens on the active location, if able OR switch a location in the staging area with the active location. Tactics ideas; ... deal 2 damage to an enemy engaged with you OR choose an enemy not engaged with you for each ready hero you control. Engage those enemies. Leadership ideas; ... add 1 resource for each ready hero you control. Lore ideas; ... draw a card for each ready hero OR heal 2 damage on a character you control.
  5. "How awesome is that!" That's what I said to myself when I thought the trophy looking thing was your first player token.
  6. Foundations of Stone - lots of fun, theme well executed Battle of Five Armies - epic battle Siege of Cair Andros - another epic battle Redhorn Gate - I thought theme and gameplay came together very well Flight to the Ford - Knife in the Dark at very a close second
  7. Theoden. Despite his heroic stats, I don't think his theme translates into helpful gameplay. E.g. why would Beorn feel inspired by his presence? I also find the practice of a Tactics player questing, even carrying a portion of the questing load, an inefficient way to play Tactics. I don't really know Middle Earth lore all that well, but he could've used a special attachment the likes of Vilya or Nenya.
  8. I so agree with Courchevel with what he says about the main draw back of saga Gandalf locking out core Gandalf. It's because core Gandalf is neutral, and thus, can be paid for by any sphere. At the very least, saga Gandalf could leave during a game, but if a hero Gandalf were to join the fray, ally Gandalfs are locked out for the entire game. This might be a point of contention in games with multiple players. So, it feels like a hero Gandalf would scale badly the more players there are. A hero Gandalf better well compensate for this, otherwise there'll be a dose of resentment around the gaming table against the player who effectively monopolises the Gandalf character.
  9. Cool ideas! For the third haven, I'd add "(to a minimum of 1)" for the second bit of text.
  10. I get the impression a lot of people are misconstruing Rapier's insights and missing the point. He's not just talking about UC, but the bad precedent UC has set in later card design, which I agree with. I like the two ideas of increasing its cost to 3 and making it unique with a twist; Unique per player.
  11. My theory is the reason why Into Fangorn is so easy is because the quest is meant to lull you into a false sense of security. The next quest is Dunland Trap.... notice the word trap in the title?
  12. I think Ozil23 has great reasoning. I think booored will lose the bet.
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