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  1. Really liking what you’ve done... again! Your write ups for worlds put mine to shame. I kinda come up with an outline for a world then they grow if/when my players ever visit them as I add new locations, NPCs & organisations. There’s times where I totally scrap what I had planned for a world before the players even get there 🤣 So, having done a great job with the sector write up... what kind of campaign have you got planned this time?
  2. Ah ok that makes sense... That’s why they have the extra starting XP, so it can be spent on abilities. Cool... Thanks both 👍
  3. Just looking at character creation for Droids, not something I've looked at much before to be honest. I notice that all their Ability stats are all at 1, then in the Special Abilities section it states "Droids have a cybernetic implant cap of 6 instead of their Brawn rating". Does this mean that they can allocate these 6 points to their Ability scores however they wish (which would give them a total of 12 points in starting abilities, the same as all other species, or does it mean that the Abilities have to be increased by the purchase of cybernetic implants? Cheers!
  4. Always enjoy your world/campaign building posts Mr Locket.... looking forward to seeing where u go with this one 👍
  5. Cheers Donovan, knew I'd seen them somewhere!! My PCs are not gonna like this (insert Evil Laugh)
  6. Does anybody have stats for a Magna Guard at all? Many thanks.
  7. Firstly... Kudos for jumping in at the deep end & taking on the rewarding task of running your own game 👍 My current campaign is set in the same time period, as like u I like it... & there’s plenty of scope for making your own stuff up! My campaign concentrates on a single sub-sector with my players trying to disrupt Imperial activities there... it straddles an important trade route & is important to both the fledgling Rebel Alliance & The Empire (who currently control it with an iron fist). Your first decision might be how big u want to go? I could pretty much do what I’m doing & restrict it to one world, I suppose it depends on whether u want your players planet hopping around the galaxy though! If u do like that route bear in mind the amount of extra work that involves in preparing locations.
  8. I always liked the idea of running a game where the PCs were former padowans who somehow managed to survive Order 66, whether just by luck or because their master saved their lives whilst sacrificing themselves. That way their powers are fairly underdeveloped, giving room for them to grow in game plus, as their training was incomplete, it also gives the opportunity to choose their path between the light & dark side of The Force. Since The Clone Wars they have been forced to live by their wits, hiding what powers they have to avoid Imperial interest. I’d always planned on limiting the action to one planet to start with, helping the population fight Imperial oppression or The Criminal Underworld until things got too hot & they’re forced to leave the world & head out into the galaxy. Maybe they hear of a surviving Jedi who can teach them more about The Force.
  9. Never thought of that! That could be, sorry... is going to be, very useful 👍 Insert evil laugh 😃
  10. Ok... I’m starting to see it’s uses now, so again many thanks for the responses 👍 Whafrog.... Plan??? If only my players would plan 🤣
  11. I like the last bit of this 👍
  12. Cheers for the responses 👍 Ok... so that’s a bit disappointing then. Seems to defeat the object of squading up though for me, granted they’re a meat shield but then that takes away the risk to the PCs, & for me there’s got to be some risk else where’s the excitement! Seems to be the PCs would be more effective working as a unit themselves & directing separate groups of minion soldiers (as long as they’re in range)... that way you get separate attack’s from each PC plus the attacks of each minion group.
  13. Ok... so was reading up on these rules in the AoR GM screen last night & was wondering if I’ve read this right.... Once in a Squad/Sqaudron the minion group makes no initiative roll & does not have a combat turn. So... ??? Does that mean that only the leader of a squad gets any chance to attack or have I totally misunderstood that? Any clarification would be much appreciated 😃
  14. An upgraded Dynamic Class Freighter... my PCs love it!
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