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    melminiatures reacted to Chamberlin in Shapeways Miniature Scale   
    Hello Everyone, I'm getting close to finishing out my Imperial Assault collection so now I'm turning my gaze towards third party miniatures. My favorites so far have been from the EU & Rogue One sculpts Skull Forge Studios & Mel Miniatures. Unfortunately most of the sculpts that I like fall under the "Legion" or "1/47" sections of their Shapeways stores. My question for the community then is, has anyone purchased any of the Legion or 1/47 scale miniatures from either studio and if so how do they compare to the IA sculpts?
    Thanks in advance!
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    melminiatures reacted to bokepasa in Shapeways Miniature Scale   
    I got the IA-size Zuckuss and 4-LOM from Mel's Miniatures. The scale is exactly the same as the Core IA. For example, 4-LOM has the same body and size as the FFG's C-3PO.
    On the other hand, I also got the Mandalorian and Cara Dune from Skull Forge and they are bit bigger than the usual IA miniatures. Though Tvboy has a good point, on an IA-size base you won't notice the difference much
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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #43 Also belongs to the Fett family. Slave II, I think i remember Boba purposely wanted his ship to look "like a hunk of junk" to disguise its armaments. Sorry for not having all the process pics I forgot to take pics during my last few steps... 1. Ok, so I guess metallics only works when you're doing big swaths of color not trying to paint fine details. Also pretty nice as a wet brush at the end to do the scratched effect. 2. New technique practice here is Chipping Medium. Very interesting and between this and sponge i'm set. a) basecoat the rusted color which includes sponging the orange over the browns. b) spray the finished colors with a varnish, I used matt. This acts as a bit of a save paint and gives the undercoat a bit more of protection from being chipped off. The best way to think of this as it was told to me is like a save point! c) layer on chipping medium. Some people are saying this won't work with brush but hey. It's because water reactivates the chipping medium so you do have to be careful when laying down the basecoat. Don't use too much water and don't use a hard brush. d) top layer that will get chipped away, in this case the silver. Plus I forgot that any painted designs or details should be done at this stage too. e) Now the interesting part is using a wet brush and using the brush to chip the top layer away. It's quite resilient so i ended up using quite a stiff stippling brush to do the chips and even tore up some of the base coat. 3. I Also tried using a toothpick for parts where the brush just didn't seem to be doing anything and that was really effective, but on flat surfaces its really not very realistic. It's also very easy to lift all of the paint off including the primer in a couple places. But its really great for getting into some of the panel lines and making streaks. 4. After I was done some nuln oil and a lot of Seraphim shading gave the nice rust tone (Thanks to Ikka for this tip) 5. I finished it with a light wet brushing of the original silver that gives a really nice 'fresh' worn scratched look. 6. Finally some Typhus Corrosion at the bottoms and in the nooks and stuff gives it the final layer of filth. 7. This is also my first real kitbash ha. The big *** gun on the side is from my old Zoids. Thought it balances the ship out just a bit. Also covers up the ugly streaking from the 3d print. 8. Another new thing I tried is on the bottom. A very suitable alternative for griming stuff up. AK enamel wash liberally brushed on then using white spirit to wipe back to the silver. 9. Yes, thats a decal.   Grey Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 primer Rhinox Hide base Doombull brown and Ryza Rust layer for the rusty texture Vallejo Chipping Medium Ironbreaker layer Leadbelcher and Evil Sun Scarlet for the details and variations Nuln Oil in some deeper parts Seraphim Sepia all over Typhus Corrosion at the corners and nooks AK Engine Wash wiped with AK White Spirit Tamiya Black and Brown Panel Line No Abbadon black because there doesn't seem to be a canopy...  
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    melminiatures reacted to gounour in desperately bad ship repaint   
    nothing new on the Armada front since October last, But I made some full fleets photos (including unpainted and unassembled ships/squads)


    Zann consortium, dead in the water since Shapeways pumped its prices last spring, except the Pirate Cruiser from LinoB that has still to be assembled and painted.

    (I'll soon finish a Napoleonic painting streak and go back to Armada)
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    melminiatures reacted to GreenLeader in My rebel fleet, sector France   
    Thanks/Merci Kaashifar! 
    Not so many reactions. 🙄 I may have stunt you all guys ! 🤣🤣 I admit that pictures are not in my favour. I'll make new ones  when all will be finished.
    Anyway, it won't stop me !
    My job of the last week :
    The CR 70 Sundered Heart from Mel miniatures. Blue, like the sky since the Covid has come...


    The corvette DP 20. (Same)


    My second MC 30.


    Hammerheads task force GreenLeader : (Still from Mel.)



    And all these ships together:

    And my job of this Week : (Yeah, two weeks without update but it took a moment for the moderation to authorize my thread)
    The space station : (from LinoB's Corporation Shipyards ^^)


    And Dutch, Gold, Luke, Wedge, and Rogue squads



    Enjoy ! 🙂
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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #31 Trying to get back into the groove after another 3 month break thanks to the world shutting down. But this isn't about me. Oh wait. I've been wanting to move on to some Firesprays but figured I'd tackle something small again to get the feel back. I picked up a fancy little Angel from Shapeways to partner the other Jedi in the pipeline.
    1. Followed a lot of Plo repaints for reference. marking out the lines with dots helps a lot.
    2. Still trying to struggle with keeping paints thin so that it comes off smoother. Still feels thick.
    3. Colored shades are great. Not as harsh as the black from Nuln
    4. Tried something new as was told to try coating gloss before busting out the panel liner and it does help but not too thrilled with the final finish even with a final matt coat. Still too glossy as compared to the factory jobs.
    5. Did more retouching this time. Taking time to go back and forth a couple times to get those lines straight. It works. Much happier with my edges this time.
    White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 primer
    Ceramite White base
    White Scar to touch up
    Caledor Sky layer
    Drakenhof Night(shade) on the blue
    Dawnstone for the guns and engines
    Very thinned Nuln Oil on the white
    Mephiston Red for the R2
    Yriel Yellow for the darts
    Troll Slayer Orange for the engine 'glow'
    Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual

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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #35 I think I did it! finally got a smooth finish that i'm happy with. Barriss Offee's Delta 7. 1. Real happy with my fine details lining on this one. Figured out how to paint first then subtract back to the surrounding color to get sharp corners and thin lines. 2. I don't know if its the paint but it only took 2 layers and 1 shade to get this nice blue finish. 3. I purposely kept the front white part slimmer too. Makes it look more sleek. 4. This on top of the light gray to get a bit of difference. 5. I think next thing to work on now is being more careful and purposeful when doing the washing.   White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 primer Celestra Grey base Teclis Blue layer White Scar for the details Jokaero Orange for the accents Warpstone Glow for the R2 Drakenhof Nightshade on the blue Troll Slayer Orange for the engine 'glow' Tamiya Black Panel Line Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual  
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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #34 Back to more Jedi. This one is for Kit Fisto in this prototype ETA2 in a Delta 7b config. 1. The freehand details are really hard to keep clear with all the panel lining in the way. So not sure the design can be seen. I outlined it again with the grey 2. I picked this design on this one since it kind of matches the R2 positioned in the center 3. Tried a bit more detail on the R2 this time. Starting to understand how its done but still crazy small.   White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 primer Celestra Grey base Khorne Red layer Straken Green for the design White Scar for the R2 Mechanicus Standard Grey for the engines and edging Athonian Camoshade on the pattern Nuln Oil all over the rest Troll Slayer Orange for the engine 'glow' Tamiya Black Panel Line Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual  
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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #33 Second medium size ship i've done. Kath was the first. This was nowhere near as intensive as Kath, I guess because i didn't spend as much time blocking in individual panels. But step by step it's actually a pretty simple paintjob from a technical aspect. If anybody asks this is a KDY D5 Mantis Patrol Craft from Mel's Miniatures on Shapeways. 1. Colored shades are great, it really helps to smooth out some of the patchyness but still not where I'd like it to be. 2. When working in the color layering very important to work inside out as its a lot easier to do touch ups. 3. Second try with using sponge for weathering and much better this time round vs the first time with Kath. Did quite a bit of touchup with brush as well and part of the trick is going back over again with the opposite color to subtract. The goal is to focus on the edge. 4. Note to self, do sponge weathering before the shading. Was challenging to get the matching colors between layers of wash. 5. First time doing drybrush properly too. Still a bit too wet i think but I think trying to concentrate in a specific area makes it harder. Probably better technique to use on 'higher' surfaces. 6. I was laying on the panel line pretty thick since this ship has a lot of exposed parts. Also tried a bit of this mig Oilbrush which is kind of a dirty brown. Helps to even out the grey with the warm colors in this ship. 7. Not happy with the lights. Guess I need to practice glazing.   Gray Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 primer Ulthuan Grey base for upper Mechanicus Standard Grey base for the underside Waaagh Flesh layer Averland Sunset layer Biel-Tan Green and Casandora Yellow shades Nuln Oil thick on the greys Lots of Tamiya Black Panel Line A bit of Starship Filth mig Oilbrush on the underside Dawnstone drybrush over that Flash Gitz Yellow and Temple Guard Blue for the 'lights' Flash Gitz Yellow for the engine trims Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual  
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    melminiatures reacted to TheGoldfinch in Goldfinch's Rebel Gallery (12/29)   
    The heads I bought from Mel for my regular troopers have been great, but yeah, cost is an issue. I do plan on buying some alien heads for a third trooper squad, but that'll have to wait for now 🙂
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    melminiatures reacted to Gunny Highway in Goldfinch's Rebel Gallery (12/29)   
    Highly recommend Mel's Miniatures from Shapeways! Got some Empire fleet trooper heads to convert a fleet trooper unit to Empiricals. They also make Rebel riders for speedbikes! But, it ain't cheap...💲
      Gunny 😷
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    melminiatures reacted to TheGoldfinch in Goldfinch's Rebel Gallery (12/29)   
    Finished my core set figures! 
    The army theme was inspired by the general coolness of the fleet troopers, and a colour scheme I found from a battlefront thing. 
    Took a whole bunch of pictures, but due to upload limits, I can't really post them all. Got a cramped group shot though

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    melminiatures reacted to TheGoldfinch in Goldfinch's Rebel Gallery (12/29)   
    Registered an imgur account. New pics coming! 

    Squad 1

    Squad 2

    Our boy in beige

    Bothan officer


    Next up - Fleet troopers and airspeeder
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    melminiatures reacted to Darth Sanguis in Sith Harrower   
    They look GOOD
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    melminiatures reacted to Akhrin in Sith Harrower   
    Ah, by coincidence I was using my Harrowers the other day! 
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    melminiatures reacted to Darth Sanguis in Sith Harrower   
    @Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

    A few people switch the stats for a victory class and use the harrow model by Mel's Miniatures

    10/10 wish they'd do an old republic version of Armada, but if nothing else many of the ships can just be reskinned. 


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    melminiatures reacted to jscott991 in Painting a Star Destroyer   
    I desperately wanted a Xyston (Sith) Star Destroyer so I ordered one from Mel's on Shapeways, despite it only being available in the very mediocre white nylon plastic.  The ship printed decently and after being primed and using a varnish, it isn't quite as grainy as most ships made from that material.
    However, I'd really like to highlight the panel lines on it, the way they look on the FFG Imperial Star Destroyer.  In the past, I've used a black wash (Citadel Nuln Oil, heavily diluted), to very mixed effect.  On smaller ships, like a 1/7000 Mel's Vindicator cruiser and a 1/7000 Nebulon B, the wash was great.  And really helped the ship look finished.  However, on a bigger ship (a Praetor battlecruiser from Shapeways), the wash was awful, and ruined the ship.  It simply smudged up the long smooth areas of the hull.
    I am not sure how this Xyston will turn out.  Does anyone have any tips?
    The biggest problem I've had with washes in the past, is that once they are applied, they change the base color of the ship (making it slightly darker).  This means I can't really go back and paint over parts that turned out too black because the grey of the original paint no longer matches the slightly darker grey post-wash (I hope that makes sense).  
    Edit: I should add that in the past I've tried washes and then removed them.  But I realize that paint can't really be removed from the WSF Shapeways plastic.  So this would be a one-shot deal, on a ship that cost quite a bit.
    Here is the ship:

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    melminiatures reacted to Suermel in Mel‘s Hammerhead Combat Retrofit   
    Hi Guys, 
    i ordered a Hammerhead Combat Retrofit from Mel in „Black Premium Versatile“ - here is my take on the Paintjob. 
    The Texture is a bit rough on the photos - actually it looks better in real.
    Hope you like it. 
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    melminiatures got a reaction from Noosh in Mel's Miniature Shapeways Print Quality, which one?   
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    melminiatures reacted to Wilson669 in Starhawk delay explained   
    Imperial customs have cracked down on rebel starhawk supplies.
    delays expected.

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    melminiatures reacted to Wilson669 in Starhawk delay explained   
    The ships are from Mel miniatures.
    which you still have to paint.
    apart from a couple of the cargo containers I attempted to 3D print myself.
    da armada shipyards do the custom cards and bases. Which I printed at printer studio.
    this just leaves me re using the ship bases from ffg. As 3D printing is the same cost as buying more ships.
    it adds a bit of Custom flavour to games.
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    melminiatures reacted to Wilson669 in Starhawk delay explained   
    That’s better thanks.

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    melminiatures reacted to Rmcarrier1 in Fulminatrix, Repaints, custom obstacles & accessories [UPDATED]   
    First, let me acknowledge that the work of @Themodalnodes and @CyborgNinja is what inspired me to dabble in custom paint jobs. Their work is truly impressive.
    Now, on to my humble repaints and custom obstacles!
    Republic-themed CR90 Corvette (inspired by the FFG artwork seen below)

    Episode V-themed Nebulon-B Frigate (with some liberties taken)
    3D asteroid fields - These are made with lava rocks, which can typically be found in the garden section of big box stores; I sourced mine from my Dad's garden!
    Rebel-themed 3D debris fields - Thanks to @melminiatures for the 3D-printed models. Here, you can see the Senate Star Shuttle, Combat Hammerhead, and Crucible.
    Imperial-themed 3D debris fields - Thanks to Mattel for their Arrestor Cruiser model!
    Custom range rulers - I simply made my own out of wooden dowels, rather than pay for third-party acrylic rules. These work great!
    Round dial (not to be confused with a round dial!) by AdmiralTaterShipShop. I can't recommend one of these enough.
    For a better understanding of scale, an example of the 3D obstacles in play can be seen here and here. Never mind the basement!
    Thanks for looking!
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