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  1. We statted it out in the Spark of Rebellion book.
  2. Thanks for reviewing Shadow Over Tarkintown! I think your feedback is all very accurate, and a few of those points I actually adjusted while running it myself (though the adventure itself never got those changes incorporated). The point you make about the map is an interesting one. I'm always torn between maps meant for the GM or maps meant to be used in actual play. Maps for the GM will contain useful labels and indicators so they know what goes where. But having those labels and markers and whatnot on a map means it's not really appropriate to use with the players, since it likely gives away more than they should know when they step on the map. We opted for a "player" map, but that does lead to the issues you describe, meaning it's up to the GM to figure out and/or interpret what the things are on the map and where everything is. Looking forward to your thoughts on No Safe Haven! It's a lot more ambitious and may answer some of the questions you had surrounding the story line of this one. We always meant to make this a two part adventure, though each part can stand on its own.
  3. We actually included a Modular Encounter in the Spark of Rebellion source book that provides details and mechanics for an interrogation/torture scene. Some people thought it was a bit... dark... but, as the author and someone who appreciates the dark side of Star Wars (not to mention the fact we see several such scenes in canon), I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  4. To celebrate the launch of Rogue One, Rancor Publishing Group is proud to announce the release of our latest product: No Safe Haven! No Safe Haven is a full length Beginner Game Bonus Adventure set on Lothal and influenced by the Star Wars Rebels animated series. This adventure picks up after the events of Escape From Tarkintown, but can also be run as a stand alone adventure. Lothal is on high alert after Rebel activity has disrupted Imperial operations on the planet. Capital City is on lockdown, with Stormtrooper patrols everywhere. The player characters may have escaped from Tarkintown, but now they are considered part of the Rebel cell and wanted by the Empire. They will have to use every disguise, trick, and contact at their disposal to try and get off the planet before they are captured and find themselves rotting away in an Imperial prison for the rest of their lives. Do the players have what it take to find a safe Haven with alert Imperials around every corner? No Safe Haven includes the following: * Two new pre-made PC portfolios: a Mirialan Pilot and a Bothan Diplomat. * A full-length adventure in Three Acts. * An original custom map for a key scene in the adventure. * Original rules for playing the popular card game pazaak, aiming to capture the feel of the original whilst allowing for narrative twists. * A section with suggestions on how to integrate or adapt this adventure into your own existing campaign. Check out the official announcement on our forums for the download links. If you'd like to keep track of our latest projects, please visit our official forums and follow us on Twitter. Thanks again for all the support from the community, and we hope you enjoy this latest release!
  5. Sorry, guys. Things got a bit hectic and I haven't checked the forums in like a week. And I never did manage to get the new post notifications set up properly. Oh well. Thanks for including me up to this point, and good luck with the rest of the campaign.
  6. Oro is just sharpening his weapons and waiting for some action.
  7. Oro leans back in his chair and quietly wonders which group they'll be. Probably the one going closest to the Imperials. And that's just fine with him.
  8. Okay, so I'm buying the first rank of the Feral Strength talent (15 xp) and a rank of Melee skill (15 xp). I'm good to go.
  9. Hey guys. Been quiet after vacation and catching up on work. I'm back now, and will spend my XP in the next day or so.
  10. Hey all. I'm going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow, so I probably won't be checking in or posting while I'm gone. I'm thoroughly enjoying how this interrogation is going, carry on without me!
  11. Okay, so no Destiny this time changes the roll a bit.. A boost from the assist, a boost from the previous set of mechanics checks, a setback from the last coercion's threat, and... Coercion, question time: 3eA+2eB+2eD+1eC+1eS 2 successes, 3 threat The auto Zabrak advantage again knocks that down to 2 successes, 2 threats.
  12. "Hey, N97, step forward please?" The droid approaches Oro and Zavvel. "I'm sure you have a blowtorch or hydrospanner or something I can borrow if we need it, right? In case our buddy here needs a little... fixing..." The increased threat is not lost on Zavvel.
  13. Anyone want to chime in and somehow assist with the question I just asked (and add a Boost to my next roll) ?
  14. I'll use the boost on this next question. I'll save the floating upgrade for someone else.
  15. "I bet you'd like to know where you are. Suffice to say you're right in that it's away from the cities and flight paths, and we've got folks sympathetic to our cause. And when I say our cause, I mean OUR cause, not yours." Oro's face cringes just for a split second as he realizes he might have given away too much, and that Zavvel likely had access to intel that identified this town. He may have said too much. He composes himself, and begins to delve into more specific questions. "Why don't you start with the obvious. Why did you try and frame us? And were you the one who tipped off the Imperials that led us right into that ambush that gave you command of the cell in the first place?" (So am I doing another Coercion check here?)
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