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  1. Winter League at the Soldiery, planning for Jan 14th-Feb 25th. Winter GNK Prize Support, Achievements, prizes for top Achievement points, and seeding into a top 8 tournament for more prizes by W/L. Additional Prize Support to be determined, including (but not limited too) unique participation prize for all who play at least two nights! Thursday Nights, The Soldiery, 6-10pm (or a bit earlier/later) http://cbusnetrunner.webs.com/ for more information!
  2. The Soldiery has a league (but I can't stand the Soldiery) starting in April, and I Believe CABS has regular Android meetups
  3. Just like the runner scoring the winning agenda off the top of a Jinteki Personal Evolution deck, the win is established as soon as the corp reaches 7 agenda points. this will not trigger any other events. (the runner accessing off Personal Evolution scores the agenda points before the damage is done, so cannot be flatlined by it.
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