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  1. (can't accuse me of clickbaiting) Could this be coincidence? I mean, surely Doug Chiang saw this, right?
  2. FFG just told us that it's fine. Understand? It's you who isn't grasping the simple concept here.
  3. Well obviously I Did because I'm the one THAT ASKED THE BLOODY QUESTION to the moderator in the First place ! Get it. And before you get to ahead of your self read it again. "Although sales or marketing of any kind are not allowed on our forums" Speaks volumes about what was happening last time. Either way. Everyone now knows ! Because I asked the question. And have received other messages from moderators relating to this. I'm not talking about the message posted to the forum for us all to read to clear up your mess. I'm talking about the sekret one that you somehow had security clearance for but that you were sworn to not share with us. The one that completely contradicts the post we can all see. You need to stop embarrassing yourself. You just wanted to throw your weight around and be a forum nazi. There's others immitating you now! A guy made a post with his fan art card and someone posted "please refer to barrys post about licensing blah blah". So now that guy is bummed out and misinformed. (if you're reading this card-dude; don't be dicouraged. you can post your cards all day).
  4. Wow. So much...misinformation. Spoken with such authority. Did you get that message or not, Barry? Because it really looks like you didn't. You can put it all down to "negativity" if you want, but you guys have been pushing this line since we lost the forum and it kept me from coming back because I thought my Oota Goota was part of the problem. Now it turns out you are utterly wrong. Barry and Joe need to NEVER make posts on this subject again.
  5. Since i'vejust spread misinfo in here I better clean up. I googled around and... There’s a video everyone is spreading around with the clickbait claim that Kylo Ren calls Rey “cousin” in Disney Infinity 3.0, when that’s not what the video shows at all. If you actually play the game, one of the thing Kylo says when he gets hit is “curses”. The video shows Rey fighting Kylo in the final battle of the game, right after Kylo repeats the “face me” line he’s hit with an attack and says “curses”. Thanks to how popular any type of Star Wars clickbait is right now, sites with dubious records of Star Wars scoops are rushing to call this confirmation of the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey when the game never says the “cousin” line. The mocking of this “scoop” has begun, but that hasn’t stopped it from being posted on social media everywhere. Read more at http://furiousfanboys.com/2015/12/kylo-ren-does-not-call-rey-cousin-in-disney-infinity-3-0/#6W0RqA8hFBgPwMlc.99 My apologies. Tricksy and false.
  6. I like the Ren theory. It would explain a lot. But I'm pretty sure she's Rey Skywalker. I read that Kylo calls her "cousin" in Disney Infinities. (oops continuity team)
  7. Ep.9: "The force takes a powernap" The Force Breakfasts
  8. Kylo Ren: Totally miscast as an angsty Darth Vader Fanboy. I want to be like hiiiiiiiiiim. I thought Adam Driver absolutely nailed it - I've known one or two disturbed and dangerous individuals with the skills to harm themselves and others in my time, and Kylo REALLY reminded me of them. He plays the role of someone who is barely in control of himself and his tremendous abilities very well. the whole angsty emo schtick people are trying to pin on him is horse541t in my opinion. I think you're getting Drivers performance and peoples opinions of his character mixed up. He was clearly *meant* to be a young emo darksider in training. Like he was meant to be a Vader try-hard. Rey even called him on it. Canon.
  9. I've kinda been traumatised by this movie. Han's death has really affected me. The sad thing his life had become in the years following ROTJ. Lost his family and direction and ended up like a cornered animal with all his bridges burned. And then gutted and kicked down a hole like a piece of s***. I haven't read the whole thread, or much reation stuff anywhere so I don't know if this was a widespread reaction. Maybe I'm a wimp. It just seemed to me that in the end his life and sacrifices weren't worth it. It could just be that I really don't need a message like that at the moment. I liked the rest of the film, but I found too much had been spoiled for my taste, and pretty much everything I was looking forward to got kicked down the road. (ie. where was carries daughter?, new 2 legged walkers (guess they were just toys), new gun-head walkers, how the sabre was recovered, knights of ren, reys identity, anything about luke, I could go on). I wanted to love the film and generally I am a fan who works with them, but there were big downsides for me. I'm still on side but i don't trust them as much anymore.
  10. Sometime after the 18th the epVII firehose will be cranked up to full noise.
  11. Everything we've seen in the epVII trailers is from the first third of the movie. I think there are at least a few new ships in the movie (that lego thing that looked like a b-wing for a start) They did a good job of keeping the new core set hidden. Is it a leap to think they may have a whole wave waiting to launch shortly after the movie?
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