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  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you so very much!
  2. Might anyone have a good profile for a fence, someone that my players can sell their scavenged goods (er..blasters) to? I didn't notice any in the core rule book and I want to throw one in for next session. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. I would say plan it in stages, and make it a sizable Investment so they have to work towards a final goal. I'm not sure how much free flowing cash your players have on hand, but make just out of their reach. This will make them search for work in order to acquire the needed resources. Perhaps even planning a mini-campaign to help them work towards their goal. Part one can consist of them acquiring land (either on a planet or asteroid, or even a space station). Either make it expensive or saddle them with a ton of obligation. Part two could be them retrofitting their lair to suit their needs. Perhaps they want a particular set of facilities, they require time and effort to build/setup/acquire. In a third part you could introduce some threat. Make them fight for their newly settled home, which will make it more meaningful to them. In the long run, think about what expenses are needed to keep the base running. Power? Water? Staff and other hired help? From this point it's up to you and them to figure out what is most needed! Have fun, keep us informed!
  4. I was thinking of something like that, yet I was wondering if I should add obligation at the end of each session without a fix. But there definitely needs to be more in game setbacks, you are right.
  5. From an Obligation standpoint, what have you found to work well for a spice addicted PC? I want the value to fluctuate, depending on access to his drug of choice and his health. Any ideas?
  6. Alright, I think I've got it. Now I'll just have to give it a shot, though it seems like it would often be extremely difficult and (possibly) not worth it. Has anyone see it effectively come into play?
  7. I've read through the rules, but I'm still a bit fuzzy on how dual wielding works. Either with 2 pistols or a gun and me lee weapon. Can anyone give some examples to help me better understand how to make this check?
  8. Oh wow, I somehow didn't hear about Aaron Allstons passing. That is tragic that he died so young. I always enjoyed his books, and I agree that the X-Wing books would also be good reference material. Perhaps I should read them again too!
  9. I also agree with checking out Scoundrels. I powered through it a couple of weeks ago and it was encouraging as a new GM. It also had a lot of good fluff and party interaction that I could see transferring over to the game very easily. With regards to non-book reference material, the clone wars tv show is very good for visualizing different aspects of the Star Wars universe. It's been a very entertaining watch, too.
  10. Very good topic here, I've run a few sessions but hearing little tidbits like this really helps me to get in the mindset and understand the best ways to get the PC's involved.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. I'm going to run this weekend, letting them use their computers if they want and make a decision from there. If it works, it works and that's cool...if not I'll make sure everything gets printed and my players are on the same page.
  12. We played through the beginner game a few times, and have just made characters and this weekend are going to begin our real campaign. My question is, they all used an editable PDF to build their characters and I feel like they will all want to us them while we play. Has anyone ran into any issues/recommend against allowing this? Not quite sure how to approach this one, thanks for any help!
  13. Wow, thanks for all the great replies. I've got some good suggestions to get me ready for our next session!
  14. Hello all, I just ran my first EotE session as GM, and we have our second meeting set for next weekend. It went well and we all had a ton of fun, but I felt very unorganized. True, we were still all learning the rules and I was flipping pages like a madman, but I was wondering anyone had any tips for staying more organized? What sort of documents do you keep at your side, for easy reference? How do you keep track of any relavant players tats or story details? What are you referencing most, if not just story narratives? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Having just started in my GM role, with no previous rpg experience this was also something I was having a hard time grasping. How to manage the time and movements in between encounters is something that I hope flowers easier with more practice. That's for all the good info, everyone!
  16. Last night I ran the boxed game with 4 pc's and everyone had a lot of fun. However, a few questions popped up that I wasn't entirely sure on. Exactly how do movement and actions work out of encounters? Is each player still limited to an action and a maneuver, going from one to the next? Thanks in advance for any help!
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