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    melminiatures got a reaction from joeshmoe554 in 3D Printed Ships???   
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    melminiatures reacted to CyborgNinja in CyborgNinja's Repaints   
    I painted up a modified Gladiator flagship for the pirate furball at NOVA Open. I threw in some alt squads for some TIE Advanced (R41 Starchasers and Cloakshape Fighters), and added some thematically painted Z95s and Firesprays. Combined with some of my other alternate ship miniatures from Mel's, I ended up with a decent pirate fleet...

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    melminiatures got a reaction from zwara81 in 3D Printed Ships???   
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    melminiatures reacted to DangerShine Designs in Which model kits work with Legion   
    Ahoy hoy - I have seen a variety of pictures where people have used different models to great effect and created insanely good looking landscapes, and (particularly in a FB group that I'm in) there are a lot of "which model is that?" questions met with "I don't know, I found it on eBay" or "I don't know, I found it in my kid's room" answers, and so I am trying to compile a list of the different models that work well with Legion. This is almost entirely for my own edification but thought I'd compile it here for the use of others.
    So, if you have used something that works, please post either the name or a link to the model or a picture of the box and I'll keep updating this post. I know that 1/44 is the 'correct' scale but have also seen some 1/48 and 1/35 models that seem to work nicely and am not looking at being a "scaliest" so would love to be able to add as many models as possible to the list below, particularly less common ones, like the correctly scaled Millennium Falcon, AT-AT (where the dickens does that come from?) and the U-Wing.
    Bandai 1/48 scale Snow Speeder

    Bandai 1/48 scale AT-ST

    Revell Snaptite A-Wing (didn't see 1/44 explicitly called out, but from pictures it seems to work just fine!)

    Bandai 1/48 T-65 X-Wing

    Revell 1/53 AT-AT (thanks @ML-0416)

    Bandai 1/52 Snowspeeder (thanks @OMGBRICK)

    Revell 1/106 Lamda (thanks, @FlyingAnchors)

    Revell First Order 1/30 TIE Fighter (thanks @Corver)

    Revell 1/65 40th Anniversary TIE Fighter (Thanks @Yodhrin)

    So! what else is out that you guys are using?
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    melminiatures reacted to ZealuxMyr in Zealux Myr's X-Wing Workshop   
    He's a Star Wars: Legion scale model from the Mel's Miniatures shop on Shapeways.
    More angles of him here:
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    melminiatures reacted to ZealuxMyr in Zealux Myr's X-Wing Workshop   
    BB-8 Resistance Transport

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    melminiatures reacted to Norell in Incursor Class   
    EC Henry did it again! This ship looks mindblowing in my opinion and it would totally fit into the game as a smaller-than-VSD ship!
    Please Mel bring this beauty to Armada!
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    melminiatures reacted to cynanbloodbane in And Here is the Onager Class Star Destroyer   
    All I know is that it will finally set a standard for supper weapons in Armada, allowing me to to reverse engineer a half-dozen other super weapon ships from legends! 
    Anybody else notice Mel's Eclipse?
    Everything I have ever wanted in Armada is almost within my grasp!
    (Que Emperor Palpatine laugh track)
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    melminiatures reacted to Chamberlin in Mel's Imperial Assault Options   
    I'm holding out hope for Kyle Katarn & Jan or Jyn Erso and crew to use as custom heros. Also gender swap versions of the existing heros would be nifty as well.
    For those who haven't bought any of Mel's stuff before I own some of his Armada ships and love the detail.
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    melminiatures got a reaction from BlueSquadronPilot in New 1/30400 SSD scale ships from MEL!   
    I couldn't decide on a peg, and since I made this thinking of a decorative diorama, I thought I would let people figure out how they place their ships around the SSD.
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    melminiatures got a reaction from Momonip in Mel's Miniature Shapeways Print Quality, which one?   
    I made a twitter thread with pictures and comments of the materials:
    The material is Accura Xtreme 200
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    melminiatures got a reaction from Momonip in Mel's Miniature Shapeways Print Quality, which one?   
    All I can say is that it's not my fault That's Shapeways....
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    melminiatures reacted to Kylemcph240 in My latest Armada X wing squadron   
    It has taken some practice but I have finally patined and x wing squadron that i can stand looking at
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    melminiatures reacted to fistfulofforce in SSD disassembled with photos   
    Here is the thing pieced apart for you guys who are going to want to custom work. I can take more pics if you need and explain in detail if you have any questions.

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    melminiatures reacted to BozoLtD in SSD Repaint   
    So I got a hold of my SSD and instantly did not like the color scheme which has been a theme with most of the models. Over the last couple of days, I went through stages to get this monster painted. I am pleased and figured I would share with the community and give other ideas. Over all, it was not difficult just took time. 

    Stage 1:
    Simple base coat using Chaos Black basing spray. I did not do any stripping. 

    Stage 2:
    I really liked how this turned out. I almost stopped here. I used a dry brush technique with Dawnstone Dry for the outer layer and Mechanicus Grey (Air) for the middle/command deck. 

    Stage 3.1:
    You will see my SD next to the SSD here. This is why I went with the red strip. I have this theme on a lot of my ships. I like it though I am thinking of shading out the red that goes over the mid section. I also plan on adding the imperial symbol on the wings or adding aurebesh like on my SD. 

    I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think. 
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    melminiatures reacted to RuusMarev in In Flight Report Reactions   
    Could possibly use Mel's as a variant when running two
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    melminiatures reacted to Ling27 in In Flight Report Reactions   
    I would love that station though... someone at Mel. Lol
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    melminiatures reacted to ISD Avenger in Two Sizable Ships: Guesses on included Commanders & their Abilities   
    I don’t think there has been a canon image yet
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    melminiatures reacted to RuusMarev in Two Sizable Ships: Guesses on included Commanders & their Abilities   
    Just saw this from Mel, if this is what a Starhawk will look like in canon, very impressive!

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    melminiatures reacted to Ghosthacked in Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)   
    #24 2 for 1 deal! (I didn't get around to uploading but had proceeded with this because I was excited to get to it) Another Shapeways model. Better than the last but still has a bit of fuzz along some edges that can only be seen after the primer went on, especially at the starboard intake. This will be my default Corran if I ever fly him...   1. First time with Green I think and its very splotchy. 2 good layers and my first time using a colored shade to even out the uneven parts. Quite satisfied once that third layer of shade went on. 2. These are also the thinnest lines i've ever freehanded. Too thin for tape. Big advice: Get a magnifying lamp. I'm really sure this has allowed me to level up significantly.   White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Warpstone Glow layers
    Biel-Tan Green shade Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual  
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