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  1. I just purchased Death Angel and the expansions and spent a few days playing it (solo). After 8 games I finally won! It's a great game - very hard and seems in keeping with the tone of Warhammer 40k. I'd like to try it with more "players" so I can explore more locations. Are people still enjoying this game?
  2. Just click on the user name and it should bring up their profile. There should be a button to add the user as a friend. (I just did this to you )
  3. Unexpected Courage! And when I see Gandalf, I suddenly feel like I know everything is going to be ok.
  4. I think for me that's part of the fun - seeing which heroes/combos are given new life with each expansion. But that spear does look pretty sweet for a Spirit player like me!
  5. Thanks! My (self-created) problem is that I've only been adding cards as I get to the expansions. So, right now I am about to attempt Journey to Rhosgabel, but the Spear of the Mark is not until Morgul Vale. Perhaps I'm being stupid, but as a newbie I wanted to experience the game as it evolved.
  6. I agree. I love Dunhere. He was the champion in my Conflict at the Carrock win! I will look for more ways to include him in decks in the future. I do need to find ways to boost his attack to overcome the high defense of most newer enemies (I almost feel like they make Defense 3 to make Dunhere ineffective. Or am I just paranoid?)
  7. Mine is definitely Spirit sphere with Eówyn as my number one hero (14%) I love Eówyn for questing and Spirit for treachery/shadow cancelation, bringing cards back from discard piles and Unexpected Courage.
  8. Sure. Sounds fun. I'm a newbie, but curious to see how others are managing
  9. I can't believe I'm the first from the Garden State: New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
  10. That was none other than Eowyn - Spirit hero extraordinaire. I, too, would love to see a Tactics or Leadership version of her.
  11. Ok. Guess I'm a sucker. I started using the FFG art sleeves that match the card backs. (Of course clear would have gotten me the same result, right?) Still they look great even though they are more expensive. I'm a terrible shuffler. But I feel better after seeing Style75's video, because that seems a lot easier than what I've been doing. How many times do you split and combine?
  12. The release made a big deal about the Leaf Brooch and how useful it would be. Now, I'm a newbie and I'm still making my way through Shadows of Mirkwood, but is secrecy THAT useful? How likely/easy is it that you can keep your threat below 20? I love Spirit so can't wait to see the info on the new ally! (Even though it will be ages until I get there!)
  13. Khamul, I admire your masochism, but I think those little respites are necessary in order to (at least have a chance to) win. Thematically I think it works out well too. As servant of the secret fire indicated, having those moments of peace between horrific challenges is very Tolkien. I only surge when it says so, and I in no way feel guilty or cheated! I bet you love the nightmare decks!
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