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  1. Played a game last week with the hostage mission, can vouch for how effective the B2 Battledroids are. Armour 1 and 10 health is a lot to get through if you can keep them in any sort of cover, blocking up to 3 incoming regular damage every attack if they are in heavy cover is pretty strong. Not only did they singlehandedly take out a 4 man shore trooper squad that was holding my opponents hostage model as the first action of round 2, but they took a significant number of attacks to finish off for my opponent which after a lot of attrition allowed an untouched B1 squad to scoop up the hostage and run to deployment for the win. It also helped having the B2's retreating in a lane that the AAT was looking down on for any of my opponents units that tried to engage them.
  2. I was so disappointed when I found out that the B2's were going to be standard core units rather than special forces, my dreams of a sea of 6 full B1 battle droid squads and 3 B2 Super Battle droid squads drowning my opponents was dashed haha. though honestly im finding it hard to justify more than 1 unit of B2s in the list anyways, tissue paper defence and cant continue the co-ordinate chain. Still a tonne of fun though when you get to air drop them in with timely reinforcements
  3. Ive been having the same dilemma myself, though depending on how you upgrade Dooku and grievous the relative difference between a "Fat" Grievous and a "bare Bones" Dooku is as little as 22 points really. These are the 2 different builds ive been contemplating for an event im hoping to attend in a few weeks time: 797/800 General Grievous (175 + 33 = 208) --Aggressive Tactics (10), Strict Orders (5), Endurance (6), DT-57 Annihilator (12) B2 Super Battle Droids (48 + 42 = 90) --B2-ACM Trooper (26), B2 Super Battle Droid (16) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 30 = 66) --E-5s B1 Trooper (20), HQ Uplink (10) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 24 = 60) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18), B1 Battle Droid (6) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 24 = 60) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18), B1 Battle Droid (6) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 24 = 60) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18), B1 Battle Droid (6) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 24 = 60) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18), B1 Battle Droid (6) AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank (170 + 23 = 193) --T-Series Tactical Droid Pilot (5), Armor-Piercing Shells (10), High-Energy Shells (8) From <https://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/separatist/p2du68u3eu46u6ep34u8du76uEMp26u7euEMu29uEMp26u69u5euEMuEMp26u69u5euEMuEMp26u69u5euEMuEMp26u69u5euEMuEMp36u78u93u99uEMc08> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 795/800 Count Dooku (205 + 25 = 230) --Force Choke (5), Force Push (10), Aggressive Tactics (10) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 30 = 66) --E-5s B1 Trooper (20), HQ Uplink (10) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B2 Super Battle Droids (48 + 42 = 90) --B2-ACM Trooper (26), B2 Super Battle Droid (16) AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank (170 + 23 = 193) --T-Series Tactical Droid Pilot (5), Armor-Piercing Shells (10), High-Energy Shells (8) http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/separatist/p31u08uEMu09u68p26u7euEMu29uEMp26u69uEMuEMuEMp26u69uEMuEMuEMp26u69uEMuEMuEMp26u69uEMuEMuEMp34u8du76uEMp36u78u93u99uEM The only real difference between the 2 Armies is that 4 of the B1 squads have an extra mini and the bid is slightly different. Still not sure what to play, Dooku is a lot slower to get into combat and has less health but is an absolute wreaking ball if he gets to melee. Grievous is super slippery and because of scale and relentless he is often able to get into combat with minis your opponent thought were safe. His additional health and extra training slot over Dooku also make him a lot more appealing from my perspective but in the end they are quite different playstyles so go with whichever commander suits you I say.
  4. I would expect to see a lot of Munitions failsafe's and delayed fuses. Honestly I think it would be a bad idea as players would just play the ships with the least amount upgrade slots, for those of us that played in the JTO we are all to familiar with ships that are terrible if you fill all the upgrade slots. Id expect Generic Fang Fighters with APT to be super strong in that meta. 200 Point Squad Zealous Recruit (41) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Zealous Recruit (41) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Zealous Recruit (41) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Joy Rekkoff (52) Crack Shot (1) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6)
  5. definitely a case of "Ill believe it when I see it" frankly, the AAT has been pushed back a number of times from official FFG delivery dates and several locations are reporting lack of delivery of the P2's and B2's as well. I want my AAT as much as the next guy but till I see it in my own hands I'm not betting on any delivery dates.
  6. there are a lot of units for the both Imps and Rebels out there, if you have the money get them all!! but realistically there are a plethora of buyers guides online and on YouTube even that will tell you what's good for what purpose etc. the ones that Crabbok does on YouTube are a good place to start for new players. For me at the moment its more about what's actually in stock in my country, which is to say not a lot right now, international shipping has had a significant impact on what we are getting and when we get it.
  7. I fail to see how having too much stock will kill a game faster than having no stock at all???? with no stock you have NO returning players and NO new players. Desire to play the game competitively dies and people move on to other games. If you have a good game back yourself to make enough of it. FFG seem to be treating Legion like a board game where you can run stock levels down to zero before you reprint because there's no issue with a board game being out of print. when a live, evolving tabletop minis game regularly has stock issues, particularly if its Tier 1 competitive units that are out of stock it turns players away from playing it when they get beat by things they cant even buy themselves to compete. I feel like FFG want to play with the big boys at GW, but they keep being made to look like novices when they cant keep stock on the shelves when their competitors can keep stock lines full on the shelves. FFG are amazing game developers and designers, hence why I love so many of their games, but its so frustrating when they cant get their logistics sorted. They have the rights to the worlds most saleable IP with full confidence in their work from Lucasarts, They should back themselves to make enough of their popular game that these sort of product shortages don't happen.
  8. Its exceedingly rare to have an opponent's standby trigger a friendly standby, why didn’t the unit that took the second standby just shoot instead? Why didn’t the first unit with standby not trigger it when the second unit moved into range? You would have to have an opponent move into range, not attack and take a standby token, all the while your unit that already has the standby token would not use theirs. Seems almost impossibly unlikely to happen. I do see what you are saying though as if you could create this exact magical situation you could potentially move, trigger both standbys, adding fire support to your friendly unit, then because you haven't attacked as an action you would be free to perform an attack action as well. Perhaps the developers saw this but thought this exact scenario was so unlikely that they didn't feel the need to worry about it? I think as you say its clearly not intended to happen and at some point the RRG will be updated so that to use fire support a unit must have the fire support keyword, a face-up order token and has not yet activated this turn.
  9. I think the problem with that model when your talking about any competitive game is that if there are always some product lines out of stock it makes it that much harder for newer players to want to get into the game. In my opinion Destiny lost a tonne of steam right out of the gate as they couldn't provide enough stock at the start of the game, we had plenty of players in our area that were keen but once stock dried up so did most players interest. once they finally got more stock out it was too late and most had moved onto other games that can consistent keep product in stock. Legion is a great game and I got in because of the Separatists. but where I live we still don't even have B2's yet with no arrival date in site and All I see is FFG posting more previews of new units. its just really frustrating to enjoy a game while the people that make it are making it hard to want to keep playing.
  10. Looks like they have cancelled worlds, at least according to this post from the FFG Organised Play page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ffgorganizedplay/
  11. I really want the B2's to be good so figured I would take them for a spin. My list is certainly not an optimal list, and I'm definitely a novice at this game so far but I played a game with this list the other day, I did manage to get Timely reinforcements as a battlefield condition so managed to airdrop the full 5 man B2 squad in just beyond range 2 of an enemy squad while also being R1 of a B1 unit to get co-ordinated and a surge from Tactics. Suffice to say it was a lot of fun walking in and unloading with 3R4B4W with a surge token on a Snowtrooper squad with no cover haha 795/800 (8 Activations) General Grievous (175 + 26 = 201) --Strict Orders (5), Esteemed Leader (5), Tenacity (4), DT-57 Annihilator (12) Count Dooku (205 + 25 = 230) --Force Choke (5), Force Push (10), Aggressive Tactics (10) B2 Super Battle Droids (48 + 42 = 90) --B2-ACM Trooper (26), B2 Super Battle Droid (16) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 20 = 56) --E-5s B1 Trooper (20) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 20 = 56) --E-5s B1 Trooper (20) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) B1 Battle Droids (36 + 18 = 54) --E-5C B1 Trooper (18) Still maintaining near-perfect activation control is also pretty amazing for the list. Having said that I think I would agree that the B2's melt too quickly with their terrible defence dice so on any other deployment that’s not timely reinforcements you probably lose too much of their firepower before they actually get to shoot, then they can be neutered even further if they are engaged in melee, I was quite disappointed that they didn’t get red attack dice in melee.
  12. I cant imagine that FFG would ever print a separate box of minis that could only be played if you have another mini from a different purchase. I would like to think that they might do something like they have done with Jyn's blaster where an upgrade or unit gets a discount if you happen to include another specific thing in your army, so say you play clan wren and Sabine in your army you get a combined discount of a certain amount of points.
  13. I mean, the preview article WAAAAAAYYY back on the 1st of August last year indicated that it would be out in the first quarter of 2020. unless they mysteriously appear on shelves in the next couple weeks they are delayed, and frankly from the perspective of FFG clearly they were meant to be out by now, so regardless of semantics they are delayed. it might be Carona virus related but I feel that these would have been manufactured before it was an issue, but who knows. Only thing I have heard so far that sounds reasonable is that a local distributer cant get gaming stock of any kind because there aren't enough shipping containers moving around to be emptied and filled up with his stock to get on a boat, since none are leaving China there aren't any containers to use in the merry-go-round that is international logistics.
  14. don't want to kill the vibe here, but how many people get the Flu in the states every year? CDC stats for the last 10 years are between 9-45million people with deaths of between 12-61 thousand, so roughly 1 in 750 that get the flu die from it Currently there have been 159 USA citizens diagnosed, 11 have sadly died. that's a 7% Death rate. that's 1 in 14 not surviving if diagnosed. The Flu doesn't even come close to Carona Virus in terms of survival rates, I can only hope that the USA doesn't end up with this becoming completely widespread or I dare not think of the numbers that will lose their lives to this. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  15. Theres a new version that was just announced in the last few months, its called "Pandemic: LARP Edition"
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