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  1. LankyOgre

    New Player Character Advice

    Like I said, this is my first time making a Star Wars character and planning out a progression. I thought you could only have one career, but it looks like you have a couple suggested? And are classes a thing? I need to reread the character creation chapter. It seems I'm having trouble figuring out the flow of this one as quickly. I think the only class-based with open leveling game that I have played before is PP's IKRPG and HordesRPG. Is this similar?
  2. I am starting to play in my first Forces & Destiny campaign. I have played a bit of EotE, especially the beginner box and some premise characters. I’m not very fluent with advancing characters and F&D specifically though. I was thinking of playing a soldier/bodyguard type character that can use the Force to predict danger and avoid getting hit, kind of like a Spidey-sense. He will develop more Force abilities later. I’m not familiar with the specific options though, to know what will be available later. I want to start off wearing heavier armor, like Boba Fett or the ARC troopers, and use a blaster. Will starting off like this hamstring me later on? Is there a way to be a Force user in armor with a blaster, or is lightsaber just that much better?
  3. LankyOgre

    How Heavy are the Rules?

    As the person who will be GMing, this is promising. I can easily fall into the trap of looking at too many rules, but knowing what the players want, I can steer to the other side. I'm definitely going to insist that we start with pregens, no matter what we do. About half the group is experienced, but the other half are fairly new and have little desire to pore over chapter after chapter looking for abilities and choices. In some ways this is a surprisingly helpful answer. In general, I would say that the systems that are lighter or less complex, I.e. Savage Worlds, also weigh less. Pathfinder, on the other hand, would take a forklift to move every single book. I ran a pair of demos and played in a Free RPG day scenario, and the dice system seemed surprisingly easy to pick up. I'm glad to hear that it doesn't get too complicated after the beginner box.
  4. I picked up the GM guide, beginner game, and core book when they came out, but I haven't had a chance to actually run the game. From what I've read through, the game looks like a lot of fun. The dice looks like a hurdle, but I've seen that it's easy to get over once you start playing. I'm part of a group that is looking for a new game. We played Pathfinder for a bit, but it was too Rules Heavy during play and too many options during character creation. How do the various Star Wars games relate? It looks almost as heavy in character creation, but the gameplay looks lighter. Is that accurate?