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  1. Thanks all.as I have been gone awhile, and google is failing me, what it HOTR. The acrynom looks like heroes of the republic. Is that a thing? Edit, tried harder for Yoda. Heroes of the resistance, looks like I will be getting another falcon.
  2. Did we ever get whistler? Seems wrong to have Corran without him.
  3. Ewings cost a lot more than t70 xwings. So do people still use the E, or are they dead?
  4. Ok, I've been gone a long time. I just bought my first T70 because if I'm getting back into the game I'm gonna need several. Aaaaanndddd wow! I like this ship but the ace is 30 points. So, more hull than an E. The 3 turn flip thing, a new kind of slot. Have these ships sent the poor Ewing to the dustbin? Edit, bad phone, Ewing not earth wing. That sounds like a bird based recycling program.
  5. Just because a word has been abused for ages doesn't make it ok. The fact that "literally" can now mean "figuratively" according to the Oxford English dictionary boils my blood... Insofar as stupid pedantic semantics can boil ones blood... Actually that is the exact process by which our language changes. I had to come to terms with it when I realized gate is a recognized suffix.
  6. When your significant other looks at you and asks, "What we're you thinting about just now," and you desperately dig for a romantic way to tell them they reminded you of a new list you want to try.
  7. I don't know you. Whatever you did happened while I have been away. I haven't touched an xwing since 2015. I will play my first game of 2016 tomorrow night, and I think it's going to be fun. I don't play competitively, but I do get to play with folks who do from time to time. I burned out, but six months later I'm curious again. I don't own any jump masters but I guess I should look into getting one. Anyway, I hope some time away will be healthy. Have fun with whatever. I am sure the game, and this board, and many of these people will be waiting right here if you decide to come back.
  8. Stelar 7

    Happy Friday

    I haven't posted in months, but I knew there would be a happy Friday post.
  9. Well, sort of yea.But if they hate it because Rey "beat a Sith Lord" then they are objectively mistaken. But he's not saying that. He's saying Kylo Ren isn't a Sith Lord. He's not. Kylo is clearly still at the apprentice level when Snoke says "it's time to complete his training." Having just re-watched The Empire Strikes Back, Luke was a joke as well before he completed his training. And I haven't seen anyone saying they hate the movie because Kylo was "a Sith lord". Plenty complaining that he was defeated, but narrowing the argument to the single point that he was a Sith Lord is setting up the argument to defeat it.Read the other couple complaint threads on these forums and you'll see at least one OP and quite a few posters complaining about Rey beating a Sith Lord. They might as well be crying about Luke defeating Vader or hitting ties from the gunner seat in episode 4.Those are completely different actions or timeframes. If Disney doesn't want me to bag on illogical events in a movie they shouldn't make me wait 2 years for them to be explained. Why is it all the people bagging on Rey beating Kylo like to ignore the minor detail that his ass got shot with the bow caster before he ever started the fight. Every other thing that gother hit with that weapon blew the hell up. They even made the point with him hitting himself and bleeding all over the place. Seriously, did the part where he sustained a mortal wound, but lived and kept fighting just fly past you?
  10. Stelar 7

    Brief PSA.

  11. I remember disliking phantom menace pretty much from sceen 2. We went into episode 2 and 3 wary and they got better, but still had issues. TFA delivered my back the feeling of watching Jedi as a child. I am just a hair older than episode 4. Star Wars is synonymous with my childhood. Cinematicly TFA has the virtues and vices of ep 4 and 6. To complain that 7 is bad you have to trash 6 the vices are identical. In the case of 6 we don't even have the amazing new chatacters. 6 gave us Ewoks, which led to some terrible TV content, which I still watched. 7 did two things and did them very well. It gave us new, engaging heroes and it primed the pump for something new. I was quite bitter about a phantom menace by this time after seeing it. We were hopeful, but guarded about the next films. Now I'm just hopeful and excited to see what is next. Ultimately these stories are versions of the heroes arc. A story we have been telling each other since out best tech was a fire. Star Wars is about the people, and we have amazing new people whose stories we will get to share.
  12. Kylo ren, During the planning phase you may take 1 damage and designate one enemy ship whose dial must be placed face up before any other dials are set. Dunno on points.
  13. My Tantitive, with the Falcon docked to the side, and an xwing in the Falcon's landing claw. Cause to heck with this space fight I'm taking my toys for a ride. On the off chance I can't dock the extras though then I want my Raider cause Star Destroyer.
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