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    chemical22 got a reaction from Uvatha in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    Played it this weekend for the first time... our entire group got smoked by the Harbringer with the first 4-6 rounds.   3 Events in a row...  between the omens and the events, we all lost 3 lives in 3 turns.  Ouch.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Sacrilege83 in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    I have not played the expansion yet, but reading the card it says that his Strength Value is always equal to his life.  A value is what is printed on the card, not including cones and objects.   So he should not be stuck at maximum 5 Total Strength the whole game, as he should be able to gain cones just like any other character.  The only thing that would fluctuate is his base value which would be between 1-5.  Even then, if he Gains a life (eg: Pool of life), then his Strength value could exceed 5.
    Am I mistaken?
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    chemical22 reacted to Artaterxes in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    The bolded part doesn't exist in Talisman language. XD
    "Value" is strictly the number printed on your character card, as chemical22 explained. Your Strength and Craft cannot go below their values, e.g. if you lose Strength via the Random Spell.
    Basically Strength or Craft = value (number on card) + points (cones) + modifiers (cards).
    For Possessed, Strength = value (= life) + points (cones) + modifiers (cards).
    For example, the Warrior's Strength value is 4. If he has 5 red cones, his Strength is 9, but his Strength value is still 4. If he loses all his Strength, he loses all his red cones, but his Strength value untouched and is still 4 (+0 cones = 4 total Strength).
    If the Possessed's life is 4, his Strength value is 4. If he has 5 red cones, his Strength is 9, but his Strength value is still 4. If he loses a life, his Strength value will now be 3, and his Strength is 8. Then if he loses all his Strength, he loses all his red cones, but his Strength value is untouched and still equal to his life (3).
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    ansolutely love the flaggelant Chemical22!   Couldn't resist, i made it as quick as I could; and considerng I am packing to go away to a festival early in the morning I should really get my priorities straight. Oh wait I already have hahaha Awesome character!!! :D

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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Ok here is a new one today... let me just say... I really hate the flail...

    3 Strength
    3 Craft
    5 Life
    2 Fate
    You cannot use armour of any kind.
      Before battle, the Flagellant may whip itself into a frenzy;  Lose 1 life and gain an additional die to add to your combat score (this loss cannot be prevented).
      You must choose to take 1 life if you win battle against a player.   If your opponent loses the life, you may choose to continue beating on him or her; if so, both players must miss 1 turn and your opponent loses 1 additional Life (this loss cannot be prevented).
      You shrug off flail attacks; You automatically win any combat in which a flail is used against you.
      You may add +1 to your result when praying.

      Start: Temple
    Alignment:  Evil
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    chemical22 reacted to Thermoptic in House rules to speed up Talisman!   
    Rawsugar, thanks for the ideas for the rules to speed up the game. But i just need to respond to the first part of your reply regarding a game dont have to be longer than 45-120 minutes if you as a player just play "fast". But there is a difference between "playing the game" and "having fun and playing the game" me and my friends dont gather to play the game in "hardcore mode", we play the game having fun and talk about stuff.
    This takes me to the reasons from chemical22. And you are correct, the biggest contributor to making talisman such a time consuming game is ourselves. Now when you mention it, i dont actually think any of us - me and my friends - have thought about when we actually can go for the crown of command. We just play and think that we need stronger characters.
    Maybe the game could be played without haste and have fun at the same time, we just need to learn when to aim for the crown of command.
    But as the game is so random with the cards its hard to say. I still want to try the simple house rules you mentioned in this thread to see if we can cut down the time to 2-3 hours.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Rawsugar in House rules to speed up Talisman!   
    Like just about everyone, we have that problem too - the game is typically 4-6 hours for us.
    We've come to realize the biggest contributor to this is ourselves.  Typically, we find ourselves wanting to explore all of the expansions, piling up on strength and craft.  We find that we can cut our games in half just by making a run for the end much earlier than instinct tells us too.
    We have a working theory that you only need about 8 in either Strength or Craft, 4 lives and a few Fate to spend, in order to have a chance on taking the crown (providing you are playing the traditional end-game). 
    There has been many times when a player has been "forced" to chase after a player through the inner region, far sooner than we thought possible, and they've made it to the crown.
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    That is possible too.   I DID think about the sacrifice of the Craft - but I balanced it out by the full replenish of fate, and the destiny card which I believe will offer more than enough compensation (most, if not all, give +1 in 2 stats plus a bonus ability).   Keeping in mind, also that the maiden can be killed, stolen and discarded - while the destiny is permanent, even if your character dies.
    However, if the general feel is that it needs more incentive - then the princess could work both for game play and flavour.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Dungeon Crawler Jack in Best Talisman TOAD Moment?   
    What better way to be welcomed to the expansion.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    New character's look great!  I think you've given FF a new way to make money with alternative character cards
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Found a picture I thought sort of suited the Nyctomancer, so have made up a character card for him

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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Well I made up the crime lord from your suggestion Chemicall22

    and here is the first alternative art character

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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    I am loving the Crime Lord! God it is going to be hardwork trying to play with him as my girlfriend has already 'dibbed' him. Well we'll have to wait for a random character selection to deliver us into the arms of organised crime
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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Crime Lord
    3 Strength
    3 Craft
    4 Life
    3 Fate
    All objects purchased from a City space, cost an additional 1 gold for all other players - this gold is paid to you.  Players may choose not to pay the additional gold at the cost of 1 life per object.
      If you land on a player, you may immediately discard 2 gold to steal one follower.
      If you encounter a City Watch card you may instead place it on another player's space.  The player must encounter this card immediately and cannot evade.
      You may evade enemies and characters in the City.
      You begin the game with 4 gold.  
    Start: City
    Alignment:  Evil
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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    I've been toying around with collaborative abilities between characters.   Something that favours the character possessing the ability, but also makes it worth while for the collaborator to participate.  I really like the idea of creating "teams" or synergies between players during the times that most benefit them.  It's something completely different than what has been presented and could offer some great "gang ups" against players steam rolling away to victory.
    An incomplete idea would be a "Dungeon Crawler" (tribute intended)
    Where you could summon another character to the dungeon to form an adventuring party.   With the second player participating in combat and also having a chance at the spoils.  You could then introduce some interesting stipulations.... must be a good character, must be from the dungeon expansion, must possess a talisman etc.
    Or perhaps you stream line the ability to say - During combat, you may pay 2 gold to a player, to teleport his/her character to your space.  Add both character's strength or craft together for the battle.   A character must be neutral or the same alignment as you to participate.
    The idea is not worked out, but I think it could be interesting.
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    chemical22 reacted to Pontus in Best Talisman TOAD Moment?   
    Bought woodlands expansion. First game ever with it, my first move. walks into the woodlands. Toaded.
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    chemical22 reacted to Dungeon Crawler Jack in New character ideas !   
    I love the design on The MadCap. He looks ace 
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Cool yes have changed the wording on the Mage Conduit to read clearer 'other payers' have been added.
    For the Old Crone I will make it clear that it is IF you draw the hag, or for any reason get given the hag from another player, instantly discard her and gain +1 Strength and +1 Craft
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    chemical22 got a reaction from jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Yeah,  I actually created him with the fact in mind that there are not a lot of anti-characters out there.  So thought it might be interesting to introduce one.  Like it mentions, the ability is regional and at a 50% chance.  So he really is a spell caster's bane, but he can be worked around with a bit of tactic and luck.
    I can see a player's strategy changing a bit with this character - perhaps being more offensive and going after character kills or object steals more frequently.
    Just something different anyway - for good or bad.
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    chemical22 reacted to Nemomon in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    Two fate. This works per encounter.
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    12th July 2015
    Characters played: Mimic (Original Version), Cavalier, Engineer and Imp
    What an enjoyable game!!! The game was about 4 ½ hours with a little break half way through.
    The game was pretty fairly even for the first couple of hours with slow but steady levelling up and the highlands and city heavily explored.  The cavalier starting with the Warhorse and Maiden had a good start, he used the healing lives for free at the castle numerous times throughout the game.  The player playing the Cavalier thought that overall the character was ok but he didn’t really like the fact that he only had a Craft of 2 as it meant that the Warhorse wasn’t as useful, but overall he certainly enjoyed himself and thought that the game was a fairly paced one with lots of treasures had by all.
    The Engineer had a reasonable game. She started out slowly but after I suggested that she would do well in the City if looking for Constructs she began to show potential.  She auto killed a Strength 7 construct so was extremely happy to transform it into a Warhorse. Sadly within the hour she had lost the Warhorse and her Battle Axe.
    The Imp was a strong player. With the ability to teleport characters away when attacking pretty much made her unapproachable and she had some luck gaining both Strength and Craft early on in the game and gaining a Warhorse she began to look promising for the crown.
    I played the Mimic and used the original idea of landing on characters and being able to have 2 abilities.  As it happened the character worked out well.  The first ability I was able to mimic was the Engineer’s auto kill for constructs. I then popped to the city and the first card was an enemy construct which was pleasant surprise.  My craft went up pretty quick and I also had a Warhorse, Riding Horse, Luna the pet which allows you to choose what fate rerolls are.  With the Imp’s ability to teleport on a 6 which I mimicked I had a clear strategy. Fate my movement roll to teleport in woodlands to gain more fate and quickly get a destiny. Then I had further plans but with some bad luck and the Imp dark fating me all the time! I ended up missing out on some good treasures.  I was able to get into the inner through craft and was able to sacrifice all my followers to the Vampire. After successfully killing all the pit fiends my Talisman was stolen from me by the Imp and I died trying to get out of the inner. So sad, so very very sad
    After that the Imp was clearly the strongest player and within the hour, having the luna pet that I had she used the teleport trick to boost her stats to far higher than the other two players. All three players got to the inner and the Imp wasn’t able to kill them off before finally all three players were in the centre. With the 17+ strength of the Imp she was able to kill off the competition with a breeze. Leaving a very happy Imp, far from the grumpy Imp found in the adventure deck!
    Overall all players said they enjoyed their characters. I feel that a rewording on the Imp’s ability to teleport characters away when attacking needs to be amended to say something like “Cannot be used in the Inner Region” as this was raised once players got to the Inner. Other than that I think the characters worked well and I think I will give the mimic another try with the abilities as is.
    Next play test coming soon I hope!!!
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    Oh ther will be more! you can bet it on!
    I thought you may like to hear how the characters fair in real battle! of which they all stood their ground. I'm hoping that the Mimic will get a go next as I really want to see how easy it is for it to gain special abilties. I was thinking that perhaps when the mimic reaches a certain craft it may take 3 special abilities instead of two...and if this is the case then perhaps it should start with only being able to mimic one? Will definetly think about this when it is played with
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    chemical22 reacted to jackyboy in New character ideas !   
    8th July 2015 - Played characters: Camel Rider, Fate Master, Earth Mother and Hound Master (Shaman was 5th Character but not homebrew)
    The game was fair pitched game with every character levelling up somewhat at the same time and each having the potential of winning. The player playing the Fate Master was upset that she didn't start with 5 fate (because she couldn't even use 1 fate before losing a life) as this was before the game started I upped the fate value to 5. This seemed to work well for her as she was able to use a fate a turn at least before suffering the penalty. Being that the theme of the character was to use fate quite a bit this seemed fair. The player playing with the Fate Master also realised early on that the Woodlands would be a good corner to visit with her ability to choose light/dark bound at will. Overall the player was very happy with the character and wants to play with him again
    I played with the Earth Mother and was happy with the abilities of the character. I used the fact she could move freeling in and out of the middle region to pop in there whenever there were goodies to be had (fountain of wisdom popped up and I got 2 craft from it) and ignoring events came in handy. I didn't level up strength wise much and ended up in the highlands for a long time, but I ended up having Craft 13 so quickly headed for a warlocks quest and got myself a Talisman. I dashed for the inner region and ended up winning! It was close as the Hound Master was in the inner and 1 or 2 turns more and he would have gotten to the centre and beat me with Strength for sure! One thing I found a bit overpowered was the gaining a life in the fields. I think I will change it to if you start your turn in the fields you may miss your turn to Heal a life.
    The Hound Master character didn't use his dogs once which was a shame. He got himself a Warhorse early on so the dogs were no real use. The player enjoyed the character and the wanted poster idea but he didn't really get a chance to use it. If however I was the Hound Master I would have bought myself as many wanted posters as possible as that would have allowed for some good teleporting if a 6 was rolled
    The Camel Rider had a good start. Picking up lots of objects and becomming a threat early on. A quick toad'ing however and that all changed. Being the kind of player that he is, he then popped into the dungeon quite unprepared and lost more than his objects!!! He didn't get a change to use the evade ability so will have to see how that works in another game
    Overall the game was very enjoyable - a 5 player game which took about 4hours. It was suddenly all over when I decided to make a plunge for the inner region. The other players left me alone and didn't see me a a threat with a Strength 2 ha! next time they'll be more respectfull to the Earth Mother!!!
    Thanks for the characters guys! They were very much enjoyed and have become part of my Talisman collection

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