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  1. Love me some Armada. Let's not get too carried away, though. Thinking about game tweaks and house rules is fun. That's all it is. If I had been allowed to write the rule, I would think way, way back to my days with Car Wars. Now THERE were some ramming mechanics. Rear-end, head-on, or T-bone collision? What was the difference in speeds of the two objects, etc. Move the rear of the mid-sized vehicle 1/4 inch in the direction away from the collision per 10 mph. It was hilariously complicated and part of a pretty fun game. But, I like how Armada stays on the simplistic side of things. I think if I was going to tweak Armada for a house rule, the first thing I would do away with is the auto face-down damage card. Instead, I would use black dice to represent the force and unpredictability of the collision. Then, I would assign a number of black dice inflicted per ship size. Fighter = One black die inflicted if no shields present Small = two black dice inflicted Medium = Four black dice inflicted Large = Six black dice inflicted So, a CR-90 rams an ISD. The corvette inflicts two dice on the ISD, while the ISD inflicts six on the corvette. The corvette disintegrates (as it should), but not before a chance to seriously damage the ISD, and maybe end it if conditions were right. A VSD with front shields down and only one damage card remaining gets rammed in the control tower by a lone x-wing. (It could happen!) An ISD moving at speed 3 collides head-on with Home One, also going speed 3. Ca-rash! Six black each! That might encourage better piloting...
  2. I love my Battlefoam 1520 XL. Tons of room, and it wheels like a suitcase. Pricey, but considering the amount I have spent and will spend on my fleets? Might as well cruise them around in style. http://us.battlefoam.com/categories/Battle-Foam-P.A.C.K.-System-Bags/P.A.C.K.-1520XL/ The Armada pre-designed foam trays are pretty cool, but designing your own custom ones is fun, too. http://us.battlefoam.com/star-wars-armada/
  3. I was thinking last night about the title of the film "The Force Awakens." There is also a statement made by Snoke, "There has been an awakening." So, how are Jedi and Sith created? (I'm going to go ahead and assume that they don't catch a mitachlorian flu or something.) It's clear that it can run in families, but not necessarily so. In the past, Jedi were recruited very young, and Yoda says that Luke is too old to begin training. But, what if the Force just manifests itself strongly when the need arises: i.e. a prophecy about bringing balance to the Force, etc. So what if the Force, randomly awakens in random people across the galaxy? What if the last Jedi and the last Sith both felt the force awakening in two different young people. What if one of them was a Stormtooper, and the other was a girl sold/abandoned into abject poverty by her family? That would be a pretty good story. I was always confused by Vader and the chosen one/prophecy stuff. He was supposed to bring balance. So, he murders most of the Jedi, leaving only Ben, Yoda, Luke and Lea, and a handful of others I suppose. Then, he murders the Emperor, and dies, essentially leaving just Luke, and no Sith. Balance? On Rey: I hope she's not related to anyone. I hope she's just a random, desert-rat, scavenger, kid who got struck by the Force lightning bolt and is here to kick ass and chew gum. She's Perseus or Hercules on a mission from the Force. I hope that Luke's reluctance to see her is due to his regret about failing Ben Solo, his fear of repeating that mistake with Rey, and the fact that her arrival means his hiatus is over and it's about to get force-forcey real up in here. If he is aware that he is repeating the Ben Kenobi arc, waiting as a hermit until his student arrives, so he can teach her and then sacrifice himself, etc. Well, I'm not sure I'd be happy to see her either.
  4. www.minaturemarket.com has moved my pre-order to "contents verified" which is the immediate predecessor to "shipped." So, they could ship today or possibly tomorrow. Nice to know we are at the end of this long road. Looks like I put my pre-order in on 7/16.
  5. Looks like the assault frigate conga line just got even beefier with the addition of the MC80. In retrospect, could the imperial player have positioned his ships better to avoid the ISD getting absolutely hammered? What if, instead of heading towards the middle of the line, he had instead, tried to aim everything he had at the tail end of the line? I.E. took a turn or two to swing wide and try to come at the formation from the rear, or at least rear-ish? We used to say that you never wanted to park your ship in the SD's front arc. I'd now say the same for the MC80 and the assault frigate's side arcs.
  6. Well, I recieved all my CAP knowledge from Battlestar Galactica... Adama was always very concerned about keeping the combat air patrol out and about so the capital ships didn't get caught unawares. (Which, taking into acount the above posters much more realistic response, is why I never quite took to the rule that an Armada fleet could have no more than 1/3 of points spent on squadrons, but could spend zero if it wanted to. No CAP? Who sends out a Star Destroyer with zero TIE fighters?)
  7. That's a nice pic, Stacy. Did you have any issue with the dials turning or anything fitting after painting? I guess you just have to be careful not to over-do it on the paint. That flat black is nice, too.
  8. I occasionally see 'Gen Con Special'. Although I know that it was a fleet build that was successful at GenCon, I have yet to determine exactly what was in it! Also, 'IFF', with a link to the podcast? 'Double Tap', 'Garm's Guppies', 'Ackbar Slash'?
  9. In other (similar) news, FFG just announced some very cool upgrades for the x-wing maneuver dial. I'm at work trying to remember the size of my x-wing dials vs. the size of the Armada command dial. Does anyone think they would be compatable? If not, I would like to see FFG jazz up some of the Armada components the way they have with x-wing...
  10. Man, I love the new colored bases and pegs that FFG just revealed for X-Wing. Those are super. (Where's black? Technically not a color, but my Imperials need black.) I wonder if they have any plans to continue that idea for Armada? I suppose the round squadron bases would not be too hard, but the capital ship bases may be cost prohibitive? (Also, yes, I know I can paint them myself. But why pass up a chance to give FFG more of my money? It's like tithing to the church at this point.)
  11. Hey D5, Welcome! Nice of you to take one in the wallet for the group. (I'm in a similar boat, i.e. "why should I spend a fortune on ships, I'll just use yours.") I'm talking off the top of my head here, but I'm thinking that you will be missing out on some important cards and commanders. In particular, I think you need to get the VSD, CR90, and the Neb B first. You may be thinking, they already come in the core set, but as I recall the cool cards are in the solo sets. I think your group will probably have more fun when you can field 2 VSD's with upgragrades against a couple of Nebs and CR90s. Once you have broken those in a few games, add the Gladiator and the Assault Frigate. I'm also thinking that it would be helpful in teaching the game, just my two cents. R .
  12. I'm in the Southern U.S. and the product was shipping from U.K. Maybe a problem at Royal Mail? I wonder if in a year from now, some strange space-rocks will show up on our door-steps having circumnavigated the Earth. It's very cool to be getting an extra set of asteroids, though. I can be experimental with my paining and not worry too much. I have this idea of trying to make one look like a giant golden nugget. Why I find that hilarious, I'm not really sure.
  13. I ordered the Armada asteroid and station set from Space Rocks several weeks ago. If you haven't seen it, it's here and very cool: http://www.space-rocks.net/#!shop/mainPage Anyway, I never received the product, so today I shot an e-mail to Space Rocks to check on it. I got a super nice email back within just a few hours (on a Sunday no less). They're re-shipping my order and sending me an extra set of asteroids for my trouble. That is some excellent customer service, and in my opinion, A company worth supporting. Top notch. Praise them, praise them!
  14. Super thanks to whoever posted the link for IFF. Listened to my first pod-cast this weekend, and it is, in fact, a great, great show! Looking forward to hearing about the tourney and the march of the y-wings. Also, more nerdy Star Wars humor and that guy who's accent sounds like the love child of the Red Sox and a Boston Lager. (Or should I say, La-gah?) Does anyone know the best way to submit a question to the IFF team for discussion?
  15. Love me some Armada. Set x-wing on a shelf. You can always come back. Besides, it's only money. Also, look! An Armada Massdrop! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/star-wars-armada-bundle
  16. Battlefoam usually takes a few weeks to get templates in place, so nice to see them on top of things. Also, new templates for pilot and damage cards. Very cool. Just created a custom foam for my raider and the decimator that's been sitting on my shelf for a while. Oh, to answer question above, I think 3 inch thickness ought to do it.
  17. While prying the Tie Advanced from the plastic packaging, I snapped the wing (?) cleanly off. Fixed with super glue, but still a bummer. Those figs are really tight in that shaped plastic. http://imgur.com/a/DV7pK#0 http://imgur.com/a/DV7pK#1 http://imgur.com/a/DV7pK#2
  18. no... But i could see 1/5 or 1/4. Just to get away from the all ship builds. But then Imperials would have the advantage... so no. I have no clue what FFG was thinking when all but one of the rebel fighters is slower then the imperials Right. I was thinking this as well. Maybe 75 pts of fighters in a 300 pt game and 100 pts of fighters or so in a 400 pts game? And one other poster was correct, it would limit choice, but it would also eliminate the ship-only build. (My thinking is that Ties are cheap, light, and fast, while x-wings are more expensive, solid, and a little slower? Kinda like the F4 in Mig Alley in Korea? Hard to think of a WWII comparison, maybe Spitfire vs. Messerschmitt? Probably not a good analogy.) You know what would have been cool, in my opinion? If they had baked the cost of fighter support into the cost of the capital ships. A Star Destroyer costs X and comes equipped with three Tie squads. A Neb B costs Y and comes equipped with two X-Wing squads, etc. Upgrade cards would allow you to add mores squads, or switch out the type of ship, (x-wing for b-wing). That would have eliminated the ship-only build, but of course, would have offered less choice for customization. On the other hand, it would require players to use the capital ship and it's air support as a single weapon, perhaps as more intended in a game called Armada.
  19. Following the discussion, I can't help but wonder: What if the rules had made spending 1/3 of your fleet points on squadrons mandatory? Just thinking out loud, in the real world, no actual fleet would go into battle with no air support, nor (thematically) does the idea of Star Destroyers without clouds of Tie fighters seem quite right. I think a house rule that all capital fleets have to have some points expended on combat air patrol is pretty darn reasonable.
  20. The thick ones are 3.5 inches (pretty sure). Only the one with the AF and the gladiator is a custom. The rest are all Battlefoam standard issue. I'm looking forward to designing the foam for Wave II!
  21. I love me some Battlefoam. Still learning how to post things on this site, but you might be able to see my fleet and my battlefoam rig here: http://imgur.com/a/UnTm0 Otherwise, the individual pics are here: http://i.imgur.com/gIzKtZN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7NF3YbJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t6noktd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xh6D43i.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FlbcWSZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DwZzjlU.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3KStdMT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/h0gg7r6.jpg
  22. Okay, thanks for the advice guys. I might have it now. http://i.imgur.com/uAbXLyS.jpg
  23. Sorry for the dumb question. I would like to post some pictures. What. the. heck? Why is it so insanely hard? The help files say that there is a 'rich text editor' in my settings. If there is I can't find it. Somebody tell me the obvious. How do you post a picture in this forum, or alternately, add something to this mythical 'gallery"?
  24. In our games, we gave one player the Imperial ships, and the other two players dived the Rebel fleet amongst themselves. So Rebel one had the Assault Frigate and a few fighters, and Rebel two had the Neb B and the rest of the fighters. I think we also played a four player version where Imperial two took command of all the Tie fighters, etc. The point being that neither side should get any extra turns as a result. It's the Rebel's turn, then the Imperial's turn, and then the Rebel's, etc. The team with more players just has to work out for themselves when to take their turns as best benefits their team.
  25. I love my battlefoam 1520XL. http://us.battlefoam.com/catagories/Battle-Foam-P.A.C.K.-System-Bags/P.A.C.K.-1520XL/ It has wheels, and an extendable handle. Works just like a suitcase, but filled with foam and little-plastic-spaceship goodness. I ordered it after the core set came out. Waited a month or so, then ordered the pre-designed foam for the core set. Then a few months later I made a custom foam for Wave I. So, you are correct, there is a price issue, but I was able to space it out over time. And, I guess for me, if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars collecting fabulous Star Wars; Armada figs, Wave after Wave, you ought to have a really cool case to put them in. I also picked up some of the nice FFG play mats, and a messenger tube to carry them in. The plan was to velcro the tube to the case, etc. Haven't gotten around to that yet. Also, I recently decided I had to have the space rocks terrain, because they are freakin' cool. Gonna have to add some more foam to the fridge...
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