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  1. Great work here Leavon. Out of curiosity... anyone have pics of the board fully loaded with these yet?
  2. Or the bright side is they could be sitting on a bunch of bits and bites that they cannot sell. So it might be perfect timing.
  3. Best of luck! Let us know how it works out for you.
  4. I can vouch for their fantastic customer service. They sent me replacements without hesitation and at no cost. Obviously, you are dealing with a much larger scale however.
  5. OH no! I had dog problems with my game too - but only a few cards. Yours had a complete nuclear meltdown. I don't have anything I can offer except my sincere condolences. Hope you can patch together your collection.
  6. Thanks for your input! 1. I'm too OCD to play with only two corner boards. I NEED to use them all 2. This is actually our sudden death rules. At a point in time we declare sudden death and then each turn your character gets +1 Strength or Craft. It also means all deaths are final. I find, it wraps the games up in 30-60 minutes after we do this. But it isn't my favourite solution. I find the magic minimum stat number is about 8 before you can consider trying for the crown... so doesn't this speed up the game too much? In 7-10 rounds anyone could be ready to attempt a run. 3. Something similar has been suggested - I could only see this helping if you do your previous house rule, otherwise this would significantly lengthen the game. It also makes combat a little bit unrewarding in the later rounds. 4. This has really never been an issue for our group. I'd also comment, that the inner region is not exceptionally better than the outer region in terms of game progression. I find the corner boards are MUCH better at helping progression, which might be a reason for me to further vote for all 4 corners. 5. This is interesting and makes for a much more cutthroat game. I find some of our most exciting games however were based on 2+ characters racing for the crown at the same time. This would prevent that unfortunately. It might also exclude some endings - not sure off hand. 6. Assuming you mean choose between 2 characters, and not 2 characters at the same time; then this is exactly what we do too. We also have a rule, that if you used it in a previous game, you can choose to redraw. It's amazing how often the same characters are drawn Thanks again for your input! I love hearing how others play the game.
  7. 1. The variant from the rulebook. Works fine but not my cup of tea. 2. My variant "public quests" is like that but through entire game. 3. I like that idea. I really like your variant of public quests - it is sort of a toss up for me. I also considered your idea with some slight tweaks: Place ONE public quest on the warlock's cave. When any character completes it, they may choose to teleport to the cave, discard the quest and gain a talisman. If there is no quest on this space, draw a new one.
  8. As a follow up, based on some of your feedback, I've decided that perhaps it's not the fiddle aspect of the game so-much that is causing the long games and the drag - but instead, it is the lack of character progression. Next game I am going to use all expansions as written but house rule the following: 1. It costs only 5 trophies for a cone, rather than 7 2. All characters begin with a warlock quest 3. A character who "dies" drops all equipment, followers and coins on the space and is resurrected back at the graveyard with full starting health and fate. The character will retain all strength/craft that it has. Maybe for flavour, I will have the Reaper teleport to the graveyard as well I'll give an update on how that works.
  9. Yep... that's me! You should join our games so I don't have to do it . All the fiddle doesn't really bug me, I can handle it. From the other player's point of view, they have a smooth drive. It's not the effort that is the problem, but the time it all takes.
  10. First of all, thanks to all of you for offering your input... it's nice to see that I am not the only one with these issues. I appreciate all your comments. I've replied where I can... in between work hours... I think the most important suggestion: Take everything that slows the game out, and make it usable in game only via alternate endings. The Reaper? Can only be in the game if you use The Reaper alt ending. Same with the Harbinger, the Dragons, the Werewolf, etc. I'd never considered that and I'm going to give it good thought. It is a good way to still use those expansions, but not every game. That is a VERY interesting suggestion. Bonus feature of this solution is that you can then write some "fixes" to original rules on those ending cards. For example, I don't play with original Dragon rules as they increase the game time. If I want to play with the Dragon expansion, I use this: I played the majority of our games with housed rules for the Dragon Expansion. Just recently I went back to the original rules in attempt to play it as-is. While it definitely contributes to the fiddly aspect of the game - I find using the dragon expansion can actually push the game along. Once you get to a certain level where you can take on 7, 8 or 9 Strength/Craft. characters can start gunning for the Scales and really progress fast.
  11. I know this has been hashed to death in the forums... But I'm putting out a call to see if there is anyone who has definitive house rules to make ALL expansions playable in a game. I have every expansion and I'm of the personality where I need to use them all. However, I really can't remember the last time we played a Talisman game to the end without having people forfeit or imposing a sudden death rule. And I mean - we're giving 6-7 hours per game and still feeling like no progress is made - it's such a drain on morale. With the death rate, it is not unusual to be at the 5 hour mark with all relatively new characters. So question - does anyone have any definitive suggestions about tweaking the game/expansions so that all can be played in a reasonable game time? I'm at the point where I am going to yank every fiddly mechanic (reaper, harbinger, werewolf, dragons, tokens, day and night) just to get to a more simplified game. But that kills me to think that way and I know it causes some issues with gameplay - but if I don't, I think I'm going to lose my players. Suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the correction. Did not realize that GW has a complete license for it all.
  13. I think the common accepted theory is that FF knew that Cataclysm was the final expansion. They put in some pretty unusually thorough thank-you's in the end notes to give you that impression. I would assume that sales were not a factor. From what I understand, the contract was not pulled and simply not renewed. So I am sure both companies saw the writing on the wall, well before the date. I could be wrong, but I don't believe GW could issue expansions unless the rights were sold to them. I'm pretty sure FF owns Talisman Property while the Intellectual Rights are over at GW... unless they kiss and make up, that is a recipe for eternal slumber. I've been corrected
  14. This is a very good base for an organizer. Light and dark fate could be organized top and bottom row... with the "fate side" showing to the left. So there is a way to incorporate that clearly. I do feel that there needs to be a follower section and a MUCH larger items section to incorporate the item limit that mules and carts allow. Perhaps you could even break items up between standard items and trinkets - those often need to be separated to keep your item limits organized at a glance. I'm not sure what the face down treasure card is supposed to represent? Just a header for the section? - If so, I see that as just some wasted space you could utilize. As much as I like the talisman on its own, I feel like it needs to be within the items section for limits purposes. Do the cones stack fine? If space allowed, there should also be a spot for at least one destiny and one quest. Overall - very cool idea, and could be very awesome with a tweak. Nice work.
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