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  1. I dont have the rulebook for Corelia Conflict on me right now. Do the rules say anything about how refit/upgrade points must be divided between team members? One of our guys had a good chunk of his fleet scarred in a battle. My fleet just lost a few fighters. Can I give him some of my refit and/or upgrade points that I dont need? Or does he only ever get at most 1/3 (there are 3 people on our team) of the total points generated for the team each turn?
  2. Yes. In a game of mine I was running all 3. I kept a Assault Frigate mk 2 from moving at all for turns 3,4,5 because he never used a navigate command. And Konstantine mananged to slow all other ships too. Its a great combo.
  3. So Adm Konstantine, Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam and G8 Expiramental Projector all disrupt a ship's speed. Do these abilities stack? So if there is a speed 3 ship I can slow them down to 0 as long as all the rules are satisfied? -1 for Konstantine with 2 ships nearby, -1 for tractor beam if they dont have a navigate token and -1 for G8 which can bring them to 0. Right? Of course the timing for the abilities is a little different between the 3 of them.
  4. So nothing available right now though?
  5. Hey guys, a friend of mine just bought the book and we are starting a game. Im just wondering if there is a career tree for Form VII? I see the other forms represented, but not Juyo. Has anybody made their own tree for it?
  6. When I use the "activate squadron command" and have 3 squadron value for the ship Im using. Do I resolve the move/attack of the first squadron, then choose a second squadron to move/attack, then a third. OR do you have to choose which 3 squadrons youre going to activate at the same time. I like the first option better because it lets you react to what happens. If your fighters are engaged with just 1 enemy squadron, and your first fighter kills it, then your other 2 can do something else. Another question. Lets say I have an X wing and a Y wing which are both "engaged" with a tie fighter. The tie has to shoot at the xwing per the Escort rule. Does that mean that the y wing can move off, or do he have to stay engaged with the tie fighter? Thanks!
  7. What exactly can it hold/how many? Like how many command dials, ship cards etc. Basically if I wanted enough to hold ALL of my cards and stuff, how many would I need
  8. Something along the lines of "you know nobody is coming back [for you on jakku] but this is one who can come back." The first time around it seems Maz is talking about Finn. But then i realize that sge already told him he could leave if he wanted too. Instead i think Maz is refering to Luke. Context works here too because they are talking about the skywalker legacy.
  9. I think who Reys parents are has sufficiently been beaten to death. Can we talk about how she was able to best Kylo Ren in their saber duel at the end of the film? How does dhe best a trained warrior?
  10. Best place to hide something is in plain sight.
  11. I think they are very aware of the plot holes. They dont have to give us all the answers within the first movie. If you just go off of what you learn from A New Hope you have lots of questions about who Luke's father is and who Vader is and what in the world happened. How did luke end up on tatooine and all that jazz.
  12. I would have to disagree with this. Her 5 year old self might have known her dad's name. But in those early years kids dont have a well built long term memory. What do you remember from when you were 5? I think it is very plausible that she forgot her parents names. After all, being raised in surrogate parent's care does weird things to young kids memory. Plus it was very traumatic for her and young kids really suppress traumatic memories too.
  13. Good point. I think kylo is older than rey by a few years. So he could have turned at a relatively younger age. But maybe what happened is more of him quite literally opening the door for the knights of ren to enter the new jedi temple and kill everybody. And the flash back we see in the film is afterwards and he is hunting down those that escaped. He wouldnt have to be to old to disable any security system and what not to let other dark side users like snoke into the temple.
  14. I hope her mother is mara jade. No reason why i cant Kylo probably killed jade when he turned. And just like others have said. Luke hid her from the knights of ren to protect her while he went off in search of jedi secrets to help him and rey fight them eventually.
  15. Oh cool. I use gw paints too. Which specific one did you use. I have a few that im experimenting with, but nothing that i like so far, so im gonna go out and buy some more colors.
  16. Nice job! What paint did you use for all the ties?
  17. Great Tie bombers man! What paint did you use for the blue/grey? Im trying to do something similar.
  18. As far as models go, do you think we will get new models for the T70 x wing and the FO tie? Especialy for armada, how would you be able to see the difference?
  19. So assault proton torps says: "black critical: deal 1 face up damage card." I dont understand the point of the upgrade. Dont you already have the default option of dealing a damage card face up for a critical hit? Am i missing something?
  20. Kinda off topic question. But do you think they will make the MC 80 Winged version?
  21. This isnt to bad mouth b wings. They are my favorite Starwars ship. Im just trying to figure out how to use them... So Im not a big time player, played my first game in months over the weekend. It was my first time using B-wings. B wings are so slow! Mine didnt do anything until the last round. They managed to help take out a Vic, but still. Is there anyway to speed up bwings currently? How do you properly use bwings?
  22. I dont think repairing fighters during combat is wise or tactical. Refuel and rearm is one thing, with a trained crew that would take only a few minutes. But if you recall fighters to fix them up, any damage that would only take a few minutes to fix isnt going to impede their tactical ability, so nk point to take them out of battle. The more severe damage would take hours, and not something you want to do in combat. The best way to make time to fix your stuff is to end the battle.
  23. Chicken or the egg? It was niether. The rooster came first!
  24. Just 1 ISD? im getting 2, no matter their cost!
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