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  1. Quickbuilds also allow for a more manageable sort of "sealed deck" play that we could only kludge together in 1E.
  2. Why won't Howlrunner kiss any TIE Defender pilots? Bad Brath.
  3. Oh man- what would the gyro torque be like if only three of those were firing at a time?
  4. Anyone up for a friendly game of X-Wing at GenCon? I know there are lots of events and scenarios and so on, but for those of us who didn't get into any of them... anyone up for a game? Drop me a line here or on Twitter (@boardgametweets).
  5. I'll be at GenCon. I'm not a podcaster. Find me on Twitter, I guess, if you're up for a game (dclr42).
  6. superdave

    Favorite target?

    I also feel like I have to put Biggs here. But I do get a happy dance when Carnor Jax ("CAAAARNOR JAAAAX!") dies. I'm glad I don't see that monster very often anymore.
  7. I intended more of the second- what ships require a lot of skill to reach their full potentials?- but it looks like discussion is taking both into account. :-)
  8. What do you think are the hardest ships to fly? I've heard the TIE Phantom described as pretty challenging, and I know arc-dodging with some ships can be very demanding as well. What are the ships you find most difficult to fly to their full potential?
  9. Well, you could always weld the cockpit tube from a second Jumpy on top of the first one.... (Gigahorse) Cool idea and good concept so far!
  10. What about those turns when your dice just work and you don't need to spend the tokens (barring Hotshot Co-Pilot, of course)?
  11. Thematic: Smuggling Compartment + Chewbacca crew Gameplay: Sabine crew + Extra Munitions A-Wing Test Pilot + Push the Limit?
  12. Doesn't the C-ROC have some kind of ray shielding?
  13. For those who may not want to open the video: Quickdraw + Expertise + Fire Control + Spec Ops + Pattern Analyzer + Lightweight Frame Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay Col. Vessery + Crack Shot + TIE/x7 + Twin Ion Engine Mk 2
  14. Ketsu Onyo and Shadow Caster didn't seem to work properly in this game.
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