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  1. Jason: You have nailed it! But I am going to withdraw from further comments, replies, or criticism of CoC. Too many folks are obviously enjoying it, and I don't want to be a "downer" on their game. Perhaps in the future they will come out with new rules and I will be able to play and enjoy. Dep
  2. jhaelen: White the people answering the questions on MTGO may not and probably are not the people who created the cards or the game, their answers HAVE to accurately reflect the actions of the cards, or they wouldn't make any sense. And they DO. The answers on this forum are totally dependent on each individual's OPINION of what a cards says to do. That's a different situation entirely. You literally have hundreds of opinions with hundreds of variations of game play for EACH GAME.. Jason: That harks back to the "flexibility" thing and if you are willing to accept an answer because it makes things "easier" or "more playable" or fits in with what you like and not necessarily what the game rules are. Might as well just toss the rulebook and base the whole game on whatever the players want the rules to be. If you find that acceptable, then that's cool. I don't.
  3. Jason: I understand the "it's just a game" thing. Only thing that really pees me off is I bought a lot of supporting cards because it looked like this game had a lot of promise. And I guess it you are flexible to the point of not really caring if there are hard and set rules, it COULD be fun for some folks. But flipping a coin just doesn't cut it for me. And asking on the forums seems the equivalent of flipping a coin. I find it both surprising and disappointing that a game this popular depends on ONE person for rules explanation. Sure would be easier to just write a decent rule book and end all this confusion. I mean this game HAS been out for quite a while now. Seems that by now someone would have made a suggestion to the powers-that-be to retire the current mess of a rule book and go back to the drawing boards.
  4. I've been playing since it first started up. If there is a "tricky card interaction" you can easily get an answer to it by people who KNOW what the true answer is, not an interpretation from fellow players. That makes all the difference. Not saying sometimes a card description or it's actual effect never comes as a surprise, but it IS explained by consulting the experts who really know the answer.
  5. Well the game was so confusing I just gave up on it. Yes, I could have probably "interpreted" the rules and come up with a variation of the game that may or may not have been what the designers intended, but I am not into playing that kind of game. I need some clear, precise, hard-set rules that I can refer to if I have a question, not rules that are 100% open to interpretation and can change depending on WHO you are playing the game with. An example of a game of that type is Magic the Gathering Online. If there is confusion in the procedures shown on the cards, you have experts online you can ask for immediate clarifications. And the rules apply equally to everyone every time you play the game. What surprises me is the makers of this game are most likely aware of the problem with the rules and haven't made any attempt to clarify them. I would gladly BUY a book that explained the exact detail of how to play if it was available. But instead they depend on folks who are helpful online but NOT always available for consultation. Am I supposed to bring along a laptop computer every time I go somewhere where I don't have access to these folks? Do I have to sign on my own computer before starting every game in case a question comes up that nobody knows the answer to? Has this game morphed into a combination offline/online card game? That hardly sounds like a fun evening.
  6. The topic of the thread may be a strong opinion, but I posted it because, at the time, my frustration level was quite high. The frustration has morphed into disappointment that they are STILL selling this game with these confusing and obtuse rules. I mean even the FAQ they put out doesn't really resolve much. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to like this game. I am a big fan of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. This game COULD blow away Magic The Gathering, but it seems to handicap itself. Go read the complaints on Amazon and other websites about this game. I bought it IN SPITE of the complaints. But now I see that many of them are correct. Maybe they need to get a guy to write the rulebook that HASN'T been playing the game for years and doesn't already know all the ins and outs of the game. That way it would be clearer and more descriptive and he would know what newbs would be asking. I don't want to play this game with a computer on the game table so that I can keep referencing different mechanics that are left out of the manual. For the price this game sells for, and the number of years it has been available, there is no excuse for having a rulebook that is so incomplete and confusing.
  7. Thank you. I wish the rules would have said that. I appreciate the quick reply. Dep
  8. I really want to like this game, but it seems the makers do everything in their power to make it challenging before play even begins. The rulebook is as confusing as the videos on YouTube. For example...on page 6 of the rulebook under #3 Domains "Each player takes three cards that are not being used in this game and places them face-down next to his deck." Great...WHERE are these cards supposed to come from???? Is the player supposed to LOOK at these cards or not? If he is allowed to look at them, how should he choose which cards to use? Is it okay to use story cards? Icon cards? Unique cards? Conspiracy cards? Event cards? C'mon designers, throw us a bone. The rules are supposed to HELP people, not confuse them. We shouldn't need to call in the old gods to decipher rules.
  9. LOL..for sure it will get some Cthulhu decals on it.
  10. I was wondering if anyone used a mechanical shuffler to shuffle their cards? I have diabetes and along with that, diabetic neuropathy, which makes shuffling cards almost impossible. Just manipulating them in my hands is a challenge. So I was thinking a mechanical card shuffler might be a good idea. I've looked at the electric ones on Amazon, but most of them get negative comments. So I found an old Nestor Johnson manual card shuffler from back in the good ol' days on E-Bay and I won that. Here's a pic: Price was $34.99 but it is in almost new condition. And it's made in USA and from my old hometown of Chicago. Dep
  11. Thanks Yipe. Answered my question completely.
  12. On the FFG website it says "Secrets of Arkham introduces a ten-card story deck that provides a different play experience than the story deck from the Core Set, and its 150 player cards (three copies each of fifty different cards) explore the terrors of H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional New England." However, the set for sale on Amazon says "This 110-card expansion also contains two copies of 50 different cards..." So which is it? Two copies of 50 or 3 copies of 50?
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