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  1. Thanks! (insert wicked, evil laughter...muuuhahahaaaaa)
  2. If Sir Palamon (in Castle Daerion) ends his turn next to a master Broodwalker, is he defeated? I assume yes, since he is a "hero figure." Thanks.
  3. Thanks, both of you. I assume you are referring to page 28 at that link, which I assume is based on page 2 of the FFG FAQ. I really appreciate all of your knowledge over the years.
  4. Does the overlord draw a card for defeating a figure treated as hero (e.g., reanimate, a villager in Castle Daerion encounter 1, etc.)? Thank you
  5. Does anyone happen to know the encounter(s) that has (have) the largest map? That is, which of all official (i.e., non-user-created) encounters has (have) the most spaces, summed across all of the map tiles in the encounter(s)?
  6. I can hardly wait! Lorekeeper looks incredibly powerful.
  7. To continue quoting MP's comedic genius: "Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad, Other things just make you swear and curse, When you're chewing life's gristle, Don't grumble, Give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best. And... Always look on the bright side of life. [whistle] Always look on the light side of life. [whistle] ........"
  8. "And there was much rejoicing. Yey!" they might also release another preview soon.
  9. The card reads "Exhaust this card when you place a monster as a reinforcement. Place 1 minion monster with 4 or less Health from the same monster group in an empty space adjacent to that monster, respecting group limits." Two questions: 1.) Suppose I have such a minion that was already on the map prior to the placement of the reinforcement. Can I apply this card to it? 2.) Suppose minions of this monster group have a Health on their card of 4 or less, and I still have less than the minion group limit (on the board) if I include the reinforcement. Can I place a "new" minion on the board as described (adjacent to the reinforcement)? Thanks!
  10. If playing as overlord with 4 people/heroes, I recommend something like the following for presenting options for heroes, once you have enough expansions. I think it strikes a good balance between lack of variety and hero overload, and adds a bit of chance/excitement to hero selection. Before gaming 1) Think about the personalities of the 4 people, as much as you know and might be relevant to the upcoming game. What "type of people" are they? What "type of people" do they want to be? What do they do for fun? 2) Select 6 heroes of each archetype, such that, for each hero, you think that at least one of the people might like to play as that hero (given your pondering in #1 ) 3) Put the Warriors and Mages in one opaque bag, the Scouts and Healers in another opaque bag. Start of gaming 4) Read an overall campaign/quest intro or something like it. Then tell the people that they are about to determine which heroes "heard the intro" and would be ready to embark on the campaign/quest . 5) Ask a volunteer(s) to pick 6 heroes from each bag. Once they're picked, state that these are the heroes which heard about the campaign and are ready to take it on :-). 6) Let the people choose their 4 heroes from any of the 12 that were picked in #5. For monsters/shop cards/conditions, I think more variety is almost always better, even if the people are new to Descent.
  11. Thanks. Yeah, I also see this on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1205209/chaos-beasts-morph-ability What threw me off was the "use" and the "figure's other abilities". To me, abilities on a weapon are not the "figure's". But then again, "just the dice" is pretty definitive. “When this monster attacks, it uses the dice of a figure (overlord's choice) in its line of sight. If a hero is chosen, the overlord may choose which of the hero's equipped weapon to use. The monster cannot use any of the figure's other abilities, just the dice.”
  12. Hi all, Just played for the first time with the Chaos Beasts, and a couple questions came up. Suppose the Master Chaos Beast uses a melee weapon of a hero for its attack (via its Morph ability): Does the target of the attack need to be adjacent to this Master Chaos Beast? In other words, does the Ranged Attack icon on its card only apply when its attack does not use a melee weapon of a hero? Can it still use Sorcery to convert range that is rolled to damage? Thanks!
  13. Or like when Metallica did Load...or dare I say the black album? ;-) I agree with Indalecio and mattflow and play Descent for the same reasons. Maybe it's because I have been staring at a monitor for literally 25-50% of the past decade.
  14. I use a LoS houserule: "from any corner to the center of the target space". I don't find this to add substantial time to the gameplay, and I think it reduces the advantage that ranged attacks have over melee attacks. I also abide the second question/answer on page 3 of the FAQ dated 1/18/2016.
  15. Glad you like the game, DarkQc! Have you asked your friend what aspects of the game he or she likes/dislikes? My suggestion is to buy items that you know your friend will like: that way they stay interested in the game, as much as you are. If your friend want more heroes, the cheapest way to add heroes is with a hero and monster pack, and the most exciting set of heroes from H&Ms are in Bonds of the Wild. BoW also has a very fun/pesky monster group called kobolds. If your friend wants more monsters, I would also go with an H&M. To me, the most "classical" set of monsters can be found in Visions of Dawn, which has trolls and ogres. It also has two Warrior-type heroes and one Healer, to balance out Bonds of the Wild if you purchase both (BoW has two Scouts and two Mages).
  16. Steve-O is back! It's been a while since I've seen you post! But then again, I haven't been reviewing as much lately...
  17. Yes, I think simultaneous re-rolling is more likely to be allowed. Below are the questions I emailed to FFG yesterday, via their generic contact form on their website. If they don't result in answers that clear everything up on our end, I'll ask again. -------------------- I have two related questions about an item in Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition: the Rusted Handaxe. The card says: "After you roll attack dice, you may suffer 1 fatigue token to reroll 1 power die" By default, an attack with this weapon rolls one blue attack die and one green power die. 1) Can the attacker suffer multiple fatigue tokens to re-roll the green power die multiple times? 2) There are other cards which can be used to add more power die to the attack roll. In such a case, can the attacker suffer multiple fatigue tokens to re-roll multiple different power dice?
  18. Thanks, I'll ask FFG and post the question and response if/when I hear back. I'm unsure if the triggering condition is still true...if I roll the attack die, then I re-roll one power die (by using one fatigue), is it still "after I roll attack dice"? I'll ask
  19. Which other cards are you referring to, Zaltyre? I also read this statement essentially like any2cards: you may spend (up to) 1 fatigue to re-roll 1 power die. Maybe we can ask FFG?
  20. I guess instead of Viktor it should be Kyndrithul, released today in the US!
  21. ...and the deadly Eliza rested for 100 years, to relinquish the thrown for Viktor or Marcus Corvinus...
  22. true, but it'd be nice to introduce other heroes this way
  23. Thanks! I think a quest + rumor card might be perfect to implement this idea. I'll have to work on it...might take me quite some time (months), given the time/week I spend with Descent.
  24. Thanks, I'll have to look at the way allies work (I haven't played with them yet), and see if I can mimic it with a regular hero...may be hard. Regarding the Likelihood: You're right, it's rare as-described. Another idea to consider: they find a hero if the second secret room card is drawn in the same encounter (not just via the challenge tokens) Regarding the balance issues (Ceasarsalad101): it is not my main goal for this to be a well-balanced feature of competitive Descent play. I hope to use this homemade mechanic only in campaigns where the Overlord doesn't mind losing in favor of ensuring the heroes don't get too frustrated or bored. But true, the skills, gear, and health of the extra hero would need to be attuned so that they do not tip the scales too far in the direction of the heroes.
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