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  1. I do some streaming, ramping up towards more regular. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oduOUI1lLH4&list=PLwX80-7TCDFSV9bX_A7K_dcbNwGLroiEv
  2. Well, this is pleasently helpful, I've been putting together a fantasy version GB team one-shot based in Sharn to run at nivcon 3.
  3. he'd be sil 4-5, scathing tirade and all it's upgrades for his roar, indomitable, adversary 5+, ignore difficult terrain. I'd use magic Attack action and build a spell as his breath weapon. Then i'd build Mechagodzilla, bc I pretty much already have.
  4. Jimmifett

    Scrying Magic

    Good questions. The original topic on discord was how to do scrying MAGIC. Genesys has an amazing magic system already in place, and just using perception, designed for hearing or seeing things within your immediate range, takes away from 1) the magic aspect, and 2) the investment into skills such as arcane and divine. So, since we already have an excellent magic system, I wanted to embrace and extend it. The first things were basic casting and distance. Then I thought, why not make it more broadly applicable? So I added in past sensing and future sensing as a function of range bands up to GM discretion. Once I had the concept of picking up an item and seeing it's past, I came up with the default scrying sensation being residual emotions, with auditory and visual capabilities as addons. This tracks well with lots of fiction and lore. Then I decided, well, if i'm remote viewing another place or time, how much can I actually sense? Thus I added the options to expand the field of awareness around the subject as range bands. So, I can either focus on one thing like Eleven in stranger things, or I can broaden my senses around the target and find out what the russians are doing instead of just one russian. Next, of course, was scry defense. Somethings just want to be kept secret from prying mages/telepaths/whatever. Originally it was different, but after some thought, I decided it would act as melee/ranged defense and add setbank to scrying checks. This also made for varying degrees of protection and allows the player to achieve a higher victory for overcoming the enemy's protective spells. Finally for the core addons, I thought, well, if I can see and hear, what if I want to read the thoughts of the subject from distance, so I added detect thoughts at +DD difficulty, so it's doable, but tough. Now, I knew i had a system that like the other magic rules, would add up difficulty quickly and implements would help mitigate that. A crystal ball, long a staple of remote viewing in fiction, seemed logical, but one could just as easy use a cauldron. A ward totem seemed like an excellent fit to help aid against scrying. Something a shaman or druid of a monstrous race might carry. Then, because Dresden is a great inspiration for magical effects, I wanted having a piece of something able to make it easier to scry on the subject. Finally came the talents. The pathfinder iconic cleric Kyra with glazed over eyes as she casts divination spells inspired Farseeing, making it easier to view long distances. Clairvoyant was then an obvious choice for view chronological distances. I then wanted a talent to show ability in defeating scry blocks, so piercing inner eye came to be. And naturally, I wanted to make it possible to be easier to block scrying as well, and since I love the Dune novels, I borrowed the Siona Atreides gene and No-field concepts to allow that to happen. So, there you go, the thought process in a nutshell of creating an additional magic set that uses all the existing design concepts. Narratively, you aren't always using your own senses. The target could be in a sound proffed room, in an unknown dungeon under a mountain holding the stolen maguffin, or even on another plane. It's implementation could be HP style extendable ears, an arcane eye, looking through the eyes of your pet eagle (see Beastmaster) or any other number of creative ideas.
  5. Jimmifett

    Scrying Magic

    So, discussion on discord regarding Scrying. I whipped up some rules for it. Scry Skills: Arcance, Divine Covers all forms of telepresence, weather you are looking through another creatures' eyes, conjuring an arcane eye, or just remote viewing. Also covers scrying across time such as clairvayance or reading the future of a subject. To Scry something, it's 1 Difficulty to scry an object engaged with the caster at the present time, with the results being strong emotions aborbed by or emenating from the target itself. Scry Additional Effects: +D per range band of distance above engaged from the caster. +D per chronologic range band from the present (engaged). Scope of Short, Medium, Long, and Extreme are left to GM interpretation. +D to add audio or visual sensory, +dd to add both. +D to increase perception range outward from the target. +D to add a rank of Scry Defense to the spell area. +DD to detect thoughts. Implements: Crystal Ball: Reduce the difficulty of either physical or chronologic range band distance to the subject when scrying by 2. Warding Totem: Doll or figurine with eyes, ears or mouth stuffed, sewn, covered or slashed. Reduces the difficulty added from physical or chronologic range band distance from around the subject by one when blocking scry actions. Piece of the Subject: Hair, blood, or chunk of the subject. Reduce the final difficulty of a scry spell by two. Talents: Farseer: Tier 3, Passive, Ranked. Remove a difficulty added due to physical distance from a subject of a Scry check per rank of Farseer. Clairevoyant: Tier 3, Passive, Ranked. Remove a difficulty added due to chronological distance from a subject of a Scry check per rank of Clairevoyant. Piercing Inner Eye: Tier 3, Passive, Ranked. Remove Setback due to Scry Defense equal to ranks in Piercing Inner Eye when trying to scry a subject in a scry-defended area. No-Field: Reduce difficulty added to block scrying by 2. Scrying vs Scry Blocking: To scry a subject within an area that has Scry Defense, add Setback dice equal to the ranks of Scry Defense added to the initially cast spell. Examples: Hear what was said around a campfire a week ago: Initial D, +D for short past tense, +D for medium past tense, +D for audio, +D to extend range from source to short, burnt log from the campfire, -DD. Total difficulty: DDD. Spy on the neighboring King's War Council and see war plans: Initial D, +DDDD for extreme range, +DD for audiovisual, +D to see the whole room around the king, use crystal ball -DD, Farseer 2. Total difficulty: DDDD + Setback if the king has any scry defenses cast. King's mage wants to block Scrying: Initial D, +D for short range to encompass war room, +DD for audiovisual, +DD for 2 ranks of scry-defense, using warding totem -D, No-Field -DD. Total Difficulty: DDD.
  6. this would be great as part of a font replacement for the EotE font
  7. Is Prepared Spell(t2) supposed to be ranked? I don't see anything about it using ranks.
  8. I'm thinking clans for me are either narrative in nature or a talent selection. That way with the zodiac archetype, you can create a wide variety of characters for a given clan. As a talent, clan features can grow via improved and supreme, or even take a high level 2nd clan feature for mixed inherited traits, but it'd be weaker than the main trait with possibly not having improved or supreme versions. similar idea i'm kicking around with natures.
  9. OK, so basic level Jutsu system I'm working out. Scrolls, genetic abilities, and elemental affinities are still a bit off in the near future. Using the design principle of taking something that works, filing off the serial numbers, and calling it something new, I'm doing the same with the existing magic system. 4 skills. Genjutsu (Illusion), Ninjutsu (Catchall ninja stuff), Taijutsu (martial arts and self augmentations), and Chakra Control. The 3 Jutsu types replace Arcane, Divine, and Primal. Chakra Control replaces the Magic system's reliance on Knowledge skill. Chakra is respresented by your Strain. Run out of strain/chakra, fall unconcious, sucks to be you. Now, lets say you want to do some fancy ninja stuff. You'd select the applicable skill from the 3 jutsu types, then start building your dice pool as if you were casting as spell up to a total of 5 difficulty dice worth of features. Now you got you're Ninja move ready. Gonna cost you 2 strain once you use it, success or fail. Those threat and advantage generated are going to look particularly important to your strain pool, is it worth triggering a crit/quality, or do you need that strain back? "But wait", you say, "What if I want to get super anime levels of stupid with my ninja?" Thats where Hand Signs and the Chakra Control skill come into play. Hand Signs supposedly help the user shape and focus their chakra more effectively, making otherwise out of their league abilities more achievable. You can use Hand Sign maneuvers to reduce the number of difficulty dice for a given jutsu "spell" by one per maneuver used, up your your ranks in Chakra Control, minimum 1 difficulty die remaining. This allows you to controls jutsu "spells" of higher difficulty, but the final result must be no higher than 5 difficulty dice. Player A wants to perform a jutsu that is 7 difficulty dice worth of spell features. He has a 3 ranks in Chakra Control. He can spend 2 maneuvers doing Hand Signs to bring it down to 5 difficulty to use, or 3 maneuvers to bring it down to 4 maneuvers to use. Player A might need to spend strain to get in extra maneuvers or stay mobile while he is building up his action, further reducing his strain pool. To further balance this out, I think it'd be a good idea to place an "interruption" limitation on this casting system; that if you perform any "active" Action (up to gm interpretation) after beginning Hand Signs maneuvers that would interrupt your hand motions, but before using your Casting Action, you lose 1 strain per Hand Sign maneuver taken, have to start over, but you do not pay the 2 strain for the spell since you never cast it. Pretty much, if you're going to pull off something big, your allies need to protect you why you get prepared. As for stupid eyes and family abilities, I'm thinking along the lines of Signature Spell talents that reduce difficulty dice before ranks in Chakra Control are taken into account. Would have to rename. Additionally, Signature Spell (generic, not eye or family based) would become Signature Jutsu so you can get better at your favorite ninja moves. Other considerations are changing the default range band of spells when using taijutsu to Engaged (self), then apply effects and features accordingly. Going to formally type this up and toss it into the setting document, but there's the base mechanics for my Jutsu system.
  10. So, on a lark, I decided the world of Naruto would be interesting in Genesys, especially since the arrival of terrinoth and additional mechanics. I've looked over the good work done by rickbm, but I think I'm going to go a different direction with it. It's a work in progress, feel free to comment. Updates will be posted here. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AruUs7BCPeghiqJ9INL_S8nY8W0IWQ
  11. I'd actually say quite a few Transformers are silhouette 3 or larger. RC/Jazz/Bumblebee/HotRod/most commercial automobiles would be an example of silhouette 2; while Prime/UltraMagnus/Rodimus/Starscream and other jets would be silhouette 3; Dinobots might be between 3 and 4. Of course, I'm basing this on vehicle form, tho transformers have a funny way of changing mass (soundwave, megatron), I think that is possibly the best rule of thumb to go by at first glance. Soundwave and megatron i'd soundly put at sil 3. As for combat, noted is the sil difference, which should handle most issues. I'd personally treat most transformer weapons as high damage personal scale weapons comparable to the LMGs or higher in my RAH setting, or perhaps having breach 1 for some of the worst weapons. I'd build them as hybrid stat blocks, having Br, Ag, Int, Cun, Wil, Pr, but then have Hull and System Strain and Armor of 1 or 2 max instead of wounds, normal strain and soak. Conventional human weapons aren't really going to do much unless they have breach 1 or can roll high enough to get 10 damage, but that is fine, these are giant metal robots, you need heavier human weapons: LMGs, C4, Rocket Launchers, etc. A group of RAH humans could team up and take down 1, maybe 2 transformers with good planning, but a group of transformers... you're better off laying traps and having transformers of your own on your side.
  12. I'll have to take a look at this, I've been wanting to do G1 transformers to add to my Real American Heroes setting
  13. Jimmifett

    GI Joe

    My setting addresses Ammo, running out, getting more, etc in the Setting Rules section.
  14. Here's the final boss from the Operation Hunting Party one-shot. She's a hard target, doesn't want to die, hopefully you acquired missile launchers. Good thing there is an AC-130 on standby... https://1drv.ms/b/s!AruUs7BCPeghiqE6BNU5Yd6j14Vt9Q
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