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  1. I think we can all agree that unsportsmanlike behaviour should be discouraged where possible. The reality is what we have been discussing Is fairly unlikely to happen, that’s not to say it hasn’t happened or won't happen in the future, but it would be at the highest level competitive events and certainly shouldn't be entertained by anyone as a feasible strategy at your league night or casual store tournament and would be fair enough to respectfully discuss the situation with the player at the time should it arise. Also at the end of the day the rules are written in such a way that the TO makes the final call, if you have a judge that is likely to have you turfed out of the event for strategic concession then best to play the game to the best of your ability and hope that Karma is on your side for next round pairings to fall in your favour.
  2. I'm not quite sure why you felt the need to call me out specifically on this one, but seeing as you have I guess Ill respond. My first post simply clarified that there are people who believe that if you don’t play the game the same way that they think you should that is grounds for shaming and insulting them, neither of which I agree with as I detest bullies in any form and consider it highly hypocritical of anyone spouting the "sportsmanship" banner. My second post was simply pointing out a contradiction in the rules, nothing more. For the record I would never do any of what is being discussed here myself, I was simply attempting to discuss the other side of the coin from an ethics standpoint so that both sides of the discussion can be heard. Yes you are right that we are all playing with plastic spaceships, but that doesn’t mean you get you insult people you don’t agree with.
  3. I can only assume you are referencing this section of the Floor Rules: G. Cheating – Disqualification If a player attempts to gain advantage in the tournament by intentionally breaking a rule, lying to tournament leaders, intentionally altering or misreporting match results, or somehow abusing any other part of the system for their own benefit, they are guilty of cheating. Players attend FFG Organized Play events in order to enjoy playing the games they love with like-minded individuals. There are few things more upsetting to a player than having their efforts in a tournament be invalidated by someone who reached a similar or better position through exploitation and dishonesty. Reading that in isolation I could understand your stance, however the floor rules also say: Please note that concession, in and of itself, is not collusion. Players are allowed to concede a game at any time before the end of the game, so long as there was no discussion or solicitation involved. Note that you don’t have to be losing to concede a game either. So basically there is a significant direct conflict in the floor rules regarding this situation.
  4. So I just want to get the situation straight, If the players who went 4-0 wins his last round he makes it harder for himself in the cut but if he loses then it benefits him, and most here want to shame that person into playing to win that game making it harder for themselves in the cut? What ever happened to making your own destiny? for both the player in question as well as those on the bubble. If you don’t want to have to have your tournament hopes hinge on other people's games, then win enough that you don’t have to. I don’t really see an issue with various strategies, I've seen enough people "Submarine" (Lose your first round to play theoretically easier rounds the rest of the tournament) in various other games that I believe people might be doing it deliberately. Having a fluid strategy for a whole event is just as important as having a strategy for any individual game or particular matchup. While I understand your preference I don’t think verbally and emotionally abusing someone under what appears to be a very thinly veiled threat of physical presence, regardless of whether you are being facetious or not, is appropriate given that this discussion is about ethics.
  5. well I can only hope you are both right, though would it have been so hard for them to give away that one piece of info in the product reveal? I guess it might not even be designed yet and how many new pilots might not be known I suppose. Honestly ill be over the moon if there are 50+ new pilots in these packs though.
  6. true, however it should also be noted that even 25-30 new pilots, particularly all unique ones at that, require a lot of time in development and testing. that's more unique pilot abilities than a whole wave of ships normally. Not that I don't want as many new pilots as possible, more pilots equals more variety, but i just don't think people should be expecting 15+ new pilots per faction, more like maybe 1 or possibly 2 new pilots per ship in faction or 2-4 pilots for a small selection of each factions ships.
  7. I'm not super fussed on which pilots are in or out, however at only $20 how many pilot do you all think will be in the pack to begin with? maybe 25-30 at most across the 5 factions? remembering all the ship tiles are needed as well as the pilot cards
  8. So just wondering what people think about ships that enter reserve with either stress, Ion tokens or both and whether those ships retain those tokens while in reserve and re-enter play with them or if they essentially fall off the ship. The only thing I can find that would indicate one way or the other is that in the rules under reserve it states: During the End Phase, a ship that is in reserve still removes all circular tokens and recovers charges on all of its cards with recurring charge icons. This possibly indicates that these tokens remain as it specifically states that circular tokens are removed at the end phase. Bonus question, if Moralo flies of the board edge into reserve via a red manoeuvre, does she enter reserve with the stress?
  9. This is simply a case of extremely poor foresight in terms of compiling the rules and the terminology that FFG decided to use. FFG have classified that adding a die result is a dice modification, it make no logical or linguistic sense but that what their rules say. The same applies to spending a die result as well, this is somehow a dice modification which means if you use Rose Tico crew on a ship in Padme's arc to spend a focus result to get a target lock then that’s your single focus result modification and you can't actually change any other focus results you may have. As many have pointed out adding or spending dice results should be considered modifying your dies ROLL but the rules don’t acknowledge the dice roll as anything, only the individual dice after the roll has happened.
  10. just for clarification, the effects of Tac Officer and Deflectors ADDS a white version of the action to the action bar, it does not make the existing red actions white or take them away. You can if you want to for any reason still perform a red version of those actions if you want to, deflectors on Braylen for example.
  11. passive Sensors requires you to use your action in the activation phase to remove the charge counter from itself to be able to use its other effect for a calculate or TL in the engagement phase. Passive Sensors: Action: Spend 1 . You can only perform this action in your Perform Action step. While your is inactive, you cannot be coordinated. Before you engage, if your is inactive, you may perform a or action. so if the ship with sensors is ioned, it wont be able to use the Passive sensors action (because it can only do the focus action), and its charge will be active when it engages so it wont be able to take a calculate or TL when it engages.
  12. So I finally gave in and bought into the Separatist Faction, but just had a quick question regarding the DRK Probe Droid deployment and movement. I couldn’t find it asked elsewhere in the rules from so forgive me if it has already been asked and answered. As the initiative of the droid is 0 and its movement is in the system phase I can only assume that it doesn’t get to "relocate" the turn it is deployed? i.e. the ship deploying the droid will have a higher initiative in the system phase so by the time it is deployed the chance to move the Droid has passed? Or does the game see the droid and the next lowest initiative ship/device gets to activate its system phase action? DERP ignore me totally missed the fact your deploy the droids at the end phase
  13. Simple answer yes. Cards like Sense etc. offer a relatively unique counter to Initiative 6 ships with a bid that really don't have any pre-existing counters. Typically speaking high initiative ships with a bid get more value from the bid than the total cost of the bid, otherwise you would just spend the points on upgrades that give you more value so that's not disputable. allowing the lower initiative ships to see where a high initiative ship is intending to go flips the tables on the opponent who is expecting to have perfect knowledge of opposing ships when those high initiative ships activate. I will say that currently there are only a few of these types of effects and that is a good thing, however with more being added that have a similar affect on future knowledge i.e. Passive sensors it could get to the point where the value of higher initiative is washed away completely and we go back to generic swarms filling the board. so in general having these effects is a good thing, but it would be better if they didn't become too widely available.
  14. Mace Windu

    Rebel ARCs?

    notably there are 2 104st tiles in the republic ARC expansion so the rebel dials are good to practice with if you want to play multiple arcs without buying them straight away for a republic list.
  15. I think the point increase was too much, there is as of wave 3 only 4 ships that can actually use the Tac Officer, the Escape Craft, Deci, U-Wing and the Reaper. The Escape Craft was most prominent prior to the January points change in terms of playable ships and frankly that’s because the escape craft was better than a Z95 as a filler ship in lists that used them, the tac officer was just gravy. The reaper came and went, sitting on the sidelines most of the time getting a little play but nothing significant The U-Wing and its recent success appears to be the reason for the disproportionate price rise with Cassian being a meta staple the last few months, but if not for Leia crew arguably the U-wing wouldn't be so prevalent and tac officer wasn’t a crucial part of that plan but again mainly gravy. Deci's, much to my sadness, just haven't been top tier in 2.0 at all. Tac officer was one of the few crew that didn’t blow out their already overcosted chassis. When I saw the latest point changes initially I was grateful that RAC came down another 4 points only to see those gains swiftly cut off at the knees with the 4 point increase on Tac Officer, basically voiding the deduction in the first place. Unless the resistance transport is too busted with Tac officer I just don’t see it being viable anymore, sadly a victim of the Rebel beef cull.
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