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    KtuluCaller reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    Thanks for your kind words. As always it's a great pleasure to interact with this fantastic community and provide support.
    It is indeed very likely that this is the last version of the CRRG. Maybe I will add some minor "community errata" later on, but I would like to keep those at a minimum.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to edgeseeker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I third those questions! 😀
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    KtuluCaller reacted to MercuryMike in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second those questions as well 🙂
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    KtuluCaller reacted to any2cards in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the future of Descent ...
    Will FFG ever produce the missing 12 Heroes from D1e for D2e?
    Will there be any further development for D2e (*** NOT *** for the app, but physical content)?
    Will there be a D3e?
    EDIT: Why is the D2e Quest Vault and its various issues, bugs, etc. completely ignored?  It started as BETA about 5+ years ago, and continues in that state today.  There would be far more community development for the game if the software simply worked.  There is already an extensive bug report thread for the vault, so all it takes is someone at FFG to pay attention.  If you don't want to maintain it anymore, would you be willing to provide access to the code, so that the community could host it and maintain it?
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Felin in FFG's AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Don't forget to like the questions you want answered !
    The more we 'support' the questions the more FFG can see what we expect from them ... and who knows : make them do new content for us if they judge that there is enought people who will buy .... 😉
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    KtuluCaller reacted to any2cards in FFG's AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I posted questions for D2e within the pre-thread for FFG's AMA with Andrew Navaro (6th post) ...
    Here is a link:
    Andrew Navaro's AMA
    I suggest if you really are interested in hearing about FFG's future plans for D2e, we get as many forum users to post about this as possible ... and/or simply like my post ...
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    KtuluCaller reacted to TalisDiorn in Lost Legends is comming   
    According to Cardhaus Games' newsletter, it will release this Thursday, June 20.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Bucho in Lost Legends is comming   
    June 21st according to amazon!
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    KtuluCaller reacted to any2cards in Lost Legends is comming   
    So is Christmas ...
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) is a comprehensive resource for all Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rules. In its current form it features:
    Rules from the base game and all released expansion boxes (except the print-on-demand expansions) Rules for Road to Legend including The Delve in separate text boxes Official Errata and FAQ published by FFG (oFAQ, version 1.6) and approximately 400 unoffical FAQs (uFAQs) to specific player questions integrated into the text. Visual examples for “Movement”, “Line of Sight” and “Special Situations in Combat” Tables with overviews on the content of Descent expansions An index with hyperlinks and page numbers When I started this project (in an over-enthusiastic and fairly naive way), I never imagined the time and effort it would cost. I also never imagined what I would learn on the way. And I definitely never imagined the help and the encouragement I would receive from friendly, dedicated and generally fantastic people who I would get to know. I cannot thank you guys and gals enough for this. For me personally, this project is as much about the journey and the things that I experienced on the way, as it is about the final product. And, in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.

    Download: http://crrg.descent-community.org
    I am planning to update and improve the CRRG. I need the help of the community for this. Please use this thread to report errors, typos and additional uFAQs not yet included in the CRRG. Other comments are highly appreciated as well.  
    Many thanks to Zaltyre, any2cards and Atom4geVampire for their continuous support.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Sadgit in The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) Project   
    Glad that you guys like it.
    Most of the work is actually completed and currently the reference guide is at 76 pages. And yes, it was more or less a full time job for several weeks. In addition to the rules of all available expansions (excluding the co-ops) and RtL, I have integrated more than 350 unofficial FAQ from FFG into the text.
    At the moment, I am doing proof-reading and modifying smaller things while waiting for FFG to answer a couple of E-mails. Furthermore, Zaltryre offered to open up his private cache of FFG answers to let me get the ones that I have not found on the boards.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to leewroy in Physical Expansions???   
    Can't stop beg for an expasion with desert theme. Giant scorpions, mummies, genies and stuff
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    KtuluCaller reacted to alexbobspoons in Physical Expansions???   
    Indoor pyramid catacombs....outdoor deserts, oasis and encampments..... could be suck lovelly tiles
    Anubis type creatures, scarabs, carion.. ohhh could be so great
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    KtuluCaller reacted to DAMaz in New info on Chains the Rust   
    Except that the card targets servants and not the scourge. So you could basically use the ravenflock summon card which summons in the OL turn.
    It's still true that the card is very expensive, but given the fact it can be used on every servant can make this card bordering OP.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Zaltyre in Road to legend   
    I'm not so sure. It is true that this app in no way hinders the ability of anyone to continue to play Descent how is or her group prefers. However, it may suggest a new direction for the development of new content for Descent. For example, I assume overlord cards have no place whatsoever in this app. If development shifts to content created primarily for use with Road to Legend, it's conceivable that there will be fewer overlord classes developed. This app need not mean the end of overlord content (the recent release of "Mists of Bilehall" in fact shows a lot of love for the overlord) but it's a legitimate concern.
    I think this app looks interesting, and I'm looking forward to its release. I've had the experience recently of playing Descent with someone who generally doesn't enjoy the overlord/hero competition. He dislikes playing as a hero and waiting for everyone else to take their turns, and feels victimized as an overlord. I understand his frustration, but we see Descent very differently, and appreciate different things about it. However, I think he (and others in my group) could really enjoying playing Descent using Road to Legend.
    As I've said before, the overlord/hero dynamic is the best part of Descent in my opinion- it's what makes Descent worth playing (for me). This app could be rich, engaging, and fun- but its very reason for existence is to remove the aforementioned dynamic. Therefore, if (a giant, potentially unsubstantiated "if") this app represents Descent's future at the expense of overlord content, that's just unfortunate. If, on the other hand, this app exists alongside "traditional" Descent content, then it's a welcome realm of new possibility.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Scharpes in My painted figures   
    Thought I will also do another post.
    Verminous. Great model, not 100% happy how what was supposed to be "muddy water" turned out, but well..

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    KtuluCaller reacted to Budapest in Road to legend   
    Descent 2nd Ed is one of my all time favorite games but getting it on the table is tough. I don't have a lot of free time and when I get together with my board gaming friends we usually decide on a game together. Once in a while we play Descent but usually only one quest. Other times we play other games. The one person I get to play games with a lot is my wife. Playing Descent 1v1 doesn't work with us, but we do play co-op (both official and Redjak's). An app seems ideal for the player who really needs the co-op to get it on the table at all and has a very busy life.
    If you're fortunate enough to have a regular game group that will play a whole campaign more power to you. I'm envious. I'm not quite that fortunate. An app that streamlines co-op descent means I get to play more of the game I love, even if it's not in its "truest" form. Having played all of the official co-ops, I am very much looking forward to the next co-op FFG comes up with. Having that co-op as an app is a very big added bonus.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Indalecio in Road to legend   
    Been trying to digest the news since this morning, but I am still chocked by the announcement. I am truly wondering what FFG are doing here again. What is their vision of this game? Is it to split the community in two, the old school guys and the new generation way of playing? How can you possibly reconcile that? Making the public broader by surfing the wave of trendy apps definitely feels like a purely commercial approach. Opening the wallet for data with a finite lifespan is not always trivial either.
    I´m going to ignore this completely, for the better of the tradition me and my playgroups have been trying to hold on to. Once every week we leave our computers, phones and tablets to come and sit down, chat, speak to each other and play a board game. That's not being old-school, that's being considerate of the environment we live in and try to take some distance sometimes from the omnipresent audiovisual. Games with apps is just the opposite of what we are trying to do. So yeah, Descent was the name of that experience and from now on we´ll have to try to ignore that FFG are trying to throw it in a completely different direction. A bit like some music star you have been a huge fan of until that person claimed something completely contrary to your beliefs in public. Yeah that's how I feel right now.
    App-based games are also cool the first few times, and then you realize that you rely on electronic to save your progress, roll your own dices, draw your own cards, then you need to update it, make sure you have power in it so it doesn't go poof in the middle of a game, etc. Cannot people do other things than click on things? That's my view of board gaming with apps, feel free to disagree for all I care FFG.
    Then, even worse than that, I find mind-blowing that because of this announcement we suddenly have a few major problems with the game, like: the role of Overlord is now controvertial. Exploration has always been lacking. We did not have any tool for organizing expansions and campaigns, etc. Seriously?
    I predict a Monopoly Descent next year and even a Yatzee version. Keeeewl !
    Now it's fine if people feel more confortable not having an overlord, but then play another game. Why would FFG need to feel forced to provide an overlord-less version of the game? I design a game and then I break it into pieces to satisfy the masses? Don't designers have any respect for their own product?
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Omnislash024 in Road to legend   
    I don't have a tablet... and I really can't imagine either using my phone or switching to the P.C. to run any campaigns. It LOOKS cool in retrospect, But if I have to have a tablet running to enjoy a tabletop experience, i don't know how much I would like it. I'm intrigued though. 
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Atom4geVampire in Road to legend   
    Finally got a better look at the trailer. From what is shown so far it doesn't look too much like a campaign tracker, but more like an automatic overlord.
    There is no mention of tracking any of the currently campaigns, they just show the app 'tracking' the campaigns played in the app.
    So I'm not too worried at the moment
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Omnislash024 in Grisban   
    Party Foul- Spill one beer all over game tiles. All players are affected by the condition "Spilled beer". Resume game once table has been wiped down.
    *yes, this actually happened*. 
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    KtuluCaller reacted to vendettarock in Rusted Handaxe question   
    Hi asked FFG too.

    This is the answer:
    After attack dice are rolled, the hero using the Rusted Handaxe may suffer multiple fatigue to reroll multiple power dice. A rerolled die could not be rerolled again using this ability.   Thanks for playing,
    Kara Centell-Dunk

    Thanks you guys for ur thoughts
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    KtuluCaller got a reaction from Zaltyre in Rusted Handaxe question   
    Yes, I think simultaneous re-rolling is more likely to be allowed.  Below are the questions I emailed to FFG yesterday, via their generic contact form on their website.  If they don't result in answers that clear everything up on our end, I'll ask again.
    I have two related questions about an item in Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition: the Rusted Handaxe. The card says: "After you roll attack dice, you may suffer 1 fatigue token to reroll 1 power die" By default, an attack with this weapon rolls one blue attack die and one green power die.
    1) Can the attacker suffer multiple fatigue tokens to re-roll the green power die multiple times?
    2) There are other cards which can be used to add more power die to the attack roll. In such a case, can the attacker suffer multiple fatigue tokens to re-roll multiple different power dice? 
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Steve-O in New Descent RPG Expansion!   
    Keep in mind that the majority of this thread was from over two years ago.  The OP (SexyWitchKing) has made exactly 3 posts in these forums, all of which are here in this thread.
    I wouldn't hold my breath on a response.
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    KtuluCaller reacted to Alarmed in Lieutenants Resting?   
    "Little help here", he called to the goblins scampering about "I 've fallen and I can't get up!"
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