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  1. Minis Wishlist

    On the bottom left. Just have to wait for Sanctum of Twilight…
  2. MoM2 is also very easy to learn — even very young or very casual players get that they can do two things on their turn, the illustrated rooms and the minis make it pretty obvious what is currently happening and if one person on the table knows the rules a bit, the rest of the players really don't need much of an explanation or preparation. Just grab a character that appeals to you and poke things in that creepy mansion. That is why MoM2 has become my go to game with people who might enjoy a board game, but don't like complex rules or complex strategies. It's also great with kids. It probably means that I have played MoM2 more often with more different people than every other game in my collection. And I find that playing a scenario that I know in and out with new people makes it interesting again.
  3. Lovecraft did not like Hitler and the German Nazi movement that much. But at his time, the choice seemed to be between communism, capitalism and fascism. Lovecrafts main concern with political systems was culture, rational progress and science. And he felt that communism (where an enraged mob of the uneducated poor mindlessly destroyed cultural treasures they could not comprehend) and capitalism (where a creative thinker like himself was forced to waste his time earning money to buy food and pay the rent) where detrimental to things like science, technology and literature. So he had high hopes for fascist ideas: atheism, progress, rational distribution of resources, efficient hierarchies and organization, social darwinism, racial and cultural segregation, swift execution of plans, meritocracy etc. That is what he imagined when he describes the science fiction-y society of the Yithians in "The Shadow Out of Time": And sonon. Nazi Germany was not really what H.P. envisioned: the militarism, the dumb language, the hatred and aggression, the spectacularly bad taste. But I guess he hoped that when crazyness was over, something better could emerge. And yes, he never knew about a second world war or nazi atrocities. But in a typical Lovecraft story, I don't see that just being a nazi would disqualify a character from being the good guy. Even if he were cruel or ridiculous, he'd still be the human and not a monstet or the cosmic horror…
  4. Questions

    On p. 27 of the Rules Reference it says: Sefina's Character card says: The first sentence makes it clear that the "Draw opening hands" rules apply. The following text replaces specific parts of those rules — you draw 13 cards instead of the usual 5 cards, you cannot mulligan. The rest of the rules (only the weakness part) remains untouched and still applies to the game.
  5. Any kind of game would be thinkable with the AH IP, from match-3 timewasters and point-and-click adventures to MMORPGs and 3d shooters. But if the digital LOTR LCG takes off, I guess we could see a digital Version of the AH TCG with simpler, streamlined rules…
  6. Uhm, if it is a Lovecraft story, why would the protagonist fight nazis at all? H.P. was a big fan of fascism and national-socialist ideas and some SS-Ahnenerbe researcher could have easily been a protagonist. There even is one story, The Temple, were an Imperial German u-boat commander, "Karl Heinrich, Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein" is the main character. Lovecraft depicts him as a murderous **** (H.P. liked white supremacy and benevolent totalitarism, not Germans sinking English ships), but also admirably disciplined and strong-willed.
  7. When Cthulhu is your Problem, Nazis won't be much of a Priority. Also the Arkham Horror IP is set in the 1920s, afaik, no Nazis there. Perhaps the Achtung! Cthulhu games, where NS Germany allies with the Mythos in a lovecraftian "Weird War" setting, are more what you're looking for? But I would like to see Farmhouses and other outdoor locations compatible with the Call of the Wild tiles…
  8. Both Rougarou and Carnevale can take a couple of hours, especially with four players. Especially Carnevale can also be very short, if it is not going well. You can find additional royalty free atmospheric music at In any case, when you plan your lighting, don't overdo it. Atmosphere is nice, but you still have to be able to see all the cards on the table and in your hand clearly, otherwise the game will take even longer. You could try some "poker table" setup with a bright lamp with an opaque shade overhead and put some lighting effects into the shadow surrounding the table. LED wax candles with a convincing "flickering flame" effect can also look spooky, especially when deployed in larger numbers. There are lots of Halloween- or Cthulhu-themed food ideas to be found online. For props, it should be possible to find cheap copies of the four types of carnival masks. For the infected player in Rougarou, fake plastic fangs may be corny, but also more fun when people try to talk with them.
  9. La era olvidada

    Hmm, "a plan is put into motion that could undo the fabric of time" — there are not a lot of Mythos entities that fit this. Probably not Yog-Sothoth since we just saw it in Dunwich. Azathoth? Nyarlathotep? Yithians? This Syzygy "Ancient One" from Eldritch Horror?
  10. La era olvidada

    Could be, but it does not sound like Marie Lambeau is a good fit, thematically…
  11. We live in a time of lots and lots of great games. I doubt that something like the attractiveness of the main cast would keep people from playing the game at all. But with limited time to play, you have to choose. And, at least for me, when picking from a choice of great games, theme, artwork, components and characters can matter a lot. Right from where I'm sitting right now, I see a lot of games on my shelves that I really enjoyed, that I would love to play right now and that I haven't touched in years. Because, come game night, other games are always just that bit more appealing…
  12. So far every cycle seems to be the equivalent to closing one Portal in AH or EH, only in more detail. It starts in Arkham, where all the characters are based. It ends with the presence of some Ancient One from some alien world. Whatever we will have to face, I guess this outline will stay the same.
  13. As indicated, those novels should be taken *** grano salis. They go far beyond mere character backgrounds, having investigators meet each other, fight epic Mythos threats and sometimes go insane or die. They do not tell you more about the characters you play, but instead play a whole scenario for you, grisly end and all. But the Lodge is definitely not harmless. If you look at their Call of Cthulhu LCG cards, they have an awful lot of daggers and sacrificing characters going on.
  14. It is not the job of an app to suppress system notifications. The whole point of these is that you see relevant alarms and information while doing something completely unrelated. If you do not want to see notifications, the correct way to go is to turn on the "do not disturb" mode. Just open the quick settings and pick a dnd option. The exact options depend on the android version but two or so taps should take care of it.
  15. Night of the Zealot Redux

    As long as new content will be released as usual, I'm excited to return to known content in an extended version, just like I enjoy watching the director's cut of movies I've already seen in the theatre.