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  1. There is a limit: It is the sum of comand points of your heroes. Only when playing with only one regiment on each side, the resulting two command cards in an army feel somewhat bland. Thus a houserule came up in Bright Wizard's game group helps here: 3 cards on hand, but only two may be played each round. I like that a lot by the way.
  2. a.) Yes, you may move over friendly units and it does not stop your movement. Keep in mind though, that Impact will also affect friendly units. Yes that is a change to the original Diskwars. b.) Melee and Impact damage is physical. Resistance against physical damage will help against melee and Impact damage.
  3. Just recovered from laughing... thank you sir, that just made my day... and is an excellent idea by the way.
  4. Yes indeed; do not pin your own disc unless absolutely necessary!
  5. You seem to sugest, that with relentless/impact combo 2 flips should suffice to get a double impact, like this: - Pin disk the first time -> Impact - Flip up to 90 degrees, turn disk around and pin disk second time -> Impact That will not work because of the following rule (p.21): A disk cannot deal impact damage to a disk it was already pinning prior to flipping. So to do double impact damage to the same disk you have to take at least three flips: - Pin disk the first time -> Impact - Flip so that you do not pin the enemy - Flip back onto the enemy -> Impact
  6. And as an added bonus you can groom them to play Diskwars with you when you're grey and old
  7. You have my comiseration! Short: 3 inch Medium: +4 inch Long: +5 inch
  8. I had a piec of blue carpet in the basement that i have cut to size. i would have liked a green one, but blue actually makes a real nice contrast to the disks. Works extremely well.
  9. Just to complete the picture: In addition Page 3 says : Rules and clarifications that are only used during the learning scenario are marked with a * icon. And the quote from page 7 has no *. (But that just might be an omission, although i do not think so.)
  10. I am not sure i understand your question! You first agree on the number of regiments. You then choose that number of distinct heroes from either Order or Destruction. You then buy a regiment for each of these heroes from that heroes' race and points. I hope that clears it up a bit!
  11. We have played with one, two and three regiments: One regiment is not really worth setting up, but a nice way to showcase the game if you do not want the tutorial from the rules. Two regiments ist the bread and butter of this game and will probably be it's standard. Three regiments is probably the most intense experience, but the game takes quite a while longer. If you have got the time, i encourage you to try it out!
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