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  1. Djinn was just used as an example, as there are a lot of cards that have similar abilities. Many of the Caissa cards have wording that says that they are hosted but not installed as well. Could you use the trash 1 program subroutine on these as well? I was asking more as to these outside cases, rather than Djinn itself.
  2. When a subroutine (such as Rototurret) says trash 1 program, does it have to be an installed program? For example, if a runner has a personal workshop or Djinn out and cards on them and they encounter a Rototurret and can't bypass the subroutine can you trash a program that is hosted on those cards?
  3. In the core rule book, it says that you need a certain amount of agenda points in your deck depending on your size. What counts as Agenda points in terms of deck building? Clearly Agenda's do, but what about cards like Director Haas?
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