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  1. What would be an appropriate size for them? I want them to be some what canon fodder, but still be for to be cautious about. I was thinking 12 ft? How big are your creatures? Same goes for beings like Fenrir.
  2. I mean if say, they're fighting on the roof of a castle, one will climb their way to the top. Or something like that, but raising the dead would be cool.
  3. I'm jut letting it be said that I wasn't actually going to max him out. Just saying an NPC like that already exists in the book. How about this kind of ability: "Children of the Night": Dracula preform a charisma test, if successful, one(1) Feral Vampire will spawn to aid him. Does charisma sound like an appropriate one? He's their master so they should always come but then he could spam it.
  4. I'm glad I was on the right track. I mean those a pretty high for just a Vampire though. My Dracula stats are very similar. Do you think 6s for Dex and Vit would be too much? I know the horrifying abomination has that much damage. Also, why did you add more for Willpower, just curious? Then this brings me to another problem. Like what are some good tips for abilities. Like in "Under the Skin" a lot of NPCs have a bunch of bonus text.
  5. Hoenstly anything you could think of. From Cyborgs, to giant snakes, to minigun wielding super dogs. The system seems loose enough to add just about anything.
  6. All good stuff! But I was thinking of stuff like Vampires, mutants, etc. Stuff with above human stats. Like I was working on Dracula but just couldn't think of balanced stats.
  7. Still pretty new to this whole GM scene. Can someone give me pointers on how to create NPCs for this game. Like what would be their features, stats, equipment, and ideas for special abilities.
  8. This is the scenario I am most curious about. I really am not sure how they are going to make a PA game scenario out of this one. I'm don't feel a lot of interest in running it, but I am very curious as to how it works. For post apocolypic I can see stuff like fruits, vegies, grains, and just basic stuff to make food becomes poisons to humans and only humans. Resulting in savaging for canned goods to no end. Like one can of beans is pricless because it'd be so hard to find. Or if hunting parties go out, the soil pushing itself up to hide animal tracks, making it extremely hard to hunt for food.
  9. Earth itself may reject humanity, causing animals to turn on their masters and plants to grow at unbelievable speeds I don't know if it's the simplicity of it, but I'm super excited for this scenario.
  10. You could always play it out like...http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7015318-the-age-of-zeus Have the Gods be nigh-invulnerable, but have like battle suits and what not to face them.
  11. So I'm still pretty new to being a GM. If my PC say, look through a gas station, what's the best way I could decide what they get?
  12. I think it mostly has to do with studying the opponent. If I watched some guy play a squad before I played him, I could pick up on a few things. Such as, which guys to pick off first, how I should set up to counter his formation, and his over all strategy.
  13. jwalser3

    Do TIEs suck?

    I recently bought the starter kit and noticed something about the X-Wings and TIEs. The hull and shield points, why is it that the X-Wing has 3 hull points and 2 shield while the TIEs have nothing? On that topic why do basic TIEs not have any up gradable parts? I know Mauler Mithel can equip Medals, but it seems like TIEs are no good. Is that true?
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