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  1. (Accidentally posted this to the wrong Forum this morning). I'm borrowing a friend's Dark Heresy II core book, and I'm unfamiliar with the game and trying to piece it together, and am having trouble finding the rules explaining a few things.. How do Hit Locations & HP work in this system? How do I know how many hit points I have? ColArcana gave me some useful information over at the old thread I accidentally put up in the wrong forum. Is that informations still accurate? I'm having a hard time finding this stuff in the book.
  2. Oh. Yes, I did mean 2nd edition. Whoops. [if a mod sees this, just delete the thread] Reposted it here. Thank you, ColArcana. I think I have a bit better grasp on the system now.
  3. I'm borrowing a friend's Dark Heresy II core book, and I'm unfamiliar with the game and trying to piece it together, and am having trouble finding the rules explaining a few things.. How do Hit Locations & HP work in this system? How do I calculate my HP for each hit location? Do you do extra damage based on the number of degrees of success?
  4. Updated the PSD Templates in the first post, and included ones that use Cambria instead of MPlantin and ModMatrix.
  5. Interesting. I've never heard of Strange Eons before. I will check it out.
  6. Oh. I have the Magic Set Editor installed, it must have come with it. http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/ Let me know if that program is where the fonts came from. I'll look into it further tomorrow at some point. Sorry about that. I had assumed it was one of the fonts that came with Photoshop. I will see about making a "MS Fonts/Free Fonts" version available in my next update.
  7. The first post has the updated PSD Files, for those of you who want to make your own cards using the templates. [Edit] So I printed out the ones I currently have, and I came across a few things that were less than stellar. Looks like I'm not finished with the templates yet after all. So, they're totally usable, but the card shape I grabbed came from a planechase card, which is approximately 3.5x5. If you print it at the 2.49x3.48 that makes up a typical magic card, you'll notice that the corners don't match up. Apparently the planechase cards have rounder borders than the normal sized ones, so I need to adjust that shape. The second thing I noticed (since I have a B&W Laser Printer) is that the white text in red boxes comes out really hard to read if printed in B&W. I may darken them, or turn them black, but I want them to come out okay in black and white as well, so that's going to see some more changes as well. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for these in the meantime, let me know.
  8. Updated Version. I can put up a version with Cool/Vigilance instead of Primary, Secondary, and Initiative, if people would like, but I think for my purposes the NPC template is now basically finished. Here are just a couple of examples. A Minion, a Rival, and a Nemesis. I will probably toss together a B&W version of the same, so I can print some things out at home instead of needing to get them printed at a copy place, but for the super-pretty full color option, I think I'm set. What do you guys think of the new iteration/do you think it's now good enough that it would be worth sharing the template now?
  9. I've seen the devs post here periodically, does that not happen anymore? I do agree that it was a weird design decision.
  10. @hencook I have no idea what to make of that. @tremayne: that's the idea, once the template is done I will skate the PSD and thou guys can make things with it, and if I get a mse template working, I'll share that as well.
  11. Initiative info would be good, good suggestion. As for using non-condensed stat blocks, that would be less useful to me, but if other people like the card templates, I could tweak it to get rid of the two extra boxes on the right easily enough, and you can easily write in the equipment and skills your npcs have in the big box, if you want it on the card. The box will come in a handful of sizes, so you could use whichever size you need. These are mostly the result of me wanting something for my own game, and thinking: hmm, it's possible other people might like this/have a use for it as well.
  12. I often use the same NPC statblock a few times in one session with different equipment, and sometimes the skills might change a bit too; the most obvious/common one being switching which weapon skill they have to match the new equipment I've given them; so it seemed simpler to not include the weapon stats I'm not using anyways, and shortcut the skills into Primary and Secondary. Most of the NPCs have two tiers of skills anyways, so I figured I may as well give myself the wiggle room with the statblocks to decide which skills those are as needed. I use cue cards like you just mentioned as well. My cue cards include a reference to which statblock to use, mention of what weapon I gave them, an initiative tracker, and wound/strain tracker; but I do that on a per combat basis, not on a per NPC basis. (I've also been using cue cards to track planets, NPC notes - plot notes not game mechanics- , and Factions. Some of those things may end up also getting pretty cards once I am done with the NPC cards.) So when a fight comes up, the idea is that I will use my cue card for the combat, and have any NPC stat blocks I'm using in the fight in front of me on cards (so I dont have to flip through the book for them, and so my custom ones are with the prebuilt ones). Then I have my GM screen, which has the equipment, keywords, and talents/abilities, so I'm not having to slow down the game to check in the book what the stats of weapon "Bla" are.
  13. How's that? Can you see it now? I reuploaded them using a different service.
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