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  1. Is his ability used before or after the die is cast...? Because if he can change the die roll your spell should be first since it's before the die roll. Fair play definitely says you can cast although he tried to steal your opportunity to do so. Among friends that shouldn't be a problem. If both have the same wording (before rolling) then this shouldn't be a problem because he should be able to state his action in a way that you can't intercept and even if he doesn't I agree with Bludgeon that the active player can choose.
  2. The difference between the belt and a sword is that you can use the sword only in battle and magic belt at anytime you do a strength check (i.e. in battle or when opening the portal of power). You lose the extra strength counter if you lose any object. Unicorn works like the belt. Add at anytime but if you lose the unicorn you lose the counters as well.
  3. After a few months with too much to do I've finally found the time to read through everything posted and I've to say that you all have done some amazing work. It looks awesome! I'm really sorry I missed playtesting but I'm looking forward to try it when it's ready. So there will be 2 pods nowith if I understand everything correctly..? Realms untraveled is a good name. I was thinking 'Uncharted corners' when reading through the posts so I thought I throw it out here just too add something to the discussion. ? Is there anything else that needs to be done? Because I've suddenly found myself with too much time instead of too little... ?
  4. Rigmaster

    5th Edition

    I would like to see them using the Cataclysm board as base board and expansions built around it. That would be interesting.
  5. For whatever it's worth I think you're doing the right thing!
  6. Still I don't think there are any other random draws from the purchase deck. Perhaps that's the change that he to be done. Pick 1 card from the (Base game) purchase deck. As for the first part I can accept that. I just wanted to know that it was intended.
  7. Am I missing something or should it be possible to reach the forge or village at the same turn you enter the lost realms. Seems a bit cheap to me. Perhaps we can have the turn end when entering and before moving next turn (if not escaping) you have to draw the cards. Perhaps it's just me and should be left as it is. And again, why a random draw from a deck with the cards sorted (purchase deck)? Can't we let the player draw a quest (or questions reward) so that the purchase desk doesn't have to be mixed? Otherwise it certainly seems interesting to try it.
  8. Looking good. Apart from the Dungeon typo already mentioned I only have one thought. In the movement examples, which sounds correct to me, you use characters that aren't part of the 'required expansions' to use the Lost realms. This might be nothing but I find it a bit inconsistent and would, if possible' have them exchanged for basegame, Highland or woodland characters. Great work!
  9. This might be the best thing I've read all day!
  10. I have one thought for each space. I think free draw is a bit boring but I also think that you should draw 1 forge item. Perhaps a twist for the space can be a d6 roll as well. Roll 1 die to help the blacksmith: 1: miss your next turn and draw 1 forge card 2-4: draw 1 forge card 5-6: gain 2 gold and draw 1 forge card Then move to the adjacent woods. I would also like to bring up the idea to sacrifice trophies again for the elder village. You can sacrif 1 trophy and each trophy point adds 1 to your roll (so a dragon str 7 adds 7 to your roll and a demon craft 10 adds 10). Roll 2 dice: 2-6: gain you full complement of spells 7-12: gain 1 strength or one craft 12+: gain 1 destiny Otherwise I think an unmodified roll might be the way to go.
  11. Sounds nice. Perhaps the discard can be when you attack another character instead, whether you use the gloves (in that battle or psychic combat) or not. After the combat is resolved, of course. Then it's not about taking a life from a character but having evil intents towards it. Goes with your lore part as well. I also agree that trinket is enough of a bonus. And the name of the expansion works as well. Although deep realms is also good and is more than a working title in my mind.
  12. I would say it's there because you usually can't voluntarily discard cursed objects (or followers) and this is an exception to that rule.
  13. Interesting question. I can certainly see where you're going it has this. I also dislike the teleport option through the inner region and would like to agree with this. I've to run this through my gaming group.
  14. Puzzles are a prominent part of Mansions of Madness experience, starting with the core box of first edition. I guess you haven't done your homework if you weren't prepared for this.Have you read through the puzzle examples in Learn To Play guide? That's just rude... try answering the question instead. Rude or not, the truth is the truth. Indeed. I wasn't complaining about the message. Just the way it was delivered.
  15. First print of the Crown of command model. A bit of work left but I think will turn out quite nice. Thanks Leavon.
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