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  1. If the game is good, you can always replace with painted die-cast tanks!
  2. Yeah, and it seems really weird. From what I could understand of the movement, you're basically going to have to turn your tank every time you move :/ Yeah, maybe there's more to it than that, but it seemed like all moves involved placing the back of your tank flush against the arrow, which would mean there's no such thing as a directly forward movement... Yes you can put the front flush against the arrow too.
  3. every thing is a turret, except for tank destoyers/assault guns, who can only target what is in front of them.
  4. Reading into it it has a lot of similarities but also subtle differences: same: -pre order shows vinyl game mats 36x36 -moving is made by template (but every one uses the same one) -upgrades can be made to different locations like crew, engine etc.. -initiative works the same as pilot skill (move from low to high then shoot from high to low) -shooting and defending is made by number of dice specific to vehicle - expansions cost about 10$ and include the vehicle and some (unique) upgrades - has normal damage and a critical damage deck probably more but those are the most important different: -upgrades are kept secret untill you use them (they start the game face down) - you don't choose direction and speed secretly, you just state what you do when it's your turn to move -there is a command phase after move and shoot, shere you can repair damage those are the most noteable differences. This is an interesting game i think, will watch closely!
  5. So just spotted this new game made by gale force 9 coming out in june. Everything about it just screams x wing! http://tanks.gf9games.com/HowToPlay/tabid/117/entryid/75/card-basics.aspx
  6. Copied this list i put in another thread, works OK! think he means rebel
  7. Killed a full health b wing in two shots with AHM rhymer last time i played him. First one a direct hit and the second one finished him off. Had him kitted out with PTL, AHM , conner net and EM. Did ok, but died after taking 4 hits after a complete blank dice evade roll.
  8. I only own ships from the original movie trilogy (and one k wing for the TLT ). You can still be competitive with a minimum investment. I'm stooped nobody has mentioned BBBBZ yet. (4 b wings and a headhunter, all at the lowest pilot skills) just 5 expansions to buy and uses no upgrades at all, and works fine! And they do what you wanted in the first place, push ships around and make pew pew noises without having to keep track of cards. For imperials you can go with a tie swarm, wich will cost you a little bit more and is harder to master but wich can still hurt anything it faces due to sheer numbers. True you won't make the latest list you see online, but that doesn't matter when you are having fun anyway! What have you bought and wich faction would you like playing?
  9. Yes to grey squadron Y wings! I must confess, i always try to use the exact paint job for the exact pilot. That's why my rebel aces b wing almost never sees play, i use mostly blue squadron pilots
  10. This. Is. Beautiful. Edit: Found a blemish: Why BTL title on R2 astro droid? Woops copy/paste error, fixed it now, good call!
  11. If you can't beat them.... 2X blue squadron B wing + FCS Gold squadron Y with R2 astro + TLT Gold squadron Y with R3-A2 + TLT+ BTL title Gives the opponent the choice wich to go after first!
  12. Shipwise; everything but OT ships cardwise:Inquisitor's tie Has nothing you can't get elsewhere but the tracers, and they do nothing for me.
  13. 3X blue sq B wing with FCS 1X blue sq B wing with FCS, BWING/E2 and jan ors.
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