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  1. I don't seek to block at all opportunities, but if I feel that I have suckered an opponent into thinking they know my next move, or if I feel I have good idea about their next move, I do like trying a block. I find that the disruption in their moves to be rather valuable because it usually takes them a couple of rounds to recover. The games where I pull this sort of unexpected block I often win or at least turn the tide in my favor.
  2. I'm not excited at the idea of being forced to go with generics simply to have ships for the next round when they (inevitably) get get destroyed in the previous round. X-Wing is about killing ships. Without the provision to use reuse named pilots, what's the motivation? This format seems to toss synergistic effects right out the window, which is a large part of the fun.
  3. We had some folks discussing this last night at our league night. It appears that the initial cap of 60 is "broken" because all the Imperial player needs to do is create a swarm list (I've seen both w/ & w/o Howlrunner discussed) and the Rebel player is hard-pressed to create lists at/near 60 points that can compete. And then there is the new restriction that you carry not only the ships but their upgrades forward. Granted, we haven't tested it very far. Maybe we just haven't gotten far enough in our play-testing. But first impressions aren't not encouraging.
  4. You owe her! That's someone that really cares about you.
  5. I must admit to being guilty of ordinance a few times.
  6. [rolling eyes] Is it really so tough to spell "perform" correctly?
  7. I sense a disturbance in the math-to-grammer skills. Fixed.Also, I can only believe I did that because it's 2 in the morning from where I'm posting this. Math while awake, and Type while I sleep, y'know? LOL, it's waaay past my bedtime too.
  8. I sense a disturbance in the math-to-grammer skills.
  9. Anyone that wants to ignore the math and trust their feelings instead should really give this a try. Color one evade die differently. Roll your normal evade dice first. Apply any evade/focus tokens. After you have done "normal" defense resolution only roll your special SD die when you need to use it. You may be surprised at how your feelings of the usefulness of SD is offset by the reality that your normal defense resolution soaked most of the hits already. Leaving you with a mere 3/8 (5/8 if you have focus) chance to evade that final {hit/crit} when you are desperate. And remember, you need to succeed at the final roll in two separate attacks before it is better than HU by cost, or SU when avoiding a {crit}.
  10. People have answered the other part of your question, but note also that 9 is not the upper limit for PS. If you give Vader veteran instincts his PS is 11, and Roark Garnett can temporarily bump another pilot's PS to 12. I think the OP was referring to 9 being the maximum for the Saber pilot in their example and not if 9 was the possible maximum for any pilot.
  11. Bump for what? I don't think there is a rules question left, is there? If you are asking about a squad build that belongs in the main forum.
  12. I agree with this. To draw a parallel: in the NFL the winner of a divisional playoff game cannot decide to pass their right to play in the Super Bowl to another team just because they "earned" the chance to play in the Super Bowl and decide not to to show up. Well, maybe the Denver Broncos did just that in the last Super Bowl (ducking!).
  13. Do you still always take the Evade action once Howlrunner is dead? I ask that because Howlrunner is a priority target for a lot of people so I can't imagine Howlrunner is always around for you.
  14. You still have that wrong. There are seven Direct Hit! cards in the 33-card damage deck. There is a 21% chance of drawing a Direct Hit! on a critical hit with a fresh deck.
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