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    chemical22 got a reaction from Leavon in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    Great work here Leavon.  Out of curiosity... anyone have pics of the board fully loaded with these yet?
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Alarin in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    I know this has been hashed to death in the forums...
    But I'm putting out a call to see if there is anyone who has definitive house rules to make ALL expansions playable in a game.  I have every expansion and I'm of the personality where I need to use them all.  
    However, I really can't remember the last time we played a Talisman game to the end without having people forfeit or imposing a sudden death rule.   And I mean - we're giving 6-7 hours per game and still feeling like no progress is made - it's such a drain on morale.  With the death rate, it is not unusual to be at the 5 hour mark with all relatively new characters.
    So question - does anyone have any definitive suggestions about tweaking the game/expansions so that all can be played in a reasonable game time?
    I'm at the point where I am going to yank every fiddly mechanic (reaper, harbinger, werewolf, dragons, tokens, day and night) just to get to a more simplified game.  But that kills me to think that way and I know it causes some issues with gameplay - but if I don't, I think I'm going to lose my players.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from JediKnightAmoeba in The Cataclysm (real life)   
    Or the bright side is they could be sitting on a bunch of bits and bites that they cannot sell.  So it might be perfect timing.
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    chemical22 reacted to JediKnightAmoeba in The Cataclysm (real life)   
    Thanks for the advice.  I contacted customer service the other day, sent some pictures along - but miracles rarely happen...  But who knows, maybe they have some extra inventory of cards I can buy since they will be purging their inventory.  Fingers crossed!
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    chemical22 got a reaction from JediKnightAmoeba in The Cataclysm (real life)   
    I can vouch for their fantastic customer service.  They sent me replacements without hesitation and at no cost.  Obviously, you are dealing with a much larger scale however.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from JediKnightAmoeba in The Cataclysm (real life)   
    OH no!  I had dog problems with my game too - but only a few cards.   Yours had a complete nuclear meltdown.
    I don't have anything I can offer except my sincere condolences.   Hope you can patch together your collection.
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    chemical22 reacted to talismanisland in The Cataclysm (real life)   
    I have a number of spare cards, from a few expansions, but certainly not all of them.
    If you fancy compiling a list of cards that you are missing, and send it over to me I can have a look what I have.
    You could also fire a quick message over to FFG's customer service, as they won't really be able to do a lot with any oddments they have left after February.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Lorinor in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    As a follow up, based on some of your feedback, I've decided that perhaps it's not the fiddle aspect of the game so-much that is causing the long games and the drag - but instead, it is the lack of character progression.

    Next game I am going to use all expansions as written but house rule the following:
    1.  It costs only 5 trophies for a cone, rather than 7
    2.  All characters begin with a warlock quest
    3.  A character who "dies" drops all equipment, followers and coins on the space and is resurrected back at the graveyard with full starting health and fate.  The character will retain all strength/craft that it has.
    Maybe for flavour, I will have the Reaper teleport to the graveyard as well
    I'll give an update on how that works.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Artaterxes in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    Yep... that's me!  You should join our games so I don't have to do it .  
    All the fiddle doesn't really bug me, I can handle it.  From the other player's point of view, they have a smooth drive.  It's not the effort that is the problem, but the time it all takes.
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    chemical22 reacted to Artaterxes in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    My suggestion is to have the most detail-oriented, hard-working player who has memorized the rules (usually the owner of the game) handle all the bookkeeping. In my group, if we play with all expansions, this responsibility is mine. As a result, I monitor the following:
    Remembering to move both the Reaper and Werewolf if a 1 is rolled. (I keep both sheets near me as a reminder.) Flipping the Time Card when an Event is drawn. (I keep the Time Card near me as a reminder.) Moving the Harbinger when an Event is drawn. (I keep the Harbinger sheet near me as a reminder.) Monitoring the current Lunar Events. (I keep Lunar Events near me.) Monitoring the current Omen, and remembering to retreat the Harbinger when an Omen is flipped. (I keep the Omen stack near me.) Drawing a dragon token at the beginning of each player's turn. (I keep the tokens near me and personally draw and resolve them for each player.) Keeping track of the current Dragon King. (I have all three Draconic Lord sheets near me with the crown and scales.) My "workstation" consists, therefore, of the Reaper sheet, Werewolf sheet, Harbinger sheet, Time Card, Lunar Events, Omen stack, and if playing with the standard Dragon ending, the dragon tokens, Draconic Lord sheets, and crown. Although I am doing a lot of upkeep, the game proceeds very smoothly.
    EDIT: Also, I do not play with all expansions at once with every group. With every board game in my collection, I begin with the base game only, and add expansions over time. I add the expansions in release order and ask the group how many they wish to add for the next game. This allows players to be familiar with the rules and vastly reduces the amount of questions when many expansions are added. It also allows players to see how the game has evolved. For instance, players may appreciate best the Harbinger and Cataclysm expansions after they have played the expansions as they unfolded through their development.
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    chemical22 reacted to Lorinor in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    Have you considered assigning some of these "fiddly" mechanics to each player so every person always has to watch this or that?
    You could also do all the fiddly things yourself - if you think you're up for it. (That's what we usually end up doing for my group. )
    One more thing, out of personal experience - if you are playing with the Harbinger "normal" rules as well as the Dragon
    (maybe even an alt. ending too), don't expect anyone to ever finish the game.
    There is no possible way to do that, hard truth of the matter.
    And yes, your players have to be willing to do that. Which is why we "usually" don't play with the Harbinger "main" cards and Dragon cards.
    This way, like every 10th game or so is ... a pretty special experience, to put it mildly.
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    chemical22 reacted to Bludgeon in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    That is the single worst thing in Talisman I think. To me Talisman with all (or most) expansions and without house rules is borderline unplayable.
    I don't know about "definitive" but I have my list of house rules I use and they work fine. They were designed with various goals in mind, but goal number one was always "reduce the length of the game to about 1h per player"
    Unfortunately for those who would wish to use my house rules, they work best with custom cards I made (over 300 at this point). But still, some stuff can be used as is.
    I think the most important suggestion:
    Take everything that slows the game out, and make it usable in game only via alternate endings.
    The Reaper? Can only be in the game if you use The Reaper alt ending.
    Same with the Harbinger, the Dragons, the Werewolf, etc.
    Bonus feature of this solution is that you can then write some "fixes" to original rules on those ending cards.
    For example, I don't play with original Dragon rules as they increase the game time. If I want to play with the Dragon expansion, I use this:

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    chemical22 reacted to Cookierobber in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    I know I'm in the minority here, but I disagree with a lot of what has been said, as me and my group usually play with every expansion. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter;
    Never play with more than 4 people. Playing with that many people massively increases the playtime, to the extent that games are almost never finished.
    Play it safe at the start of any game. Try to avoid the harbinger, go into regions he isn't in, don't draw too many dragon cards, etc. Talisman has a reverse difficulty curve so the start of the game is fairly deadly and slow paced but the longer the game goes on the easier it is to survive and more fast-paced it becomes. If you can survive the first hour or so, in my experience you won't usually die for the rest of the game unless another player hunts you down or you have a string of astonishingly bad luck.
    With all the boards added, the game becomes very spread out. PvP is still a thing, but nowhere near to the extent that it is in the base game, where the region is comparatively tiny. Don't expect to be fighting other players that often - most player interaction comes in the form of spell casting, the reaper, and card effects. For this reason, spell casters become (in my opinion) a better choice the more boards are added.
    As has been said, assigning each of the fiddle mechanics to one person or doing them all yourself is generally the way to go. This makes everything far more efficient, and reduces playtime significantly.
    Everyone needs to be very familiar to the game and rules. For this reason, adding the expansions in gradually so people can get used to them from game to game could be a good idea. The more people are used to the game, the more they will know what they want to be doing, where they want to be going, ect. The more people know what they're doing, the faster the game becomes.
    Also, actually try to win, and encourage other people to do the same. In a lot of our earlier games, my group and I would just wander around aimlessly for hours, building our stats to a ludicrous degree before pretty much auto-defeating the lord of darkness and teleporting straight to the crown of command. However, the inner region can actually be approached surprisingly early, and if one player tries it and succeeds, or almost succeeds, more players will be inclined to do so and the play time will be significantly cut down.
    In terms of reducing game time, the other key is honestly to practice, and have patient players. My friend group and I used to have two day games that we still wouldn't finish, even with only the dragon, highland, dungeon, and the first few small box expansions. Now, we can finish a game in 6 or 7 hours, even with all the expansions. Talisman isn't an easy game to fit into a day, nor is it a short game no matter how good you are at playing it. It can, however, be done, and be a more enjoyable game for it.
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    chemical22 reacted to magicrealm in All Expansions - Suggestions please.   
    Three very Basic and necessary rules :
    1. a 1 is always a 1. you can never change it with fate Points.
    2. experience Points (trophies) come only from enemies who are equal or stronger than the pc, no experience from weaker enemies (objects and followers not counted)
    3. you have to kill all the bosses in the expansions (woodland put mab in the last space)
    from that base you can continue to develop your riules.
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    chemical22 reacted to talismanisland in FF updating Talisman and expansions before Feb 2017 deadline?   
    GW owns everything made for Talisman. They can do what they want with anything FFG made for it.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Leavon in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
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    chemical22 reacted to Bludgeon in Talisman card and token organizers   
    Objects, followers, quests, destinies...
    And with woodland fate can be light or dark.
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    chemical22 reacted to Lord Dragon in Talisman card and token organizers   
    I made these for a buddy of mine and he really loved them so I thought I would share them here

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    chemical22 got a reaction from Leavon in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    I personally had a great experience with Fantasy Flight when my dog ate a few of my cards.  They sent me replacements with no hassle and no cost - they were pretty awesome about it.  You might send them an email while they still have stock!
    You can follow my little ordeal here:  https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/186765-replacement-card/

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    chemical22 got a reaction from bowlwoman in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    I personally had a great experience with Fantasy Flight when my dog ate a few of my cards.  They sent me replacements with no hassle and no cost - they were pretty awesome about it.  You might send them an email while they still have stock!
    You can follow my little ordeal here:  https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/186765-replacement-card/

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    chemical22 got a reaction from Deniax in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    Amazing work.  I'd be interested if cost and shipping was reasonable.
    It would be nice to have a representation for the Sentinel and the Portal of Power I think.  Also, the Eagle King and Dark Lord.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Osbo25 in The Harbinger: First Thoughts   
    And you are both saying what I originally said
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Uvatha in Good vs Evil: The Ultimate Showdown   
    I am just bumping this post because we played this game scenario last week and it was a really good time!  I feel like it all went well.  I've edited the original post to reflect our finalized rules.  Hope someone else tries this and drops their feedback.
    For the record, our game ended with Evil winning.  One team member was even a toad when they won!
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    chemical22 reacted to Osbo25 in Teamwork and compassion saves   
    I've never used a dark fate to save a friend, but I'm not as aggressive when it's a friendly game.  For example, I would never use Misfortune when someone is rolling against the Reaper.  Against the Enchantress, yes, but not the Reaper.  With as much time as it takes to get together, get set up, and play the game, we want to make sure everyone plays to the end.
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    chemical22 got a reaction from Osbo25 in Good vs Evil: The Ultimate Showdown   
    Inspired by my last post about team battles - I thought I'd give this scenario a post and see what everyone's thoughts are.  Do you like the idea?
    Battle of Good vs Evil
    Ending:  Traditional Crown of Command
    Players: 4-6
    It is a classic battle between good and evil. The team that reaches the Crown of Command and eliminates all the enemy characters will win the game.
    Each player draws 1 character at random (multiple draws do not work well in this scenario) Standard game setup  
    Good aligned players are on a team Evil aligned players are on a team Neutral aligned characters randomly roll whether they align with Good or Evil (represent this off to the side with an alignment card). Roll 1 Dice: 1-3 Good, 4-6 Evil. Teams do not have to be even. As alignments tend to shift and new characters are drawn throughout the game, the tide of alignment will also change. This means that a good character turned evil, will instantly be aligned with his past enemies. If a character is turned Neutral, then he must immediately randomize who they tend towards. This means that there may even be an instance where all players are on the same team - in which case, they simply win by one team member reaching the Crown of Command.
    Special Rules:
    You may not attack your own team mates Any time a light fate is required, another team mate may pay the price instead of the character in question. You may not dark fate your team mates.  If a character passes over any team mate during movement, he may immediately end movement on that space and encounter the character. If you encounter a team mate, you may swap items, gold and followers between the two of you (except cursed) If you land on an enemy card or enemy character then you may fight combat as normal except:
    If another team mate of either side is in the same square, then all team mates combine stats for the combat. Each player of the losing side is treated as if they lost the combat - in character combat, that means each may lose 1 life, 1 item or 1 gold. The winning team may choose what characters receive the spoils - divided in any way they choose (including trophies). This applies to both enemy or character combat. Outnumbered:
    If your team is out numbered then those with the disadvantage temporarily gain +1 Strength and Craft per character they are outnumbered by. Eg: 3 v 1 = +2 Strength and Craft.
    Special note:
    Characters with abilities or items that change alignment at will can do so as normal throughout the game. However, treat this as a temporary alignment, keeping track of both it and their starting defined alignment.  Any instruction that forces alignment change is applied to the defined alignment.  Defined alignment is used when determining teams and if the character is outnumbered, while the temporary alignment is the alignment used when referring to other game decisions (such as items, card or space reactions).
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