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  1. and another one... Blasted heath... Which one is more closer meaning of 'blasted'? I know that blasted can be referred as 'withered', 'blighted' but also can be the meaning of 'cursed'.
  2. Thank You Again! Well, maybe this opinion is different by people, I suppose...Lots of games are translated into Korean these days, but only for major, popular one. Arkham Horror itself is translated and published officially but not for expansions. maybe the reason is about sales volume. and for the p.s, nope, I'm not using that. All of works are doing by Acrobat pro... Thank you, It really helps me. I thing 'estate' is good for this one.
  3. Well, It is different by people & games, Like Arkham Horror which has tons of words and lines, usually make whole card(image and texts) and print it and put into with card sleeve. By the accuracy and quality of printer, In this case image's quality is lower than original card... If the game has lesser texts, people usually cut the text part and print and attach it by using resticking glue or label paper.
  4. Ah, and another one. Spell "Cloud Memory", Which one is closer to it's meaning? "Erase memory"(memory deletion or memory erasure)" or "dim memory(faint memory)
  5. Hi everyone and sorry again for bothering you with these hazy questions. As I referred in last topic, I'm translating English version of Dunwich Horror into Korean. And there is subtle and slightly difficult problem... 1) Gardener's place. I know what is the meaning of "place" but this one is tough one. Like other languages, Korean has a lots of variety to express the meaning of "house" and the Gardener's place which is also another reference of "House" has ambiguouty about it's own feature to me. Unlike Harney Jone's "Shack" which has definite feature of expressing it's form of house, "place" would make a lots of choices to make it because of lack of knowledge about this place. Is it mansion of large scale or small house?(form and size) and is the place that people lived in?(but by seeing the description about this place through "location' cards, I'm hardly sure about this) or some kind of ghost house, abandoned house? Well, my post-translators make this into "Gardener's Mansion"(of course in Korean) because direct translation of "place" is not really good choice to express house. (and first of all, the English meaning of "place" is also not direct meaning of "house" but indirect word I presume...) 2) Another time. Direct translation of this one is same with "other time" but in Korean, it's too simple and plain. unlike with "Another dimension" which can be the good example of "other world" and linguistically accepted in Korean, Another time...well this is just nuance of conversation like "See you another time" (of course it doesn't mean that it is not accepted... just too plain and bored expression) Have you any good substitution word for "Another time"? (I think 'Another time dimension'...well this one is ridiculous little bit... too awkard) Thank you for your help again & again.
  6. Thank you everyone. It helps a lot. Actually the people who finished Dunwich Horror's translation before licensed version of Arkham horror is published in Korea, they translate "tainted" as "fallen(of fallen angel)"&"corrupted". So I think this one doesn't have a relation with "physical injuries"(it is more like mental or conscience problem). Well, this would be difficult one....
  7. Hi, I'm a new kid to start Arkham Horror board games and I'm Korean. Actually there is lincensed version of this game in Korea but only about original one, not all of exapnsions, So now I'm personally translating Dunwich Horror to make it easy to understand in playing. but there is some translation issues, mostly about the semantic, pragmatic problem. So I ask your help to get me some understanding about the word. 1) "Lost" Carcosa, I know the lexical meaning of the lost and this one can be referred several meanings when it comes in front of noun.(like "lost city") Actually there is a lot of words to express "lost" in Korean, but I want to know about the exact directive meaning, or nuance of "lost" Is it "forgotten" that no longer known to people or no longer in the possession like "a lost wallet" thingy or like "doesn't exist anymore" or "doomed/destroyed"? Actually it is hazy in even Korean (the directive translated lexical meaning is same with "a lost pen" and "a lost child"(doesn't know the place to go)) 2) Village common, I presume that this word is used a lot in common Engish but hard to find exact meaning of this in Korean dictionary. What is the replacable word for this one? I thought this one is about "sharing grounds or places of village" is it right? 3) Bishop's brook bridge, It it just meaning of "Bishop's brook"(which is just reference, rhetoric words for "bridge") bridge? 4) a lots of injuries/madness card's name is hesitating because some of words can be translated into several meaning which is largely okay in some manners. For example, "tainted", is it about "infected" in some diseases or another expression about injuries? and "jinxed"(I think this is more like some "bad luck" so actually this one is not about physical injuries...) and "memory loss and amnesia" (isn't is same meaning?) and this is all about. I think it is more like "language" issue, not the "Arkham Horror" issue but hope it will be answered by you. Thanks a lot!
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