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  1. AceSolo5

    World War feel

    In my opinion AoR is a tough one to write for. My group are in their second campaign, using the same characters, which is set in the period just before A New Hope... The first campaign started out very much Edge of the Empire but progressed into them helping out a “Resistance” group with various missions & carrying out an attack on a sizeable Imperial operation as for the campaign’s conclusion. I asked my group what they wanted for the second campaign & as they’d enjoyed the Rebel stuff so much they decided that they wanted to go full on Rebellion for the new campaign! So, we came up with the plan that, on request of the fledgling Rebel Alliance who had been impressed with their previous activities, they'd set up their own Rebel Group, drawing together various planetary Resistance Cells from the area of the galaxy that I created for them. Awesome I thought, that’s easy... But, 6 months in, I now know it really isn’t! The problem for me with AoR campaigns is the balance, getting it right between combat & social encounters! Also, I can find it difficult making combat heavy missions different enough for them to be interesting... there’s only so many times that u can break somebody out of a detention centre, or steal some equipment from an storage facility and, ultimately these are both just a heist mission. I have to admit I’m not a fan of mass combats and like to ensure that’s it’s my players who are the ones achieving an objective as opposed to just being part of an attacking force. If I do run mass combats though I do make sure that my players have mini objectives that have an impact on the outcome whether they succeed or fail. I do try to use old war films as inspiration for missions... I’ve done a Guns of Navarone style mission, a version of Tobruk & I’m working on an adaptation of Where Eagles Dare. Also the Moff of the sub-sector that they’re operating in is based on SS General Reinhard Heydrich from the film Anthropoid. I guess I’m finding it kinda samey! Don’t get me wrong, I love combat as much as the players but what I don’t want for them is combat related sessions every time we play. It’s getting to the stage where I’m thinking of suggesting we put this campaign on hiatus & I run something with different characters so I can get my head around what to do with this. So, any tips or advice on mission design or running AoR would be most welcome.
  2. AceSolo5

    Death-defying leaps and other "instant death" checks

    Awesome way to handle it LordBritish! The risk is there but there’s a way out! I want to play in your games 👍
  3. If you’re looking to ruin Orlon’s life then maybe it’s time to find out what he’s doing & then let his Hutt Overlord know exactly how his trusted Underboss had been abusing his position! Your adventures in the lead up to the final confrontation could seemingly be unconnected to getting your revenge... Missions that slowly reveal a new upcoming gang of criminals with the final one revealing Orlon as its head! You mention that he may have been skimming off the top, perhaps he’s been using this to set up his own criminal organisation using contacts he’s made through the Hutt. He’s been undercutting his boss in key areas of his business (whatever that may be... slaves, spice etc). Once he’s strong enough he plans to either usurp the Hutt & take over his operations or sell the Hutt out to Nemro & get rid of him once & for all! Once your players have this info & the proof they can deliver it to Kel’To & the final confrontation can play out with Orlon trying to to discredit the players claims as he’s dragged in front of his boss! Ultimately it could lead to a firefight in the Hutt’s Palace as those in Kel’To’s organisation who have been swayed to Orlon’s ideas for a change of leadership try to save him.
  4. AceSolo5

    Death-defying leaps and other "instant death" checks

    Nope 🤣 I only have to suggest a mission & at least one of my players will state that it’s suicide! They’re not even low XP either, we’ve been playing for 2 & a half years with the same characters & they’re knocking on the door of 1000xp! Also, I’m really not out to kill any of them either, their characters work well together & I love em as much as their respective players do! But... I do so love to see em panic 🤣
  5. AceSolo5


    Being from the UK my favourite “Specialization” would be Specialisation 😉 In terms of character... Gadgeteer all the way, although I do like some of the Universal Specs, Ships Captain especially!
  6. AceSolo5

    Why GM Rulings are better than Rules

    I’m lucky in that, all but one of, my players has never read any of the Rulebooks so ultimately it’s my ruling that stands. The guy who did read the rules GM’d a game for us for about 6 months to give me a break from my usual GM duties & a welcome chance to actually play a character! I’ve no idea how he was making up his dice pools but it certainly wasn’t using anything described in the rules... Rather than tell him he was doing it wrong I just let it run, it was his game after all & bottom line it was a great campaign which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. Just goes to show... it’s the story that counts 😃
  7. AceSolo5

    Character Sheet

    I really like this, great work... and also being in the UK I appreciate the correct spelling of specialisation & armour 😉 The only comment I'd have is that there seems to be a lot of space for gear, I'd maybe like more space dedicated to skills & talents but that's just me. All in all it's a very usable piece of work which I shall be printing out & handing to my players seeing as their current character sheets are a blur of eraser smudges, crossing out & incoherent scrawlings!! Cheers SanguineAngel much appreciated!!
  8. AceSolo5

    Old School Star Wars

    Interesting thread... I like it 👍 One other thing I try to include is that used/dirty feel that the universe had in the original trilogy, Rogue One & Solo. Everything is worn or has a thin patina of grime... especially in the outer rim! When my players go corward I make a point of the change in how things look, how everything is well maintained, buildings are uniform, that kind of thing. As for datapads... they’re a pet hate for me really! The amount of times my players say “I’ll do ‘this’ with my data pad” drives me up the wall 🤣 For me they’re a storage device... u can download a city map, or star chart by physically connecting to a computer system, store bank account details (maybe) or use it as an aid for slicing if they’ve downloaded some kind of anti-security program on there.
  9. AceSolo5

    Pelta Class Frigate

    That’s great Ghostofman 👍 Breaks it down really well for me! loving your insight... mucho kudos man!!!
  10. AceSolo5

    Pelta Class Frigate

    Many thanks LMasterList. I might put it at Sil 6, with a retro fitted hanger bay. I’m looking at it for a group of pirates I want to introduce.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if there are any official stats for the Pelta Class? If not, what sort of Silhouette do think it would be.... similar to the Nebulon B maybe or more like a large CR90 Corvette? Cheers 👍
  12. Many thanks Ali... I’ll be checking that out 👍
  13. AceSolo5

    Bounties to Die For

    Many thanks Seam 👍
  14. AceSolo5

    Bounties to Die For

    Do u have a link for that? Cheers 😃
  15. Wow... these are all kinds of cool!! Do u know who the artist is?