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  1. If anyone has pics of the talent trees, I’d be terribly grateful to have them PM’d to me if you’re not comfortable spoiling stuff on the open forum.
  2. Ha! The joke's on you! I got stuck watching a Meghan Trainor pre-roll ad instead of it going right to the video! ... Wait, I think that means the joke's still on me...
  3. With the Improved Coordinated Fire talent, the activation cost is either one triumph or six (six?!?) advantages. I believe it's the first such talent to have that steep of an advantage cost. What made the devs decide the talent was worth a cost of six (six?!?) advantages? Why not simply make it only activate on a triumph like Improved Field Commander? And on the other side of the coin, is it appropriate to consider letting players activate talents that cost a triumph if they end up with a boatload of advantages? Thanks!
  4. Would you say Discord is superior to Skype? My group is four in person with two playing remotely and Skype is OK, but it can be kind of wonky at times.
  5. It's the difference between two decades or three. At this point in my life I'll take it.
  6. Reskinned Armored Drop Suit from No Disintegrations (page 49), perhaps?
  7. ALERT: This post could be taken as snarky or combative. I want to assure you it's not. It's just that tone is challenging on the Internet. If getting to a FLGS to see what they have is onerous or a challenge, don't do it, don't participate. I've got the luxury of having definitely two, possibly three, stores in town that carry the FFG SWRPG line. I imagine there are others of us in bigger towns with a similar circumstance. I have no problem running the errand in my spare time to help other gamers without worrying about gas money or recompense for time spent. But if that's not the case for you (the royal you, not you specifically themensch) just don't participate. Don't charge other people a convenience fee - that's how $130 copies of SM happen.
  8. Maybe whenever possible to minimize risk to both parties, you can try to simply put the person in need of the book in touch with people from the FLGS directly. This may not always work, but it could ease some concerns on everyone's part. edits for grammar and clarity.
  9. I was just getting ready to create a new thread for this, except mine was going to have the snappy title of "Have a splat, leave a splat. Need a splat, take a splat." Alas, I'm slower than a penguin, but thanks for getting it started!
  10. That's a solid idea. I'll try to get to the two in town tomorrow and report back if either have SM available.
  11. Looks like you can get one on Amazon for only $130 plus tax and shipping. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1633442497
  12. I based my Mon Cal mechanic on Mac, yup he even has a shotgun-axe: the Mon Cal balster spear from Strongholds. http://swsheets.com/c/amzwqqome-kordan
  13. The history of the Clawdite species in general - and the origin their shape-shifting abilities specifically - as presented in No Disintigrations is a pretty wild departure from previous, I guess now "Legends" information. Other species have had some subtle differences, but nothing quite so much like the total tear down and rebuild the Clawdites got. What was the rationale for the complete do over on them?
  14. I guess the words "super laser" just make me a little jittery.
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