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  1. Did you convince him? I'd really like to try out this skirmishy-mordheimish variant! (:
  2. So, here is my custom build storage solution, made from foamcore: Pros: Fits everything from the core box, including doors on stands and sleeved cards. Cons: Probably not so great for painted minis, especially the large ones.
  3. That looks fantastic! Great paint jobs on the minis too. I am trying to store everything Descent from 1E everything 2E, so it won't quite work for me personally, but I think it's overall a better path than I have gone down. Oh, sorry - didn't quite make it clear enough: the one in the link isn't mine. The one I've made is based on the plans I've linked to (Agreed, his minis are pretty nicely painted). I'll post some photos, whenever I have time to take some.
  4. No, the hero player didn't place a hero in the direction of the exit, and yes I reinforced the goblins at the end of my turn. To the hero players defense: it was our very first game of Descent, so none of us really knew how to operate our groups of either heroes or monsters (although it was rather obvious what to do with the goblins.), aaaand the heroes rolled really really bad on the few attacks they managed to make, at the limited time it took for me to win. The hero player didn't really find it very fun to lose ever single encounter (we played the first three), so tonight we'll switch it up, so I'll play heroes - though not sure if that ensures me losing any more, than playing OL?
  5. I only have the base game, but I build a custom insert in foamcore, based on this one. All my cards are sleeved though, so I had to build one that fits all the sleeved cards, meaning my final design is very different than the one from the Esoteric Order of Gamers. All the components fit, and everything is very easily accessible.
  6. Really? I've only played First Blood once, but the OL (me) won extremely easy We have found everytime the OL always wins first time, then the heroes do onwards - it's uncanny. It's always due to the speed from the goblins using scamper and the heroes not being ready for it I think. Huh, we'll have to try the quest a couple of more times then - it really did seem unfair to the heroes, but maybe they just weren't ready for the speedy goblins. This depends very heavily on the number of heroes. With a full party, the Overlord starts with lots of goblins, and if the heroes ignore them, he can win in just a couple of turns. But with only 2 or 3 heroes, the Overlord has to get at least one goblin out the exit before he can reinforce the fifth one that he needs, which is at least a 2 turn delay. It also only takes the heroes sending one person in to knock out a couple goblins to delay the Overlord enough to usually secure a victory. We played with 3 heroes, so yea I had to get that one goblin out the exit before reinforcing it again - which did give me a semi delay, but nothing that really mattered. On my last turn I managed to get two goblins out the exit, earning me the fifth, and a sixth fatigue token. It never really felt like the heroes had a chance - they were nowhere near slaying the Ettin. But we'll start a campaign tonight, with me playing the heroes (I'll control 3 heroes), so we'll see how it goes! (:
  7. Really? I've only played First Blood once, but the OL (me) won extremely easy!
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