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  1. I couldn't decide on a peg, and since I made this thinking of a decorative diorama, I thought I would let people figure out how they place their ships around the SSD.
  2. I made a twitter thread with pictures and comments of the materials: The material is Accura Xtreme 200
  3. There you go: https://www.shapeways.com/product/NFXXU2Q63/legion-12x-gotal-heads I made 4 variations of the head so it wouldn't all look so similar.
  4. How many Gotal heads would you want?
  5. I made my own versions of those ships a while back. Since EC Henry got some references that I didn't have, I'm pretty sure his versions are more accurate:
  6. Great paintjob on that Nebula! I really like the blue scheme.
  7. I did a very standard one with one planet and a moon, I did the asteroid field one that you can see here, the Scariff mat and a battle between a mon calamari and a star destroyer with docens of ships in the background.
  8. Me and my group used to have a lot of fun with this one:
  9. These two pictures were taken by Greg Martin as a nice comparison between the offcial minis and mine:
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