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  1. I believe that it's down to the regional distributor if they wish to pay for the flight. Luckily for us in the UK our National Champion (and Nordic Champion) get to go and represent us Brits! I feel for Frans though as another Brit won the Nordic Nationals for Armada but they wouldn't send him as Armada isn't as big a deal as X-Wing. However our gaming group, the 186th, raised money by approaching local gaming shops and companies that support us and with them and our own internal fundraising we've managed to cover his costs. May I suggest also trying to do that, see if any local shops will sponsor you?
  2. Congrats again Jesper - you did the 186 proud! Now onwards to the Scandi's and then Worlds!
  3. At a competitive level a good player can easily eyeball their moves without the need to look at templates... Perhaps with a bit of practice you can too Asmodi?
  4. Maybe stealth or hull on Rex and Howl for those last 6 points?
  5. I'd make the stat increases that Han, Lando and Chewie have over the ORS part of the Millennium Falcon title card, then reduce their costs and increase the MF title cost.
  6. Rebel captive and sensor jammer on a Phantom are a good counter. Stay at range 3 and take an evade action - your phantom will survive a lot longer! Also Tactician on a Firespray or Shuttle, alongside the rebel captive on the phantom, to double stress the falcon. Definitely go all out for the falcon first, then try and take out the Zs.
  7. It's right up there with Avengers for me. Really really good film! Thor 2, Cap 2 and now GotG - Marvel are definitely on a roll in my opinion!
  8. Yeah that's not a bad alternative, Echo, Backstabber and 4 Academies. Echo definitely becomes target priority 1 though, whereas in my original build Echo, Howlrunner and Mauler are all equally big threats... But the extra ship is definitely something to consider!
  9. Hi all This is the squadron I think i'm going to be trying out now with my shiny new Phantom. Any thoughts? Echoes of a Swarm - 100 points Echo - Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Advanced Cloaking Device [37] Howlrunner - Swarm Tactics [20] Mauler Mithel - Swarm Tactics [19] Academy TIE [12] Academy TIE [12] Alternatively I could drop ST and the FCS and give Howl and Maul Stealth Devices for a bit more staying power, but I quite like the idea of everyone shooting at PS 8 and 7
  10. It's just for a campaign he's doing with friends - he's not suggesting FFG release this! I agree with doing this as a shuttle title card and adding 2 missile slots.
  11. Putting a SD on Fel though means changing out Howlrunners ST for something. I've tried it with adrenaline rush on Howl which is ok but I like having the offensive punch of more ships firing at PS 8. I like having Fel with the TC as you're almost guaranteed to hit with all your shots, Jax is great at spoiling your opponents turn and the shuttle puts out a solid amount of damage and can soak up a lot in return. I guess it depends on your preference and what you're likely to be facing! I've had good success with all 3 lists and am undecided which i'll use!
  12. I have 3 lists i'm play testing at the mo. All have the following: Howlrunner + swarm tactics 4 x Academy TIE and then either: Soontir Fel + PTL, targeting computer Carnor Jax + PTL, hull upgrade Omicron Pilot + FCS, gunner, engine
  13. I can second Vassal! If you join the X-Wing Miniatures UK/Irl facebook group you can always ask in there for a game on vassal too
  14. UKSpider

    Is it worth it?

    Best piece of advice I can give if you're not sure is go to your local Games Store and try both out. I live in London and both games are played at Dark Sphere week in week out, so you could call in and chat to gamers and try them out.
  15. Mercenary Co-pilot - turn a hit to a crit at range 3
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