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  1. Thanks, great ideas! I'm thinking about allowing myself a free unique, to be deployed whenever suits the mission, and a bit more threat. Keeping it thematic is most important, though. I'm mostly focused on my rebels being challenged but having fun. Appreciated your input!
  2. I've seen comments now and then, but the search didn't really dig up much. So... Any experiences with balancing for 5 heroes in a campaign? Thanks!
  3. I am not looking forward to painting more 50 more Storm Troopers...
  4. I used a concentrated solution of Simple Green, picked up at Home Depot for $9 (for nearly a gallon). Soaking minis in that for just a few hours does the trick for me. Seriously just wipes right off. It has to be the concentrated solution though. Good luck!
  5. The campaigns are really a fun experience for a group, and the skirmish is really fun when you want to go head-to-head. The campaign plays just fine without any additional expansions, but you will have cardboard chips for a few characters like Han and Chewie. I went ahead and just bought the first wave, along with the core set. It also opens up some fun side missions and skirmish upgrades. I don't know if you like to paint, but it really comes alive when you start putting painted minis on the board. I've run a campaign over a few weeks, with a group of 11 - 35 year-olds, and everyone had a blast. The mechanics are not too hard to grasp. Have fun!
  6. In the rules you can move energy from your ship card, to your upgrade cards. But can you move energy from upgrade cards back to your ship card or other energy cards? Thanks!
  7. I can't even keep up with the painting right now, so I'm good!
  8. I assume so. It was really frustrating to kill 2 stormtroopers and have the third run away and deny you those 9 points. Or to then have one reinforce. Getting 9 points of out a card of troopers was a challenge and having one run away to deny those points happened a lot. It was a bit frustrating. This should alleviate that strategy. Yup, I would always try to split up some deployment groups, when running a trooper list. This totally makes sense, though.
  9. ... and try not to think about how you've nearly spent more on paints than on buying the game. (I just realized that yesterday... )
  10. In my experience of playing through a full 4-5 campaigns, I think it is pretty balanced. There are certainly story missions that favor one side, or the other, but then there are side missions that really depend on the threat level. Once I can endlessly reinforce my units, Rebs usually need to work a new strategy. Our last side mission was Means of Production, and came down to the very last roll. When that happens, both sides have fun.
  11. I used some cheap gold craft paint as a base, then just drowned them in Agarax Earthshade. I try to finish a group in 1-2 sittings (because, life), so I just paint them to table-top ready.
  12. Update: I went with Leia and Echo Base Troopers. Then got the Hoth set and found that the first mission calls for Dengar. So that one's showing up today *shaking head. Guess the answer is just get em all, especially if you've made it this far.
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