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  1. Ha! ha! I was right! The T-85 is huge! 15m long!
  2. I couldn't decide on a peg, and since I made this thinking of a decorative diorama, I thought I would let people figure out how they place their ships around the SSD.
  3. I made a twitter thread with pictures and comments of the materials: The material is Accura Xtreme 200
  4. There you go: https://www.shapeways.com/product/NFXXU2Q63/legion-12x-gotal-heads I made 4 variations of the head so it wouldn't all look so similar.
  5. How many Gotal heads would you want?
  6. I made my own versions of those ships a while back. Since EC Henry got some references that I didn't have, I'm pretty sure his versions are more accurate:
  7. Great paintjob on that Nebula! I really like the blue scheme.
  8. I did a very standard one with one planet and a moon, I did the asteroid field one that you can see here, the Scariff mat and a battle between a mon calamari and a star destroyer with docens of ships in the background.
  9. Me and my group used to have a lot of fun with this one:
  10. These two pictures were taken by Greg Martin as a nice comparison between the offcial minis and mine:
  11. It's now redone. With a few extra variations of the Delta-7.
  12. I would say without the extra bridge. But I love this.
  13. I thickened all the lightsabers and arms to make them more resistant. Even if the miniatures are smaller stuff like lightsabers and wrists are thicker than in Legion.
  14. For what I've seen, Paramount does sweeps taking out anything Star Trek related from Shapeways.
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