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  1. You can't perform the same action more than once, so you were illegally performing two focus actions already. The fact that you get an evade token from Jan instead doesn't change the fact that it was a focus action.
  2. Only peasants would swap the cardboard out of their upgrade dial kits over and over. So of course any serious X Wing player needs one upgrade dial for every ship. And you're still relying on untreated cardboard to last the test of time, which it won't. So why not look into alternatives? I have over 100 ships. That means more than 100 dials thanks to Scum. #&%$ buying 35 odd dial packs.
  3. Any further progress on the modding? I'm keen to see what you do with the back of the Ghost.
  4. I'm not sure of whether anywhere else is affected, but here in Australia we're still waiting for our SC kits to arrive, despite the fact that it is now two thirds of the way through the season. Our stores have had to cancel and reschedule their SC events and are now just running them without the kits. This of course creates a burden on the stores as they will now have to get the prizes out to the players once the kits turn up (assuming they ever do). Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just us? The exact same thing occurred last year where none of the stores got their kits until mid February. And before someone says weather or dock strikes, the kits should have been sent out 3.5 months ago if they were to use surface mail. It shouldn't be this delayed.
  5. For casual play you can bring a printed list although I would recommend having the cards for munitions and bombs so that you can flip them over once used. For a tournament you would need the cards but if you have some of them, you will often find that people are happy to lend you the extras if you ask nicely.
  6. I'm not sure Brobots has a kryptonite list. I have flown Brobots against BBBBZ many times over. It eats slow and predictable lists for lunch. The low agility combined with low PS equals quick death against the very mobile and unpredictable Aggressor. The key to beating the BBBBZ list is to NEVER joust with it. Nothing can stand toe to toe with this list. It will always give more than it takes. Out fly it. Don't allow more than 1 B-wing to shoot at any one of your ships. If you do this, it falls apart quickly. Eh, I think an 8 ship swarm is Kryptonite to dual IG's. You park a spread out wad of TIE Fighters in front of an IG and it's not moving. Next turn the TIE Fighter player will intentionally bump so that his ships won't move, and the IG won't either. I've parked one on an asteroid 2-3 turns in a row with this, lol. I would say then that the IG-88 player didn't know what they were doing. I got exceptionally good at flying a swarm of 8 TIE's, to the point where players cringed if I showed up to an event with them and visibly sighed when I didn't. One of the other good local players lost his first game to my TIE's with one TIE remaining. He hasn't lost to them since. Keeping at range three to trigger autothrusters and gunner HLC/Mangler just wrecks the swarm's day. If the brobots have to spend a turn or two running away occasionally it is still fine if they can keep the TIE's at arm's length using boost to get autothrusters off.
  7. Tell your opponent that you'd like to practice for tournament play. Gently remind them of rules and things will slowly change.
  8. I have unfortunately come across a bad case of sportsmanship in X-Wing. The person in question conveniently forgot about rules like the fact that they can only check ranges for the ship that is attacking. I pulled them up on it but I wondered how many others that didn't realise, and let it slip. The player in question had placed in a Regional event so "being new to the game" was not the case here and it was not accidental. They simply pushed for every advantage they could get whether they were allowed to or not.
  9. Added to the X-Wing Miniatures QLD Group events list. https://www.facebook.com/groups/661842453920684/
  10. It's in my signature, and I don't want to think about how much I've spent on this game. The fact that later this year/early next year I'll be filling a PACK 720 is a rather scary thought.
  11. The tournament rules links are no longer working and the link on their website takes you to the old version. Damnit, I have a store championship tomorrow.
  12. Edited version: Due to Dock worker strikes in the US, Australia is still waiting on their delivery of Most Wanted packs. This is of course frustrating as many of the local stores are holding off running their Store Championships due to not having what they want to sell and promote as part of the event. I probably shouldn't have posted it and have edited the post.
  13. My friend was running Dash with HLC, outrider and Lone Wolf paired with Chewbacca with a few upgrades. Was a pain in the arse to deal with since Dash is so mobile, and Lone Wolf is very effective on him.
  14. I use Battlescribe for a couple of reasons, some of which are X-Wing related, some are not. Firstly Battlescribe is not a X-Wing specific list builder. It's a generic app that then uses datafiles that include all of the info for a specific game system. This means that you can use the one app as a list builder for multiple gaming systems. The data files are manually updated for your client but it reminds you if you haven't updated them for a while and to update them is a single click of the button so it's easy and no hassle. It also has a neat feature of being able to sync your lists to your dropbox, so anytime I make a change to a list when my mobile gets back on a WLAN it updates my dropbox so I can go to my PC, pull up the list and print it off without having to stuff around. As an X-Wing specific list builder it does a reasonable job. You do have to select an upgrade before you can see what it does but it will let you select multiple options (and give you a warning that you've made an illegal list) so that you can easily view them. My only gripe with it is that I can't organise lists into folders (ideally for individual game systems). I get around this by putting XW at the beginning of all of my X-Wing lists so that I can easily find them.
  15. I believe you'll find what you're looking for here.
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