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  1. I loved Descent 2nd Edition. Playing it wih four of my friends are some of my favorite gaming memories. But I never wanted to be the Overlord. Not really sure why, but I never enjoyed it, win or lose. But in Imperial Assault, I'm exactly the opposite. I have no desire (yet) to be a hero, when I can throw squads of Stormtroopers at them. I've only played once so far (waiting for a replacement in the mail), so I can't offer too much in the ways of answering your questions, but I can say this: The turns are much, much more fun. No more "Ha! As the Overlord I shall crush you!" *heros destroy all minions before Overlords turn* "... well... have this card! You get an exhaust token!"
  2. If you guys send in support tickets to the replacement parts guys, be sure to check the link on the bottom of your email. I sent in a ticket about two weeks ago. I haven't heard anything back yet, but if I click the link it says my status is "in process" and at the bottom of the link page it gives a bit of info. Like I said; it's been two weeks now, an they haven't replied. But my request hasn't been closed yet. I imagine there are LOTS of requests.
  3. This. I used to mainly post on the X-Wing Miniatures forums (till it became the place to prove who had a bigger e-peen), and I LOVED seeing peoples' posts about their paint jobs. But seeing IA repaints are a highlight to my FFG browsing time.
  4. Also, a shrink-wrapped taco plate included would be lovely. Two beef, one chicken, please.
  5. I like it. The campaign guide for "Descent" was a LOT easier to read/put together than in IA, so I wouldn't mind just having a pre-printed little map for the campaigns. Heck, you could even store the actual tiles in a different box and only bring them out for custom scenarios/new campaigns. It would also look pretty sweet if the area outside the times matched the terrain of the tiles...
  6. My wish list? (1) Hoth. (2) Snowtroopers (for Hoth) (3) Rebel Base on Hoth. (4) Maybe a wampa? (for Hoth) (5) also, Hoth. Hoth was my favorite Star Wars battle scene, hands down. If I had a dollar for every time I played the Hoth map on "Star Wars: Battlefront 2," I would have my own Tauntaun (which I would cut open, crawl inside, take a nap, then buy another one). Having a big-box expansion like Descent with lots of tiles, Snowtroopers and Rebel troopers, maybe a large rebel turret to battle the (special edition!) Snow At-St's... I can't wait.
  7. *insinuates lack of painting skills with post title* *posts pictures of expertly painted models* And the stormtroopers. I NEED to see the stormtroopers...
  8. I am curious; why didn't you just return the game to the store and get a different one? You say that by the time you get all the components, you will have already lost interest, but the store could have waited after they replaced your copy. It's a bummer to have to wait, but give them a break. I think it's pretty awesome that FFG was even willing to replace every figure in a game that has a skirmish mode. Imagine if you were FFG and someone claimed that you failed to include a main component of the game... a main component that most (if not every) players want more of. Also... surely FFG has computers that weigh the boxes before they go out to ensure the correct weight? (One dice, a figure, something broken, that's understandable. But all 30+ figures?)
  9. Why would you NOT keep them?! Throwing them away would be like trashing the title to your car! They are the pink slips of the galaxy!! I keep mine filed away in my safety deposit box, next to my birth certificate and social security card.
  10. Thank you for this. I had forgotten all about the Derpfender, and went back to re-read the thread... and discovered that I had missed pages 4-8. THAT'S 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
  11. Sometimes, I like to look at the game more than play it. It doesn't even have to be set up. I like to open my Plano boxes just to admire the ships. And the way everything is organized...
  12. Mr. Green and Mrs. Scarlet. I swear, I could play a perfect game (correctly guess my opponents moves, stay clear of asteroids, flank my opponent while staying in range), but no matter what, I WILL lose terribly at the hands of the Dice Gods. Everytime I roll, I roll in fear.
  13. By not spending too much time reading the rage posts here on this forum.
  14. I have the Harbor Freight one. I mounted it on an old radio antenna, with the existing swivel and stand. Having a line laser is awesome. Having a line laser that can stand up above your set, and be perfectly still is more awesome.
  15. Hoosteen

    Happy Friday

    I get to teach my little brothers (10 and 6) X-Wing. We might just use the simplified rules, but the younger one keeps asking "Can we play the Star Wars game now?" It should be a good weekend.
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