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  1. I've already got this on pre-order, although not sure when it's due to arrive. I've got all of the "Art of" books.... awesome illustrations aside there a brilliant source of inspiration for my games!
  2. Totally agree with this whafrog! I wanted to like it & granted it did have some cool locations, but it just left me cold. Not watched the second series as that's not available (on Disney+) in the UK yet... I'll probably watch it but I won't be expecting much. Oh and... Neeku, the Nikto Mechanic??? Could a character be any more annoying??? Possibly even more annoying that Jar Jar Binks... Words fail me 😶
  3. And here was I just waiting for a punchline to the original post😉
  4. Ah yes... I was forgetting that! I picked up a pdf version from DriveThru RPG.
  5. Yeah... this is pretty much what I'd do with it 😀 Also... Ideal worlds to set it on... so you don't even have to make up a planet if you don't want to. I can also recommend the Shadow of the Beanstalk book, I bought it for pretty much the same reason... got some great ideas in there, just add Stormtroopers 😀
  6. Thanks for the clarification Archlyte... that makes perfect sense now! I always have given players setback dice in the past whenever they've suffered Wound damage... However, my players have an uncanny knack of rolling blanks whenever I dish out the black dice so it never seems to make a lot of difference to them 😬 I definitely think I'll be trying this when we can get to play again. One thing I might do though is to change Stims so that they recover strain rather than wounds (always thought that was a bit odd... GM: "You take 5 wounds as the blaster bolt leaves a searing in your abdomen", PC: "Ok... I'll apply a Stim & recover 5 wounds", GM: "That nasty burn you just got suddenly disappears", GM groans inside). So... I'll allow the Stim to recover 5 strain for the first application (which makes more sense to me as it always felt like some kind of adrenal booster). Players can continue to use further Stims to recover more strain (using the depreciating recovery as in the rules) however, any further use of a Stim after the first will incur a setback dice to all actions (so, 2nd stim... 1 setback, 3rd Stim... 2 setback) as the increased levels of adrenaline in their system starts to make them more & more edgy which will affect their decision making and physical actions. Any actual wound damage taken, from either critical hits or exceeding strain threshold will need proper medical attention.
  7. I like this idea, I've also never been that comfortable with the wounds system considering how easy it is to get hit... plus I've found that until you're nearing 0 wounds there's not that much effect on what actions the PCs can perform. Using strain here makes sense cinematically but also I know my players get a lot more wary once their strain starts to take a hit. One question though, you said: All straight damage results that do not indicate a Critical Hit go to Strain first, and is described as near misses and other hair raising close calls. Wound Threshold describes only actual physical damage to the character. So when do you decide that it's actually physical (wound) damage? Would this be when a character has suffered a critical hit & you would then apply any damage (from weapon plus successes) to their wound threshold as well applying the incapacitating results of the critical? Cheers!
  8. More than likely it will... But there's always hope!! And isn't the Jets winning the Superbowl built on hope?? Wait, no... That's Rebellion!! Always get those mixed up 😁
  9. Yeah... "proper" football has become a totally different game over the last few years, it used to be a contact sport but now it's ridiculous! I can't stand the blatant cheating & attempts to get people sent off, it's ruined! I started watching the NFL highlights over here just for something different & found myself hooked on it! It's a great spectacle, it's brutal & the athleticism is pretty outstanding. Love the tactical side as well, I remember staying up for the Pats v Rams Superbowl & whilst it wasn't the best game you could appreciate the Pats tactics, Belichick new what he had to do to stop the Rams playing & he certainly did that. Disappointing though as I'll generally supported anyone who's playing the Pats 😁
  10. Haha... very true, I'm used to pain, suffering & disappointment when supporting a team 🤣 This year though... This year!!! And no, I keep meaning to catch one of the London Games but have never managed it yet... I was planning to get to a game this year but I hear that those have understandably been cancelled so will definitely catch one the next time they're held over here!
  11. Being from the UK I’ve grown up with proper football (as my dad calls it) & am a genetic Port Vale fan... google them & you’ll understand my pain 🤣 Over numerous years of watching it though it now bores the living **** outta me & I much prefer to follow the NFL!! It’s far more entertaining &, like P47 says, if somebody goes down they’ve been hit hard & not just breathed on heavily from 3 feet away 🤣 Go JETS 👍
  12. Really enjoyed these posts! Been great to listen to you two bounce ideas around! You see, this is what these forums should be for 👍
  13. Attaching hand rails on elevated gantries 🤣
  14. Thanks P-47... I’ll check again! May well have missed it.
  15. Is that in the UK as well or just US? I logged on for the first time last night & couldn't see it on there?? Cheers.
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