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  1. Well, considering the size o the tower, the engines and the turrets and this panel (the only panel where you can scale it with other ships) It should be about 800m. So it's pretty similar to the Acclamator.
  2. Here you go people, a huge update on my catalogue. Happy Star Wars Day
  3. Those are just amazing! Thank you for posting, it's great to see all the Aces in the same place with such incredible paintjobs. And yes, about the size of the Black Ace, the thing is that if you scale the TIE cockpit and the astromech droid, the fighter should be larger than the rest of the Aces, but in the show, every shot of the fighter next to the other fighters it has been scaled down to fit their sizes. My guess is that they designed the ship and then cheated in the animation to make it smaller than it should. I decided to go with the original large size so it would look nice next to the other TIEs.
  4. Just wondering, which miniatures you want that are not in the Imperial Assault section?
  5. Those are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing those paintjobs, they make the miniatures shine!
  6. Awesome! You've managed to do a great paintjob in Black Premium Versatile
  7. This seems to be an improved design of the Assault Frigate Mk 2 So it is canon now.
  8. Seems curious that the images of Kylo's TIE don't have the turret that it has in the trailer, yet somehow the TIE Whisper (which apparently it's not Kylo's TIE) does.
  9. Ha! ha! I was right! The T-85 is huge! 15m long!
  10. I couldn't decide on a peg, and since I made this thinking of a decorative diorama, I thought I would let people figure out how they place their ships around the SSD.
  11. I made a twitter thread with pictures and comments of the materials: The material is Accura Xtreme 200
  12. There you go: https://www.shapeways.com/product/NFXXU2Q63/legion-12x-gotal-heads I made 4 variations of the head so it wouldn't all look so similar.
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